Saturday, May 25, 2013

Many firsts...

Yesterday Addison was 2 weeks old!  I have taken so many pictures that it is hard to keep up with them on this blog.  The Beane A Day blog has been up to date, but I figured I would just list a few of her "firsts"...
First time being held by big brother Colin right after we got home from the hospital:
First time holding hands (also with Colin):
First time hanging out outside while Colin played in the pool:
First time sucking her thumb (she doesn't like the pacifier, and this was a one and only time... so far):
First outfit, and first hair bow... also first outing, to the doctor:
First night being the only child at home (daddy and Colin went out for the evening):
First time meeting Suzi:

First bath, and Colin helped wash her back:
First time watching "monkeys" with Colin:

First time playing in the playroom:
First visitor, Aunt Karen:

First babysitter - my mom watched Addison while Garet and I took Colin out for yogurt one night.  It was so fun to treat him... we had a great time!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting big brother...

What an awesome time!  Colin is now officially a big brother!  And so far, an amazing big brother!  My parents came to help look after him while we were in the hospital.  On May 10 (when Addison was born) they came by with Colin around 5 so he (and they) could meet our new addition.  We knew that this visit wouldn't be too long since we had no clue how Colin would do.  When he walked in, he was a bit intimidated.  I think it was weird to seem me laying in bed hooked up to machines.  But soon he walked over to meet Addison.
He had picked out a couple gifts for her a few weeks ago.  He was very excited in the store to have something for Addison.  We made it a really big deal.  So soon after he met her, we let him "help her" open the gift from him.  First it was a blanket... the tag one that has all the tags on it.
Then a blue ball.  Yes, of course, he wanted to give her a ball.  And it had to be blue.  Here he is laying it on her head. 
Then he wanted to show her the tags.  Such a sweetie.
Garet then took Colin on a little walk around so he could get a little energy out and so my parents could hold Addison.  When they got back, Colin had a cup of ice.  This was a huge hit!  Obviously =)
I kept asking Colin if he wanted to come sit with me.  I couldn't get out of bed yet, and I soooo missed snuggling with my little man!  To my surprise, he said he did want to sit with me, and he wanted to hold Addison!  He asked this all on his own.  So we put him next to me, and I let him "hold" her.  It was the sweetest thing!  He was so happy to be holding his little sister!  And he was so interested in her!

It really is true.  Now that we have a baby, my first baby looks so big!  I am so blessed!  And since we've been home, the interest is still there.  Colin will still randomly ask to hold her.  When she isn't in sight, he will ask where she is.  When she cries he will give her a toy.  He is really the sweetest child! 

So... we also had birthday cupcakes for Addison (and my mom, who had a birthday a couple days before).  We had to sing happy birthday to her and have some cupcakes!
The kid loves sweets!  Takes after his daddy =) 
Before Colin and my parents left, we had a gift from Addison to Colin.  I liked that they each had a gift for each other, and I think this was good for Colin.  He was super excited to open it!
It is a firetruck! 
He couldn't wait to open it.  (and why to toy companies feel the need to strap in toys with the thickest plastic?  Craziness)
This truck makes noise... goes forward... and backwards... and to make it more neat, when my dad retired from Charlotte Fire Dept, he retired from station 26 =)
What?  The hospital floor is nasty?  No way!
And when they left, Colin picked up his truck and didn't look back =)
It was perfect!  I didn't have any expectations because I didn't want to force anything to happen.  Colin was great!  He loves his little sister (so far!)  I couldn't be more happy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Addison Elaine Beane...

On May 9 my parents came into town.  They came to watch and look after Colin while we went to have Addison.  I had a c-section with Colin and after talking with my doctor and going over options/risks/etc. we decided to have another c-section with Addison.
May 10, 2013:
That morning I woke up with Colin like normal.  I wanted to soak up my last moments of just having him.  I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything that morning, so I got ready to go while Garet ate with him and my parents.  Before we left I snuggled on the couch with Colin while he watched some cartoon on t.v.  Love that kid!
We left the house and arrived at the hospital at 8:30.  We were only sitting about 5 minutes when they called me back.  They told Garet to wait while they got me prepped for surgery.  When they allowed him back, he got his own outfit to wear =)
It was so different this time... with Colin, I had an emergency c-section since I went into labor.  With Addison, it was all planned.  I got to meet everyone that was going to be in the room, and I actually remember everything, where with Colin I was in pain from contractions that I had no clue what was going on around me!

When they wheeled me into the operating room, it was about 10:20, Garet had to wait outside while they gave me a spinal and got everything ready.
I was really excited when Garet walked around to stand next to me!  I was feeling a little claustrophobic... I had a head cold, so I couldn't breath through my nose.  Top that off with not being able to feel anything from my chest down, and having a big curtain in my face and I was trying not to panic.  Garet definitely kept me calm =)
While they were operating I remember Garet talking to me about what Colin might be doing at that time (having a picnic snack outside) and the nurse would tell us what was going on behind the curtain.  I didn't realize at the time, but Garet was a little worried about how things were going.  I guess things got a little fast pace and seemed chaotic to him at one point before Addison arrived.  The doctor said afterwards that they had a hard time getting her "past my muscle"... what "muscle" she was talking about, I have no clue!  But I think she needed a stool to stand up and push her down and out.  This was the first picture and first cries of Addison:

