Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun visit...

Monday we had an overnight visit from Garet's dad (Pop!) and his wife Barbara!  We had a nice dinner on our patio, then they gave Colin a marshmellow gun!

They were showing Colin how it worked.  Then Colin tried...

With Garet's help he attempted to blow the marshmellows out.  But I think he just managed to get it all soggy =) 
Garet and his dad took turns shooting the marshmellow at Colin while he was running in the yard! haha Colin loved it!  They had a great time!
The next morning Colin jumped in Pop's lap to look at pictures...

Before they left, we got some pictures together...
And every time we see Pop we have to get one of the Beane boys!  3 generations =)

And because Garet is so good at doing self portraits...
We had a great visit!  And love that they are now living closer to us!  (only a 3 hour drive now!)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day camp...

In Garet's job, he has to be in charge of day camps for the Boy Scouts.  He loves this part because he gets to be outside and help with putting on an awesome, fun day for the kids!  This year he was REALLY excited because he could take Colin!  There was a special group called the "Cubbies" that Colin was with.  He got there around 9 in the morning and I picked him up around 1/1:30 so he could come home and take a (much needed!) nap.  Garet recruited my dad as a volunteer... he got to teach the kids how to fish =)
So... this past Monday was the first day.  The boys were excited!
Colin's little group got to do pretty much everything the big kids did.  I wish I had gotten pictures of everything... but I was good and didn't tag along!  It made me feel better that Garet was there the whole time (Colin was the youngest in the group).  So Garet would sneek up and peek in on him to make sure he was doing alright.  And he would snap pictures to send to me as reassurance that Colin was having a good time =)
 Colin rode a train... and the picture is blurry but he definitely caught Daddy watching!
Garet was able to meet up with Colin's group to join in on some of the activites... like the merry-go-round.
Each day they had to wear the same shirt.  So guess what we had to do each night... laundry.  And to my surprise (or maybe not so much of a surprise...) it was a full load every night.  Sheesh. 
I love this picture of my guys! 
I think my dad had a good time with his "job"... here he is instructing the kids on how to cast a line:
 One day they fished off the dam and another day they fished off the bank into the lake.  This was at the dam... the kids were so excited to catch fish!
I got to pack Colin's little backpack each day... diapers, snack, water, sunscreen, extra shoes, bathing suit... and they took their lunches.  No I didn't write notes on their napkins, but I did think about it...
Addison and Suzi snuck into the picture =)
Garet found Colin searching under the tables for bugs one day...
Colin even got to shoot a bb gun!  And every day my dad and Garet would eat lunch with him, then they would go to the pool.  Colin went down for his nap each day with NO problems!  He was so tired when I would get him!

On Friday there was an awards ceremony, so Addison and I went for some of it and stayed for lunch.  I spied Colin with his little group.  They were in their own world in the shade while the presentation was going on...
Can you see another little boy all in Colin's face?  Colin kept making faces at him.  Then that little boy tried to take Colin's cup to dump it out in the grass... Colin said, "No I don't want to!" and then chugged his water.  Then the little girl with her back to the camera stuck her shoe next to Colin so that Colin could drive his little car (that someone gave him) on her shoe.  You can tell what I was paying attention to.  It is funny to me to observe Colin without him knowing.  Especially when he is interacting with other kids.  

Each group did a skit, and I was excited to find out the Cubbies had a skit too!  Colin was clueless... but he was still cute standing up there with everyone.  Since he was so young, they gave him a buddy.  In this picture she is standing next to him holding his hand.  They held hands pretty much the entire time.  He didn't seem to mind. 
Garet said that when he took Colin one day each of the kids wanted to give him a hug bye.  Adorable.  After the skit we went and had lunch.  One of the leaders gave Colin this crazy headband...
... and for the picture Colin wanted to pose with his cookie.  Why not? 

Love my little camper!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend...

