Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friends in Charlotte...

We tried to catch up with as many of our friends in Charlotte as we could, but we still didn't get to them all! It is so hard when we're only in town for a few days to see everyone. I got to have lunch with Andrea and Laurie on Christmas Eve. I met Laurie in middle school and Andrea in 9th grade.

Christmas Eve night at the church service we went to, I got to catch up with my friend Marsha. Marsha has been my best friend since we were 5 years old! She has been engaged for about a year now, and I FINALLY got to meet her fiance! It was so great to see her!

On Friday, the day after Christmas Garet and I made our rounds. We stopped by to see my friend Cayce first. She lives in downtown Charlotte really close to the Panthers stadium. I met Cayce in college, we both worked at a resturant - the same one I met Garet at. So she has known Garet and I since we first started dating!

Then we traveled to Christy's apartment. Christy is one of my best friends! We have been through so much together - we met in the 9th grade. It was soo good to see her and catch up some!

Last, we went and had dinner with one of Garet's good friends, Justin and his wife Jessica. They got married this past August. It was a nice dinner - and, of course, Garet had to take a picture!

It was so great to see all of our friends! We love Huntsville, but I only wish it was closer!!
Hope everyone has a happy, safe New Year's!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Charlotte Christmas...

We really had such a great Christmas! It was soo great to see ALL of my family, and many of our friends! We got to Charlotte early on Tuesday (like 2 a.m.) We went right to sleep. Tuesday when we got up, we went to visit my cousins and then we went to see my brother's house, and meet his dog, Macy.

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, I got to have lunch with a couple of my friends. Then we went to a Christmas Eve service at church. It was soo nice! I saw a lot of people that I knew - it is always neat to get back "home" and see people that I haven't seen in YEARS!

Christmas Day we woke up and made a big breakfast. My brother, Eric and his girlfriend, Kailey came over, and so did my uncle, Ray. Here is Eric, Kailey, and us:

We all ate, and opened presents. We got lots of fun stuff! Garet and I got a Wii - I didn't even know I wanted one, but man it is tons of fun! :) We also got an iPod, clothes, shoes, and other great things. Suzi got a toy, which she has already destroyed. Garet and I not only got presents for everyone, but we also brought.... take a guess..... here's a hint:

POPCORN! Yep, everyone got some popcorn too! If you aren't aware, the Boy Scouts sell popcorn, therefore, we have tons of it!

After playing Wii all morning, we went over to one of my aunts houses. Most of my family lives close, so everyone gets together on Christmas and Thanksgiving. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Here is me with a few of my cousins:

I pretty much stand out in my family - the blond.

We left there and got back to my parents house. I snagged my brother for a quick picture:

My parents and Garet and I all hung out talking and playing with our new stuff. Christmas Day always flies by! Both Garet and my dad got a hat in their stockings, so here is mom and me trying them on:
I love seeing my family! I wish I had gotten more pictures! I will have to post tomorrow of some of the friends we got to catch up with!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! We are still in Charlotte, but I wanted to post a few pictures. I will tell more about it later. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!

Suzi in her Santa hat

Garet and me

My parents
My brother, Eric, his girlfriend, Kailey, and their dogs, Biscuit and Macy

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! We're off to Charlotte!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday I made the best cookies EVER! I got them from Pillsbury - they are called Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookies. Seriously they are! You have definitely gotta make them! :)

This weekend has been jammed packed - and we're still going! We had our Sunday School Christmas party Friday night. It was really fun, it is always great to see everyone outside of church on Sundays. We played Dirty Santa - and Garet and I walked away with a blender! Nice!

Yesterday I cleaned ALL morning. Suzi went to get bathed at PetSmart - and they brushed her teeth! I'm not even kidding! Oh and they gave her perfume?!? Really? She smelled like vanilla. That afternoon we volunteered by wrapping gifts for people at a store down the street. I wasn't feeling too great, so afterwards we came back and relaxed the rest of the night. Except I made cookies!

Today, after church we got to work on laundry and packing. I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow! We are having a couple over to watch the football game tonight, so we are just making sure everything is ready to go tomorrow. I am going to come home from work, and hopefully, jump in the car and GO!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Suzi's Christmas...

