Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh what fun...

I have mentioned that Colin LOVES being outside, and the dirt, and water....
Well yesterday Garet and I decided to have some fun!  It was in the 80's here, so we put Colin in his bathing suit, grabbed his wagon, a bucket, some balls, and the hose, and had a blast!

I LOVE this picture!  I had just grabbed my camera, yelled "Hey Colin!" and he turned real fast to me, flashed his awesome excited smile, then turned back to the more important task of filling the water bucket!  I was so surprised that I actually got the split second look!

So, this is how it went... Garet would fill up the bucket (an Easter basket) and Colin would then pour it out... on himself.

Our nozzle has different settings, one of them is "mist" and Garet would turn it on and just spray Colin!  He loved it!  You can tell in his hair all the little water droplets from the mist.  And I love how serious he is here - make sure you fill it all the way up daddy!

 We had such a fun time!  And boy was he worn out after this!

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Carrie said...

Carter is going to be the exact same way when we get the water hose out. He LOVES water - especially Fischer's dog bowl!