We had a great weekend!  We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday because Garet had to work on Sunday (boo)... it started with a bike ride.  Colin and Garet went on a ride in a nearby park.  Then we packed a lunch and headed downtown for a picnic...
We went to the "waterfall" again.  It is such a nice area in the middle of downtown.  And Colin LOVES to watch the water!

Addison enjoyed being outside too.  She slept =)

After lunch we walked around a little bit to look at all the waterfalls.  Then we packed up and walked to the Children's Museum.
Colin playing the piano:
We made a point to go to the museum today... there was a special visitor... Curious George!  Colin LOVES this monkey!  Here he is waiting in line with Garet to sit with George...

Colin was so cute when it was his turn to sit with George!
He just kept looking at him... in awe =) 
Love his tongue on the next one!
After naptime, Garet took the kids into the playroom while I finished up dinner.  I managed to get this picture of the 3 of them... and I love it!  It is so them!  =)
For dessert I made a 9 layer cake!  (It was supposed to be 12, but I made the layers too big...)  It is one of Garet's favorites, so I surprised him with it...
On Sunday morning, I made breakfast and Garet opened his gifts before leaving for work.
One thing that Colin gave him was an interview that I did with him.  I just gathered questions from different ones that I've seen online.  I also asked him these questions randomly over the last month or so... I knew he wouldn't sit still for a full interview all at once.  Some of my favorites were:
What is daddy's favorite food?  Desserts
What does daddy do at work?  play basketball
It makes daddy happy to..... go to Monkey Joes
Super cute!

Garet and Colin got matching shirts from his mom! 
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photo shoot...

Addison got her 1 week pictures taken (when she was one week old, of course)!  No, I did not take them - I definitely didn't want that pressure!  But I am flattered that people think I did =)  I put some on her announcements so now that they have (hopefully) gotten to everyone, I can post the pictures.  These are just a few of the ones that I got on a CD:
 Colin did so great during the pictures... he was a little restless, but our photographer was great - she made sure to get the ones with him over with so he could go play =)  This next one was Colin kissing Addison on the head, he just loves her so much!


These next ones are the ones that I used on the announcements.  And I already have them hanging on my walls =)

Aunt Kailey made the white bow that is in her hair.  Colin gave her the blanket that she is with in the bottom picture.  That is really what makes that picture priceless to me... she just looks so peaceful with the gift from her big brother.  He is so sweet... anytime she is crying he will find the blanket and lay it on her, "It's okay Addison."  She was asleep throughout the entire thing... except that one picture.  She yawned (the picture towards the top), then opened her eyes, then she was back asleep. 

What an angel!

Monday, June 10, 2013

One month old...

I can't believe my baby is one month old today!  Just like with Colin, I am going to take a picture every month to see how big she is getting.  And I think it will be fun to compare her growth to how Colin looked at that age.  Here is the one month:

She is an easy baby but does get a little fussy at night.
She definitely likes her sleep!  She seems to want to sleep allll the time!  I try to keep her up more during the day so she will sleep at night, but it is soooo hard to keep her awake!  I am trying not to complain =)
She sleeps 5-6 hours at night, which is a huge blessing!
She is sleeping in the cradle in our room, and she grunts a LOT!  But I lay her down after she eats and she gets herself to sleep.
She only eats about an average of 10 minutes on one side during feedings.  Sometimes she will eat on both sides, but when she does it is for only like 6 minutes each.  I definitely have more milk this time than with Colin, so I guess that's why?? 
She eats about every 2 - 2.5 hours during the day.
She doesn't seem to like her carseat... when she is in it in the car she is fine... but if she is in it in a store she is really fussy.  When we go on walks she goes to sleep though.  I am thinking it may be the inconsistent moving in a grocery cart...  She likes to be rocked or bounced.
She does NOT like the pacifier.  In fact, when I try to give her one she gags.  Big.  Occasionally she will take it and be content for a few minutes, but then it pops out. 
I am such a planner and like to have a schedule, and homegirl is just not wanting to follow my schedule =)  It actually works out though because in order to maintain Colin's schedule it is easy to just fit her around it that try to keep them both on a seperate one. 