I love that she is arms wide open!  Here I am!  =)
Garet was awesome with the camera... he even managed to get a picture of my first sight of her!     
My doctor, Dr. Fogleman, put Addison over the partition so I could get a good look at her =)  I am not posting all the pictures because they are of a new born baby and I don't know how everyone feels about seeing that... plus some are just personal =) 
Her cry was music to my ears!  And I heard someone say, "Look at all that hair!!"  Colin was born bald, so I was fully anticipating Addison to be hairless as well.  Guess I was wrong!  She has a head full of dark hair!  With blond highlights! 
Once they wiped her down, I got to see my precious baby girl up close.
At this hospital, they are big on skin-to-skin.  Where the mom and baby are skin-to-skin, it builds the bond and relaxes the baby.  So immediately Addison was put on my chest.  She stayed there while I was getting stitched and all through my trip to the recovery room.  This next picture was us on our way to recovery.
In recovery I was monitored and they held me there until I could move my legs again.  At this point I also got to nurse for the first time.  Addison is a pro!  Before I left, Addison and Garet went to the nursery where all Addison's measurements were taken.  She was 7.6 lbs. and 20.5 inches long.  Perfection!  It was already 1:00 when I left recovery and headed to my room. 

We had decided earlier that my parents would come with Colin after his nap, so they weren't going to arrive until at least 4:30 that afternoon.  So for a few hours it was just Garet, Addison, and me.  It was nice to be able to relax and have a [late!] lunch together.   
We were very happy with all the staff at the hospital.  Addison even got a couple new knitted hats!  And since I was there on Mother's Day I got lots of little gifts from the staff (candy, cards, flowers...)  It was perfect =)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tick tock...

We have literally been counting down the days until we meet our sweet girl (tomorrow!)!  I have gotten super uncomfortable this week.  Sleep is almost nonexistent, but I'm not sure if it is because I am pregnant or because I can't breathe from having a horrible head cold!  I am praying that it passes without getting to anyone else! 

We have tried to spend as much time as a family as possible these past few days.  When Garet isn't working we are usually all together.  We've been out to dinners and had a fun afternoon at the frozen yogurt place!  We have all watched Colin's favorite shows together (Clifford and Curious George).  We are just soaking up these last few days as our family of 4 (yes I include Suzi, duh!)

Garet and I have moments where we look at each other and are like, whoa Addison will be here this time NEXT week! and this time in 48 hours! and now, this time TOMORROW!  It is amazing. 
Just like with Colin, there is absolutely no way to imagine how our life is about to change.  I have no clue what to expect or how things are going to play out.  I really think that Colin is going to be an amazing big brother!  He has a gift to give Addison and we have been talking about how he is going ot meet her.  We made cupcakes yesterday for my mom's birthday (she will be here today) and for Addison's birthday.  Colin loves to sing Happy Birthday to people and then eat cupcakes =)
We have had a great day today... it is (finally!) super nice outside, 70's yay!  So I took Colin out to play in his watertable...
It took him about 5 minutes to get this wet!  It was perfect though!  Garet was able to join us for lunch so we had a picnic on the patio, then it was right back out to the water!  I love my boy so much and am so excited to see our family in this next stage of our lives.  God has truly blessed us. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cousin fun...

We've had lots of playdates and fun over the past few days! 
On Friday my cousin, Amanda, came by with her two kids.  Colin absolutely loves Sawyer!  He had so much fun showing him around his "new house" (he calls our house this).  And when I asked the boys to take a picture they did so well!
Cute little red heads!

Then, Saturday, Garet's sister Karen came by with her kids!  We were able to hang out all afternoon!  We all had a lot of fun... Sam and Garet really wore out Colin by playing basketball in his playroom =)  We were able to grill out and eat a "picnic" outside (Colin always wants to eat a picnic, which is just us eating on the patio.  He loves it.)  Here is Kathryn (who will be graduating in a few weeks!!), Sam, and Colin:
On Sunday, Kailey and Morgan came!  Garet had a conference this week so they came to stay with me =)  Just in case (I am going to be having a baby in about a week!  Whoa.)  It was fun to have them, and Colin loved hanging out with his cousin!  It isn't often he is the oldest!
We went to the Children's Museum, where Colin ran about 100 mph and left us all in the dust!  I did manage to snap a few pictures with my phone... Can you see Colin driving the firetruck and Morgan hanging out in the back? 
They also did some grocery shopping.  Morgan racked up on fruits and veggies, and in the background Colin grabbed a whole chicken. 
That night Kailey gave Colin a much needed hair cut!  He was in the zone... Curious George, aka "monkeys", was on.

Tuesday we ran to the store to get a few things... we used one of the big 'ole carts!  The kids LOVED it!  Kailey and I had to both push and pull the cart, it was like a boat!  But it was worth it, I mean look at those faces =)
After nap we went to get frozen yogurt!  They loved it, of course what's not to love?! 
 When Colin was finished eating his fruit and yogurt, this is what he did:
When we started dinner that night, Colin was occupied at the table and Morgan was occupied with a toy on the floor and it was nice to get things done.  Kailey and I joked that the peace wouldn't last long... and it didn't.  It lasted about 10 minutes then they were both running allllll over the house!  Then started rolling around the kitchen floor:
My belly kind of got in that picture =)
They really had a great time together though.  It was fun to see them playing.
This morning the girls left and Colin and I finished up some projects around the house.  I have a semi-short to do list of what I want done before Addison gets here.  Here is one last picture of Miss Morgan:
We've had so much fun with family!  Next up:  my parents... next week to be here to watch Colin while we go have our baby girl!