Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our days...

One day I may want to remember these crazy days =)
These pictures are random ones I have taken this month. 
We wake up early... Colin is up by 7 and Addison is up anywhere between 5:30 and 7.  Once we are all awake, the kids play in the living room while we get breakfast together. 

Breakfast is eaten by 8 each morning.  You can see that Addison is a dainty eater... she will eat pieces of food one at a time...
And Colin... he just shoves it in his mouth =)  note the watermelon seed on his chin
After breakfast, we get dressed.  Colin plays with cars most of the time as I get myself and Addison dressed.

Once we are all dressed and ready for the day it is usually around 8:30/9.  If it is Tues/Thursday we drop Colin off at preschool.  Any other day we will run errands at this time.  Sometimes, when Addison wakes up earlier, she will "nap" in the car on the way to wherever we are going for the day.
Sometimes we go to stores.
Sometimes the park.
 Sometimes the library. 
 Sometimes we stay around the house.  We get outside, or the kids play in the playroom while I clean or something.
Around noon we eat lunch.  At some point when I am in the kitchen this happens: 

When I am cleaning up from lunch, lots of the time, Colin takes this time to turn into a race car and "race" around the house.  I count the laps he does.  The most he has done was 28.
Between 1 and 2 I put the kids down for their naps/quiet time. 
Colin usually doesn't actually sleep during this time.  He will read books or something.  He just has to be quiet.  Randomly he will fall asleep though...
Addison always naps at this time.
By 3/4 they are up and ready for snacks.  Little Miss Addison is very very interested in food.  So, I make sure to give her a snack while Colin is eating his or she will try her best to get at his food =)

Once snack time is over we usually head outside, unless we have any other errands to run for the day.  When it is really nice, I turn on the hose and Colin is in charge of that.  This day he was "washing his trucks".

When Garet is home we go on walks in the afternoon, or bike rides.

Colin takes a dip in his pool... or sends his cars into the pool via the slide...

Addison really likes riding in the wagon.  Which turns into a "race car" when Colin drives his Jeep.  We race.  Colin wins.  Always.  Oh, and he wrecks us.  Always.
Around 5 or so, depending on what I am making, I head in to start dinner.  Colin will either stay outside, or head in with me and drive me crazy play in the kitchen with Addison, or I will put on a movie or t.v. show.  (Normally it's the latter.  It makes dinner making go so much smoother!)

Dinner is around 6.  After dinner, when Garet is home he will take over with the kids and I will shower or just go enjoy a bit of quiet time.  Either way the kids usually end up in the playroom playing for a bit before we wind down. 
At 7, Curious George comes on.  Colin watches this as his way to wind down.  Addison gets her bath and is put to bed.
When Colin's show is over (at 7:30) he gets a bath and goes to bed. 
When Garet is home, we are able to catch up on the day or watch a movie or show on Netflix (House of Cards is our current fav.)
Then we are in bed by 10 or so...
Colin randomly will wake up during the night with a bad dream.  It just takes reassuring him that everything is okay and he goes back to sleep.  I usually hear Addison once a night or so, but most of the time it is just her moving around and she goes back to sleep too.  If she does cry in the middle of the night I go in, rock her for a couple minutes, lay her back down, and she goes back to sleep.

Then we start over =)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Sing and Egg Hunt...

Last week at Colin's preschool, they performed their "Spring Sing" for the parents!  It was adorable!
They had eggs that rattled... this is when they were supposed to put them up high.  =)
I was on the front row videoing.  Colin kept ducking behind Zion (the cute little girl in front of him).  This is when they were rolling the eggs...
See him peeking? 

It was so so precious!  Colin did great!  Although, once again, he didn't sing =)  Just stood up there looking cute.  We managed to get a family shot...
Then on Thursday, Colin's class had their Easter party.  They were supposed to be out this week for Spring Break, but since they missed days for snow they have school this week.  That's why their party was Thursday instead of this week.

