Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our God is an awesome God...

February 16, 2012:  Here's how our day went:We woke up at 6:15ish, Garet was on Colin since I had a doctors appointment.  The appointment was with a fertility specialist.  We figured, it took almost 2 years to get Colin, we might as well get the process started for a second child.  I got ready, ate, and was out of the house by 7 (it's in Wilmington, so it takes an hour to get there).  Got to the doctor (late - darn traffic!), and it went well.  We came up with a "game plan" (the same "plan" that we did when we got pregnant with Colin)  The doctor wanted me to go get lab work done when I left his office.  He said that someone would call me that afternoon with my lab results.  The nurse told me that she would go ahead and call in my prescription for the injections (the meds I was going to start), since that's what worked before, we decided to do that again this time around.

After I went to the lab for bloodwork, I headed home to my sweet guys (and Suzi, of course!).
I got home, took over Colin, made lunches, played, then put Colin down for his nap.  While he was asleep I got a call from the place that will send me my injections.  They said they had received my prescription, but unfortunately my insurance did not cover it.  [side note: I had already looked into fertility treatments on Garet's insurance, and she assured me that they WOULD cover what I thought I was going to need to do. We were under my employer's healthcare when we went through this to have Colin].  So it was going to be over $1,200!!  I told her to just hold the prescription... then I went upstairs to talk to Garet almost in tears.

After talking with him, I came downstairs, layed down with Suzi and prayed, "God please show me what we are supposed to do.  I KNOW that you can allow Garet and I to get pregnant on our own if it is in your will.  Is this your way of showing me to just trust you??  Okay then, I trust YOU." 
I went and got Colin up from his nap, made his snack, and was hanging out with him in the living room when my phone rang. (this was within 1/2 hour of the first call)  It was my doctor with my lab results:
Me: Hello
Joy: (yes that was her name!) Is this Kelly?
Me: Yes
Joy: I have your lab results...
you are pregnant!
Me: What????  (pretty sure I yelled at the sweet lady)
Me: Are you sure you have the right person?
Joy: Yep, you are definitely pregnant.

By this time Garet was downstairs and figured out what was going on.  I kept saying, "How," "Really," "What," "I don't know"....  I was floored!


When we found out I was absolutely stunned!  It took us going to a fertility specialist and a lot of treatments to get Colin. Because of my condition (pcos) it was almost guaranteed that I would need assistance for any future children.  So, at the end of January, we made an appointment with a specialist to get the process started. It was pretty much a consultation visit... then on February 16 I had my next appointment...  We are so happy and grateful for this new little life!
So - with that - I give all my thanks to God for this is truly a miracle.

[I wrote this the day we found out so I wouldn't forget =)  I am now 11 weeks pregnant.  I felt absolutely horrible at first, now I just feel "okay".  We are so excited and feel truly blessed!]

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh what fun...

I have mentioned that Colin LOVES being outside, and the dirt, and water....
Well yesterday Garet and I decided to have some fun!  It was in the 80's here, so we put Colin in his bathing suit, grabbed his wagon, a bucket, some balls, and the hose, and had a blast!

I LOVE this picture!  I had just grabbed my camera, yelled "Hey Colin!" and he turned real fast to me, flashed his awesome excited smile, then turned back to the more important task of filling the water bucket!  I was so surprised that I actually got the split second look!

So, this is how it went... Garet would fill up the bucket (an Easter basket) and Colin would then pour it out... on himself.

Our nozzle has different settings, one of them is "mist" and Garet would turn it on and just spray Colin!  He loved it!  You can tell in his hair all the little water droplets from the mist.  And I love how serious he is here - make sure you fill it all the way up daddy!

 We had such a fun time!  And boy was he worn out after this!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Recap...

Wow, I've been slack! 
So here are a few bullets of what we've been up to:
  • Colin turned 18 months on Friday!  Can you believe my baby boy is a year and a half?!  He is so busy!  And LOVES to be outside and get dirty =)

  • Garet and I went to Charlotte the weekend before last, then G and Suzi came back here for the week, while Colin and I made ourselves at home with my parents.  Then G and Suzi came back last weekend to get us =)  It was so nice to just chill at my parents house! 

