Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It is officially fall and I decided to start putting up some of our decorations. I don't really have many - I figure after the seasons are over, that's the time to start buying! The weather is actually starting to feel like fall too! I am definitely a summer girl - but I have to admit this weather has been awesome!

I love these pumpkins that are all over the place now! I had to buy one!
This one turned out really dark, but I wanted to be able to tell the candles were lit :)
This was my picture from last year - I forgot to take another one of our wreath.
Happy Fall!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Our weekend...

The weekend started out gross and rainy, but turned into being really beautiful! On Friday night, Garet and I had a date night! We went to dinner and a movie. It was really nice.

Saturday, Garet had a fishing rodeo for work. Here is the one from last year... this year it was out in Decatur. I didn't go this year, and Garet didn't have many pictures because it POURED down rain! I was at the house and cleaned most of the morning. After I had my shower and was all set to get out and do something, the rain came and didn't stop!! I have no clue how much we got, but it was steady for a few hours! When I finally got up the motivation to get out in it (I went to the grocery store) it let up some.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful!! That morning Garet and I decided to go to church then go out and do something outside. You just can't waste a gorgeous day like that inside! So after lunch we headed to Guntersville. There is a nice path around the lake that we walked around.
Down near the water there was a nice breeze. It was so perfect to be outside!
After that, we went to The Blue Parrot. This is a cute little restaurant on the lake (right next to Top O' The River, for those of you familiar to the area). Garet worked here as a bartender when we first moved here. When we got there, it was right in the middle of lunch and dinner (like 3:00), so we were just going to grab a water and enjoy the view. Well, turns out they were having a free concert! It was a praise/worship kind of fellowship concert of some sort. We stayed and listened to some of the singers. They were very good.
and then...
I have no clue who this was... but he was a christian rapper! It was VERY entertaining! I was seriously speechless! There were tons of younger kids that were really into it, and singing and dancing! He was good. It is just odd to hear praise songs being rapped.
The kids on the stage were the singers children. They were dancing to "Switch Lanes" (...if you are going down the wrong path, switch lanes!) Oh, so very entertaining!

What a great weekend :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


At least someone is enjoying the doghouse...

We are watching the Panthers!! They are winning!!
Woo hoo!!

*****EDIT***** Panthers lost.... at least they played better than last week I guess.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy dog...

Yes, this girl:
Many of you know some of my Suzi stories (here and here for example). Well this one isn't soo bad :)

Yesterday, Garet went home around 3:00 in the afternoon. He gives me a call, and he says, "Where's Suzi??" I thought he was joking. He thought that I had taken her somewhere earlier yesterday and he just thought he had forgotten (like the vet, or Petsmart). So he thought I was joking. The conversation went something like this:

G: Where's Suzi?
Me: Yeah right! (Suzi is normally all over us when we get home)
G: Seriously, where is she?
Me: Nu uh! ..... Garet? huh?
G: I can't find her!
Me: What? Are you kidding with me?!
G: Kelly, I pinkie promise! (That means it's serious!)
Me: Ohmigosh, I gotta get out of here (I was at work)
G: Okay.

I run in and tell my boss, I gotta go, my dogs missing! She says fine, good luck, and I'm out the door. Garet calls back:

G: What the heck?
Me: Is any doors open?
G: No
Me: How the heck would she have gotten out?!
G: The mat in the laundry room is all messed up, the laundry detergent bottle is moved around, looks like a struggle.
Me: Do you think someone broke in? Is anything else missing??
G: No??

Okay - so in my (crazy, dog obsessed, not thinking straight) mind, I am trying to make sense... no doors were open to the outside, we normally shut all the inside doors to all various rooms, nothing was missing, garage door was shut....
I came up with all sorts of scenarios... a robber tried to get in and Suzi got out - and somehow the robber shut the door as he was leaving with nothing (??)
Suzi got stuck somewhere in the house and was hurt (or worse)
There was a hole in our house going to outside that we didn't know about - maybe through our fireplace (???)
HA! told ya I wasn't thinking clearly.

I was almost home, and Garet calls me again...

G: She was in our guest bathroom.
Me: ...
G: The door must have been opened a crack and she went in and then the door shut behind her. Looks like she was in the tub because all the shampoo bottles were knocked over.
Me: HA! At least she's okay!
G: She has her head down and tail tucked like she is in trouble.
Me: awwww

Hahaha! Suzi doesn't bark when it is just Garet or I coming or going. If you have ever met my dog, you probably know (and have experienced) that Suzi is a great watchdog! She sounds very mean, and barks like crazy at the doorbell or anyone besides us that comes inside. So, poor dog was stuck in the bathroom and not making noise. Garet (thinking all the doors had been shut before we left) didn't even think to open the bathroom door. She sure had us scared!

So...... after going through all these crazy emotions, and for-sure-could-never-happen situations, Suzi is fine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Panthers and birds...