They got cookies and snacks...
Colin was the last one eating.  Which I found out, is normal when he is at school.  =)
Then we headed outside to hunt for eggs!
They made Easter baskets to collect their eggs.  It was so cute watching all the kids looking for eggs!
It is adorable to see Colin interacting with the other kids in his class.

After the egg hunt, we went to the playground where all of them ran off the sugar they had just eaten!
Addison was with me at the Easter party and did so well.  She had a great time watching all the big kids =)  Then she fell asleep on the way home.  I tried to wake her up for lunch when we got home, but she was SOUND asleep.  So I thought, "if I just put her on the floor she will surely wake up!" 
Sweet baby was worn out after the fun party =)

Friday, April 11, 2014

11 months...

I am keeping track of all the updates on Addison at the top of the blog... it is an easy way for me to click and look back on what was going on.

Addison is 11 months old! 

She is so funny!

She "talks" all the time and says "Dada da da da da da da" a lot!  Sometimes she will say "ma ma" but for the most part, it's "da da..."  She will point at things that she wants, and sometimes says "Ba!"  And I think that is just a code word for pretty much anything...

She is still working on her 5th and 6th tooth... seems like they have been trying to come through for a couple months.

She sometimes takes a 30 min nap in the morning... and then a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then sleeps from about 7-6.

She loves her blanket!

She is eating "real" food, but is already showing signs of being picky... like I will look over and she has individually picked out every piece of carrot and thrown it on the floor, then picked up each piece of whatever fruit is on her tray and eaten it... crazy.

She is wearing a size 12 months, but still fits into some of the 9 month stuff.

She is very feisty! She already gets very upset if I tell her "no" or take away something from her.  As in she will stiffen up and start swinging her arms!  I can only imagine what this means.... drama maybe?

She is so happy!  She laughs and laughs!  Colin is usually the main source of her laughter.  Those two just melt me with how they love each other.

She loves to be outside.  She is more tolerant of being in the car.  She likes going for walks, but if it gets too long she tries to turn around in her seat, and then it's over.

She is so much fun!  We love our sweet girl so much!  I can't believe she will be 1 next month!  We are soaking up every minute!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I love...

(and don't want to forget)
... when I am sitting on the couch and Colin cuddles up to me.
... how Colin squints his eyes when he gets shy.
... when Addison falls asleep in my arms.
... how much Colin loves on Addison.
... when Addison cries and Colin comes to fix it.
... how careful Suzi is around the kids.
... when Addison copies noises we make.
... how much Colin loves books.
... going on walks with our whole family.
... that Colin always wants to pull his wagon on walks.
... how go with the flow Addison is.
... our routines.
... watching "monkey's" before bedtime.
... that every time a school bus (or trash truck) passes, Colin yells "SCHOOL BUS!" (or "TRASH TRUCK!)
... that when Colin washes his hands he recites the alphabet, even when we aren't around.
... watching the kids sleep.
... that Addison will crawl after Colin and I while we are "racing" around
... having one-on-one time with each of my kids.
... how much Colin loves to play outside.
... the funny things that Colin says.
... seeing Addison try to play with Colin's toys.
... spying on the kids when they are in another room.
... when the kids both nap/have quiet time at the same time.
... that both the kids like the vacuum.
... how much easier (hope I don't jinx it) it is having two kids than I thought it would be.
... how normal it is having two kids.
... that on the "bad" days, it still doesn't compare to some peoples "bad" days.
... having a playroom.
... that Colin will randomly give us big hugs and kisses.
... watching Garet with our kids.
... having a boy and a girl.
... that Colin has red hair.
... the random times Colin talks about God.
... that Addison loves (and sleeps with) the blanket Colin gave her.
... Colin calls himself "Super Colin".
... how Suzi turns into a puppy again when she is outside.
... that Addison now says, "errrrrrr" when she is playing with a car, just like her big brother =)
... having conversations with Colin.
... that even in the touch times Garet and I are on the same team.
... this family of mine!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Want a card...

