Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Recap...

Wow, I've been slack! 
So here are a few bullets of what we've been up to:
  • Colin turned 18 months on Friday!  Can you believe my baby boy is a year and a half?!  He is so busy!  And LOVES to be outside and get dirty =)

  • Garet and I went to Charlotte the weekend before last, then G and Suzi came back here for the week, while Colin and I made ourselves at home with my parents.  Then G and Suzi came back last weekend to get us =)  It was so nice to just chill at my parents house! 

  •  While we were in Charlotte, Garet and I got to go out on a date!  We went to see The Hunger Games!  I LOVED these books and was so excited to see the movie!  I loved it - I'm not so sure G did =)  I felt like it followed the book and did a great job of putting a visual to it.  Then we went to dinner and got some frozen yogurt!  It was so nice!

  •  Before we left Charlotte Eric, Kailey, and Morgan came!  It was a quick visit for them since Eric had to work, but it was sooo nice to catch up with them!  And little Miss Morgan is a doll!  Colin had fun sharing his toys with her.
  •  We are so excited for this summer - we think Colin is going to have a blast at the beach!  He loves water and he loves sand/dirt, so he's definitely going to love the beach!  It is nice that we only live about 30 - 45 min from it now!  I've already put him in his bathing suit (he kept getting soaked at my parents house!)
  •   That's all I can think of right now... I will try to be better about keeping this updated!  Here are my favorite guys!  (Colin is really good at giving kisses!)

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