  •  While we were in Charlotte, Garet and I got to go out on a date!  We went to see The Hunger Games!  I LOVED these books and was so excited to see the movie!  I loved it - I'm not so sure G did =)  I felt like it followed the book and did a great job of putting a visual to it.  Then we went to dinner and got some frozen yogurt!  It was so nice!

  •  Before we left Charlotte Eric, Kailey, and Morgan came!  It was a quick visit for them since Eric had to work, but it was sooo nice to catch up with them!  And little Miss Morgan is a doll!  Colin had fun sharing his toys with her.
  •  We are so excited for this summer - we think Colin is going to have a blast at the beach!  He loves water and he loves sand/dirt, so he's definitely going to love the beach!  It is nice that we only live about 30 - 45 min from it now!  I've already put him in his bathing suit (he kept getting soaked at my parents house!)
  •   That's all I can think of right now... I will try to be better about keeping this updated!  Here are my favorite guys!  (Colin is really good at giving kisses!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

17 months...

I am a little late - but Colin turned 17 months on the 23rd.  I just wanted to make sure I didn't forget some of the things he is doing now!

- when he drops something he says "uh-oh" and points at it, actually anytime anything is out of order or messed up he says "uh-oh"

- if he has spilled some milk or water, I hand him a paper towel and he wipes it up... then throws away the paper towel (after saying "uh-oh" of course!)

- when we pray before we eat, he will hold our hands, then say "ma man" [amen]
- before his nap and bed I sing to him, he hums along sometimes =)

- if he sees steam, or comes near the oven he says "hot" and hold his hands up (like he is feeling the heat)

- when I take off Colin's socks, or anytime he is barefoot, he will spread apart his big toe and the toe beside it and look, like he's looking for something in between his toes... ha!  Who knows where he got that?!  But he does it ALL the time!
- when he wants something, he will point or grunt, so I've started to teach him "please" instead of grunting.... so now he says "peese"  It's precious!

- if Colin wants something and I don't understand, he will grab my hand and pull me to what he wants (usually it is for me to open our bedroom door - he loves to play in our room!)

- he loves the swifter and the broom

- Colin LOVES Suzi!  L O V E S her!  My sweet Suzi is so good with him, but sometimes I have to take her out of the room... I feel bad, Colin doesn't understand "gentle" yet.  The other day he went up to her, grabbed her gums and looked at her teeth!  Geez!  I am just thankful she is so good!
- he has started saying "moor"  [more]

- when Garet leaves, Colin will run to the front door and wave and say "bye bye" to him out the storm door.  He even gives slobbery kisses on the door!

- he still loves the bath - but now he has bubbles to play with in the tub!  He will grab a handful of bubbles and then blow on them

- he really loves books.  Sometimes he doesn't let us get through reading a page before he turns it though!  It is so sweet when he grabs a book, hands it to me, then backs up into my lap so I can read it!
- he loves to be outside.  He really likes the sticks in the yard.  And balls!  And dirt!

- Colin is so good at "helping" around the house.  He will help me put clothes in the washer, then move them from the washer to the dryer, then he will help me put them in the laundry basket, push the basket to the living room, then one-by-one he will pull out each piece.  It may take me a bit longer to do, but it is priceless to see him help!

- he waves "hey" and "bye" to everyone

- he likes music and dancing!  The other night we went to a fundraiser and there was a band.  Colin ran up in front of everyone and started dancing!  It definitely got everyone's attention!
I am so in love with this child of mine!  Some days I just stare at him and thank God for what a blessing He has given us!  It is so amazing to see Colin learning new things everyday!  He is such a happy kid!  Garet and I are loving watching him grow!

(so these pictures don't have anything to do with this post, but it's all that I have right now =)  He had so much fun with this ball!  But about 10 minutes after these pictures - the ball popped!)