I think I have mentioned that I work (very) part time... I help out a lady in our neighborhood with her Etsy shop and Facebook account.  I also help out my BFF with her website (here)  =)

I also have a sister-in-law with an Etsy shop as well as know a couple people with one. 
I was thinking of a way to make some extra cash... and thought I would try one myself.  Now... I am very uncomfortable "marketing" myself, but I figured I would put it out there and see what happens.

I LOVE playing around with pictures and designing photo books with my pictures in it.  I have gotten a yearly photo book every year since Garet and I were married.  For gifts I LOVE making things like this for other people too.  For birthdays, I usually make my own cards and then upload them to Shutterfly and order through them.  Or for Colin's birthday's, or showers I have helped host, I love to make the invitations for them. 

So... that is what I am doing.  These are all digital cards... so I would work with you in designing a card (or you can choose one I have already done).  Then I would email you the card in jpeg format and you can do whatever you want with it... upload it to a website like Shutterfly or Walmart (anywhere you can print cards) and print a card through them, or just email the card to others.

Here is the link:

The cards can have a picture on them, or just the wording.  I have tons of fonts and can do any size.  I usually do a 5x7 format.  Right now I am working on making Addison's FIRST birthday invitation!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three point five...

(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)
(These pictures are just the many faces of Colin =)  Not sure where he could possibly have learned all the facial expressions.... )

Wow.  Colin is 3.5 years old!  My baby is growing up.
I keep telling him to stop.  Every time I do he says, "but I want to grow up Mom."  awww.

Colin is so so fun.  We have tried many many (many MANY) things to make nap time/quiet time/mommy's time go smoothly.  He used to nap from 1-4.  Then it was from 1-3.  Then he would talk or read for an hour and nap from 2-3 or so.  Then he decided to just read from 1:30-3.  THEN he started screaming and crying the whole time he was in his room.  Which woke Addison up.  Which made me mad.  Uggh it was no fun for anyone.  Finally, we decided to get "new" books from the library.  Bump the time back... and now he reads quietly in his room from around 2-3.  I'll take it. 

Colin loves to read. 

He loves his sister and makes sure she is happy.  He is seriously the best big brother!

He is a super picky eater. 

He loves trains and cars.  Especially trains right now.  If I ever need to get ready in the mornings and he is I just youtube "trains for kids" and he watches trains... win win for everyone ;)

He loves to be outside.  And get dirty.

He is very sensitive.  He can be rough and tumble, but he really has a sweet heart.

A few funny things he has said lately:

Addison sneezed in the car and I said, "God bless you!  You need a tissue!"  And Colin quickly said, "It's okay mom.  She can drip."

I was going to get a car that was thrown over the balcony in St. John.  It was up a little rocky hill and behind torn bushes (I'm pretty hardcore like that), and Colin coached me the whole way! 
"Be careful Mom!"  "Step on that rock... and then that one..."  "The rock you are on...... it just fell" 
It went on and on.  Precious.

When we pray before bed, I usually say something along the lines of "protect us..." and Colin questioned why I asked God to "protect us".  Then he said, "Maybe from the turtles that come out of the ocean?" Then started laughing hysterically.  =) 

He put a block under his shirt and said, "Look Mommy!  I have a boobie!"  Geez.

Randomly Colin put his finger to his mouth and said, "hmmmmm.... wonder if we can get some cars from Papaw and Grandmama's house and bring them here?"  =)

If Addison is trying to get to his cars or trains (which is anytime she is in the same room as he is), Colin will push every toy she has in front of her to try and deter her.  It is hilarious!
This child has my heart.  He knows my buttons and boy does he push them some days, but he will also run up to me and tackle me with a hug.  I really have no words for what Colin means to me!  He is so much fun and I love talking with him!  He has the most interesting conversations! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun little island...