1. Okay so Garet and I are Carolina Panthers fans!!! Wooo hoo!!
Yesterday was their first game, and boy were they BAD! So sad! It is always so exciting for us to cheer for our Panthers. We are obviously not anywhere near any other fans, so it is just us cheering at the restaurant. - We are at the restaurant, ya know because, of course, they don't televise Panthers on our local stations. I think the only time they do is when Panthers are playing Tennessee.
Anyway... we were so pumped! We woke up early to go to the early service at church, to make sure we were out in time for the game :) We put on our colors, and parked ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wing. We did actually score a touchdown right off - but it just went downhill from there (wayy downhill) Maybe next week?? I'll let ya know.

2. When my parents were here a few months ago they brought a bluebird house with them. Now first off - I really really dislike birds, strongly! They are fine and dandy to look at from far way, but they just give me the creeps. Dunnowhy. So, I was weary of having a birdhouse so close to the house. I didn't want to attract the creepy little things. Secondly - how the heck would BLUEbirds know that this is a BLUEbird house?? Well, turns out they are smarter than I thought...
I don't think I have seen a bluebird since we have lived in this house, and yesterday Garet told me to look out back - 3 of them! It is actually pretty neat :)


Yesterday I got on a baking kick! When we were at the campground this past weekend, my mom gave me a breadmaker! and Garet and I got a lot of apples at the apple festival. So... I decided to make bread and an apple pie. Garet took this when I was getting the apples ready - see the breadmaker going behind me?! I am so excited about it :)
There are so many different breads I could make, but I actually had everything on hand to make whole wheat bread. It is so good!
Here is my apple pie. It turned out really good too! And I got to use my new cake dome - again I was so excited to use it. (I realize it really doesn't take much to get me excited)
While everyone else here was watching the Alabama or Auburn games, I was baking away!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Big girl...

My little Suzi turns 4 today!
Garet and I have learned the hard way that dog toys don't stand a chance against Suzi Beane! Remember the toy she LOVED?? It was her big purple ball. Well she figured out how to demolish it in a day - so we decided she needed something stronger. Garet found out that they make these Jolly Balls for horses....

So... you guessed it - Suzi got a horse ball for her birthday!
We gave it to her before her actual birthday (I'm pretty sure she didn't know the difference). She LOVED it!!
I tried to get an action shot - Garet would throw it up really high and she would jump to catch it.
Sorry the pictures are so dark - it was only like 8:00. I tried to upload a video of her and Garet playing but I obviously don't know how to do that :)
We decided to take it easy tonight! Since we were out of town last weekend until Tuesday, then Wednesday after work I hung out with a friend until late, then last night I had a work meeting, it is time to do NOTHING when I get home from work! Yay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chimney Rock...

On Labor Day, Eric, Kailey, Garet and I went up to Chimney Rock Park to hike. There were a lot of people there! We hiked to the bottom of the Falls - I guess it hadn't rained in awhile because there wasn't much water coming off the mountain. It was still so pretty!

Then we hiked up (TONS) of stairs and went to the top of the big rock. There is such an awesome view up there!

This is a view of Lake Lure. The little clearing kinda in the middle of the picture, is where Garet and I got married. There is a gazebo out on the lake.
On the hike back down to the parking lot, there were a lot of tight squeezes! This one was like a cave

All four of us!!

Here is the rock that we were standing on. It was such a pretty day! Eric and Kailey had to leave shortly after we got back. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with them!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the campground...

We got to the campground Friday night around 11:45 p.m. My parents and my aunt were waiting up for us :) On Saturday, Garet and I decided to go explore. We took Marge (Garet named our GPS) and set off towards Asheville. We went on the Blue Ridge Parkway a little bit, then headed towards a small town. We saw a church named St. John, and I wanted my picture in front of it. I told Garet to take my picture just with the "St. John in the Wilderness" part of the name. So he did:
Can you even see me?? Here is the whole sign:
Then we made our way to Hendersonville. The town was having their Apple Festival. There were tons of people and music and booths set up! It was pretty neat. We got some yummy apples too!
On Sunday morning, Garet and I went into town to eat breakfast. We got there before anything opened. Looks pretty deserted doesn't it!
We went to church with my cousins and by the time we got back to the campground some of my other cousins were there, and my brother, Eric, and Kailey! It was so nice to hang out with everyone!! I haven't seen some of them since Christmas! And I won't see them again until Thanksgiving. We had a nice lunch, and of course took tons of pictures.
Here is me and my brother
That night Eric, Kailey, Garet and I had a campfire and got to hang out by the fire. It was so much fun! Here's the whole family

Friday, September 4, 2009

Outta here...

We are leaving this afternoon for the mountains of North Carolina! I am soo excited! My family owns a campground in Chimney Rock (near Ashville), so we are going to go see some of my family! We are hoping to make it up to Chimney Rock Park

and maybe do some canoeing. I am a little homesick, so it will be so wonderful to see my parents, and I think my brother and his fiance are coming too! Both Garet and I have off Monday (for Labor Day) and Tuesday, so it will be a nice long weekend!

Have a good weekend!