We aren't the only ones getting presents early, we went ahead and gave Suzi her Christmas present too. We got her a new bed, her old one was getting pretty gross! She loves it!

This week has pretty much flown by (thank goodness!) Work has been busy enough, and when I get home I just fall on the couch! I have been so tired lately for some reason! I think I need some sun in my life! It has been so gross and rainy and gloomy - I think when the sun comes out I will feel more energized! :)

Our weekend is looking fairly busy. Suzi has a Petsmart appointment for a bath tomorrow morning, then we are volunteering with our church to wrap some gifts tomorrow afternoon. I like wrapping presents, but Garet on the other hand.... let's just say he will probably be cutting the tape for people!

We are so excited for our Christmas trip to Charlotte! I can't wait to catch up with friends and, of course, see my WHOLE family! My aunt and uncle and cousins from Texas are going to get to come up too! I haven't blogged about it, but my youngest cousin in Texas is sick so they haven't been able to travel in a few years, so this is truly a blessing!

My mind is trying to figure out when and what to pack and when I am going to clean the house! I like to have a clean house when we get back from a trip, so that will probably be what I do on Sunday! Fun stuff! Garet and I finally got around to taking a Christmas picture last week. Here is an outtake:

Gotta love that dog! I was trying to figure out our camera. Since it is new, I don't know where everything is yet. So I thought it was on the timer so I could run and jump in the picture, but obviously it wasn't :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa's Elf's...

I know this went around last year at Christmas, but I just think it is hilarious!!
If you want to see The Beane Family dancing around CLICK HERE!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty weekend...

This weekend was great! We woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise!

It rained a lot towards the end of last week, so it was nice to have a clear day!

I did some shopping Saturday and now I am pretty sure I am finished with all my Christmas shopping! Yay! I got started early this year, so I never got stressed about it. The stores were packed though! I still can't believe it is almost Christmas! These days are just flying by!

Saturday night we had a fire! I have mentioned before that Suzi and I compete over the spot in front of the fire... well... we have reached a compromise...
She makes a great pillow :)

This is my last full week of work this year!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleeping Beauty...

What a sweet pup - she looks so innocent when she's sleeping :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is comin'...

I really got into the Christmas season this weekend! On Saturday Garet and I got our Christmas tree. Guess where the tree came from?? BOONE, North Carolina! Even though I'm not from Boone, I visited friends there often enough, and it is only 2 hours from my parents. It's a little piece of home :) That night I had my work Christmas party at the Von Braun Center.

Garet actually went skiing with some friends today. I went to church, and man was I glad I did! They were doing a "Christmas Sunday" and the choir did an amazing job singing. I love our church! I have told many people, I do not like Christmas music - but I feel the need to clarify... I do not like the songs that they overplay on the radio 24/7, you know, the ones about hippopotamuses and two front teeth... but I really enjoy the ones about Jesus, and the true meaning of Christmas, and today I was NOT dissappointed! It was a great way to start the morning!

I finished putting up all our decorations. We gave Suzi a trial period with our Christmas tree... we weren't sure how she would do with a big "toy" in our living room (she loves to chew on sticks/branches/trees). She seems to not care at all - sooo I went ahead and decorated it.

When Garet and I lived in St. John, he gave me this decoration:
It is my surfing santa! I love it!! Too funny! Here is our tree and fireplace:
This weekend, of course, went by too fast! I am thinking that the days will fly by until it is Christmas and time for me to go see my family, I am so excited!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My brother...

Today is my brother's birthday!! He is 24 today! I can't believe it! Eric lives near my parents in North Carolina - so I get to see him every time we travel back home. We will be there for Christmas in a few weeks, Yay!!

Us at a wedding this past August

Eric and his beautiful girlfriend, Kailey.

Eric, Kailey, Me and Garet

Eric and his dog Macy
I miss being around my family so much, especially when it is a special occasion! Eric, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I miss you TONS! Love you, and see you in a few weeks :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Michigan, part 3...

This should be the last one!