I have a ton of pictures from our trip to St. John, so I am going to try to keep my "talking" short =)
Garet and I were soooo excited that we were able to make this trip!  His mom and her husband live there, so we went to visit!  A lot has changed since we lived there NINE years ago!  (wow!)
We took 2 planes there... here we are on the first one:
The kids did AMAZING!
The second plane, Colin first saw the islands out the window!
Then we hopped in a taxi and went to the ferry boat.
After the ferry, we met up with Kay and Rod and had dinner.  Colin scarfed down 2 slices of pizza and then headed to "dip his toes in the water" (really he got soaked!) with Garet.  This was the view from our table:

Maho Beach:

Grandma Kay and Papa Rod got Colin a few cars and this dump truck.  It was a HUGE hit!  He drove that thing on every beach we went to!


Addison was not a fan of the sand (or grass)  (or really being put down outside at all)



After quiet time and the 2nd beach of the day, we couldn't wake this boy up!
They didn't have a bath, so Addison got to bathe in the sink =)

The beaches don't have big waves (some hardly have any at all!) so it was perfect for Colin to wade out.  The slope was so subtle too that he could go out a good ways and still be able to touch.

Kay and Rod walk around the Westin Resort a lot, so we headed there one afternoon and let Colin play on the playground (see that little body on the stairs to the left?)

Our morning view!  Addison had me up by around 6:30 each morning, so I got my coffee and watched the sun rise!  We also ate every meal out here on the balcony!
We went to a beach every day and every day we had perfect weather!

Colin had talked about "building a sandcastle that he could go inside of" for weeks before we went... so I helped him build a sandcastle around him =) It was the closet we could get to him being inside of it! 
The towel on Garet's lap is a sleeping Addison.

At the park
We went into the grocery store to check prices.  Unbelievable. 
A couple nights, after the kids were in bed, Garet and I got to sneek away!  It was a lot of fun!  There is a new place, Cruz Bay Landing, and there was live music which was so much fun!
Each morning, this was part of our routine.... Turn on a cartoon, Colin stands on the table and I apply sunscreen =)

Our set up...

Addison fell asleep while at the beach almost every day.

One afternoon we went to Caneel Bay Resort for a walk... these are sugar mill ruins...
When we lived there, Garet took people on tours of Honeymoon Beach and this part of the resort.

There are pigs, horses, cows, chickens, donkeys... all sorts of animals that roam the island =)

Addison LOVED to watch the donkeys!

Walking... it was so pretty and there were deer all over the place!
Colin was saying, "look Addison, donkey's!"

The animals were so close!
Island cars always seem to have personality =)  I mean the one we owned when we lived there had holes in the floor.... Garet's mom's has a plant growing out of the door:
=)  And bumper stickers!  Colin was able to add about 4 more for them

We loved being outside on their balcony!  Anytime we were at the house, we were pretty much out there!  After the kids were in bed, it was so nice to sit and chat outside... it was even a tad bit chilly!

One afternoon, we left Addison napping with Grandma Kay and Papa Rod and we took Colin into town with us.  I did a bit of shopping and the guys went to check out the boats.


We went to Jumbie Beach, and there are some rocks off to the side where Colin spent a lot of time.

This is what I get when I tell him to smile sometimes...
Addison was a huge hit on any beach we went to.  Wonder why...

The afternoon before we left, my friend Greer took some pictures of us!   I can't wait to see them!  I have to admit... Colin was a sandy mess before the pictures even started!  haha  Greer was great though, by the end of it (in this pic) she just had Colin running in the water!

On our way out the door...
The trip to get there and back is an adventure all on its own.  We drove to the car barge... then once on the car barge we had lunch... and snapped some pictures (so sad we are leaving)
The boys walked around...
Then we drove to the airport, unloaded everything and got through customs and finally got to sit in the airport and wait for the plane.

We had 2 planes before we landed in Charlotte.  The kids were changed into their pj's for the second plane, and lucky for us they both fell asleep shortly after the plane took off.  They were AWESOME!  I tried to capture the sunset...
We had an amazing time!  And can't thank Kay and Rod enough for the visit!