She fits in perfectly!  And she gets hugs and kisses from her big brother all the time.  Good thing she is such a chill baby =) 

Saturday, June 8, 2013


These pictures are from a yesterday... A sweet friend brought us dinner, and gave Colin this bubble toy!  There is a fan on it, so when he dips it in the bubbles the fan blows them all over the place.  It's pretty neat =)
Figuring it out.

Colin keeps amazing us with the things he says.  I love keeping track of everything!  Here are some that I made note of:

-When Colin is playing with his cars and making them drive somewhere, they usually drive to the fire station... or the grocery store.  I always ask, "what are they going to get at the grocery store?"  and he always answers, "milk... eggs... and oatmeal!"  every.single.time.  =)

-If Addison is crying, Colin is first to run to her and tell her, "It's okay Addison, I'm right here."  Precious.
Trying to get me with the bubbles.

-He likes to give Addison kisses and hugs.  all the time! 
For that matter, he gives us kisses and hugs a lot too.  It is so sweet.  And random.  He can be in the middle of playing and run over for a hug.  Or when I am pushing around the cart at the grocery store he will lean in and give me a big hug.  I love it.

-Colin is still figuring out: hot, warm, cold, freezing.  He used to get his food and say it was hot, and we would correct him that that it is warm, not hot.  So the other day Garet was changing his diaper and Colin coughed.  He then told Garet, "I have a freezing!"  Think about it.
(not a "cold"... a freezing!  The kid cracks me up!)

-He is big on doing things on his own.  Any time he is doing something that looks like he may need help I ask him, "Do you need help?"  He almost always replies, "No... I think I got it." 

-When I change Addison he will always ask if she pooped. 
Dipping the bubble maker.  As you can see, Suzi was very interested... in fact I hope it isn't toxic because she definitely got a big lick of the bubbles.  They smelled good =)

-We got him the movie Cars soon after Addison was born.  We had no clue it would be such a big hit!  He LOVES it!  The other day we were playing outside and out of nowhere he said, "Sting like a Beamer!"  Which is a line from the movie.

-If you have ever nursed a baby you know at first how when your milk lets down it REALLY lets down?!  Well that happened while we were eating one morning.  All I had on was a tank top... sooo... there was a big wet spot on my shirt.  ha!  Colin was very worried, "what's that?  What happened?  How did that happen?"  haha 

-Along the same lines... when Addison was nursing the other day Colin asked what she was doing.  When I said, "eating" he then asked what she was eating.  I told him "milk"... he said, "Addison is eating milk... and sausage?"  Where does he get this stuff?? 

-Colin is a pro at finding Volkswagen Buses and Bugs (he gets it from my dad!)  There was something on t.v. with a Volkswagen Bug and the actor on t.v. said, "that's a phenomenal car!" Colin quickly corrected, "no it's a Volkswagen!"

-I'm sure I have put this on a Colin-ism before, but at Christmas I would tell Colin "Merry Christmas" at night.  He started saying it over and over and over... so I finally had to say, "Merry Christmas.  That's all."  Meaning:  Then he started saying, "Merry Christmas, that's all!" every night.  Now as soon as we leave his room at bedtime he says, "Merry Christmas, that's all, and I love you!"  You must acknowledge this or he will keep saying it louder and louder =)
Colin is an AMAZING big brother!  He loves Addison so much!  He tells her he loves her, and like I said earlier gives her hugs and kisses.  If she spits up he will let me know.  He likes to stand on a stool and watch me change her.  If I am putting him down for a nap or bed and she isn't with me, he always asks where she is.  He hasn't minded the few times I have to bring her with me to put him down for nap or bed.  If she is fussy I will hold her while I do his routine.  I think he likes her being there.  If I am changing his diaper with Addison he will tell me, "Addison can just lay on my bed.  It's okay."  So far it has been a smooth transaction in his life.  We have really tried to keep his routines the same. 
I love this child so much!