On Saturday we joined the family for an all day basketball tournament! Mary Kay and 3 games in one day! We went about 45 minutes away. Garet and I only stayed for the first 2 games, then went back to the house to start packing.
Shooting a free throw
Kelly had a bear that she had to look after from school. His name: Ted E. Bear. Her job was to take him everywhere with her and make a journal about his adventures. How cute is that?!
Kelly and Ted, watching her sister

That night we got some last minute pictures in and we played a few card games. We had such a wonderful time! Garet, of course, had to do his famous shot that he takes everywhere we go! This is the whole crew:

The next morning we got up and hit the road! The night before (Saturday night) we watched the weather and the forcast was calling for snow on Sunday night. Michigan was supposed to have about a foot of snow by Monday morning! We thought we had made our trip in perfect timing.... BUT on our way home this is what we encountered...
We hit Indiana and it was snowing like crazy!! We saw sooo many wrecks and people that had skid off the road. We were backed up for awhile waiting on a wreck to clear. I really wasn't sure if we'd make it back that day or have to get a place overnight!
Eventually we made it through the snow, and then just had to deal with the rain the rest of the way home. It was a LONG drive!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Michigan, part 2...

On Friday morning, Garet, Jay (nephew), and I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get caught up with the other crazy people shopping on Black Friday. I set out to get a new camera! And they had just the one I picked out! I especially like the color accent feature... that allows you to just have one color throughout your picture. When we got back I had to play with it...
Suzi had gotten a new ball as a treat while we were there. This is with the purple highlighted.

Then we got to go see the girls at their horseback riding lessons! You should know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE horses!! I started riding when I was 5, and it has been awhile since I have ridden. So this was just great to see the girls riding, and just to be in a barn was refreshing! I just love this picture...

That is Kelly waiting on her horse.

Mary Kay and her horse, Monte

Kelly and her horse, Shadow
After riding, we got to hang out some at the house. Have you ever heard of Guitar Hero?? Well, if you haven't - it is this video game that you have a guitar and you play songs. Anyway, man it is hard! :) Seriously, I couldn't hang - after you are finished and if you did well the screen tells you "you rock!" Well, I never got the "you rock" after I was finished playing.
Mary Kay, Me, Kelly

Jay and Garet

That night for dinner, Kim and Mark took us to their country club to have dinner. It was soo good! I think I ate more that night than on Thanksgiving!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Michigan, part 1...

I figured I'd sum up our trip to Michigan in a couple different parts. That way I don't have a HUGE post :)

We left at like 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning for our long 10 hour drive to Michigan. It was a pretty scenic drive, but by the end we were pretty restless. Even Suzi was getting sick of being in the car...

Poor pup. She had her big crate in between the back seat and front seat, but she DID have the entire back seat to herself! Lucky for us, she is really good in the car!

We got to Garet's sister's house by 6:00ish (there was an hour time difference) and she had a wonderful dinner waiting on us. We were greeted by her and her husband and their 3 kids. There was snow on the ground when we got there! It was so neat to see "real" snow! We got to visit some before we crashed for the night.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was pretty outside, but it was FREEZING! We all bundled up and went to a park to go on a long walk with Suzi. My mom had given us a coat for Suzi a year or two ago and she has never worn it - for the record, we are not the people that put clothes on our dog! - but it was super cold and I thought it would be cute...

I was surprised that she didn't even try to get it off! Suzi had no clue what to do with all the snow, but as soon as the kids started kicking it she quickly realized that she could eat it, so, that's what she did.
We got back to the house and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't have any pictures because my camera was broken... the pictures I did get (that are on this post) I got by luck. My camera's screen broke, so I could take pictures - I just couldn't look at the pictures I took. Anywho - we had a wonderful dinner, and it was so nice to visit with everyone!
After dinner we were informed that we had to go next door to the neighbors house to see the Christmas lighting. Huh? Garet's brother-in-law, Mark, asked us if we'd seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation... you know the one, with the Griswold's... OF COURSE we had! Well that was their neighbor...
The picture doesn't even do it justice! I couldn't get everything into one shot!! There were lights EVERYWHERE, things were moving, there was music playing... you name it! It was hilarious! AND everyone around knew about it... so while we were standing there looking at the house, there were people driving by, and walking down the street to look at it! Come to find out, they starting putting up these decorations in October! Wow! It was great!