Sunday, June 29, 2008

Workin' on the weekend...

Well - this weekend Garet's dad is here to visit, and boy did we put him right to work! We are building a fence for our backyard! He flew in yesterday morning, and since he landed I don't think there has been a moments rest!

Yesterday our friends Matt and Angela came over to help. Originally we were just going to do one side of our yard, but since we (by "we" I mean they, and by "they" I mean the boys) started working and realized it wasn't too hard, and it was a lot less expensive, we decided to do the whole thing. We got all of the post holes on one side dug -- with a really cool tool! All of the posts on that side in and cemented. Then it poured down rain! Perfect timing!

This morning we awoke to an overcast, but dry morning. So before church, Garet and his dad decided to dig the post holes for the other side of the yard - I did my best to help =) While we were finishing up, it started raining again! It is now about 3 in the afternoon and we have all of our posts in the ground and cemented. As far as the weather... it has been either hot and sunny, or a big downpour of rain and very humid! So if the weather lets us, we may be able to finish most of it today!

It is so exciting to see the progress! I will post pictures once it is all finished!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Visitors...

What a great weekend! On Friday night we went to a Stars baseball game for our Sunday School social. We had a good time, but man that was a long game! It went into 3 extra innings!! Plus there were fireworks afterwards - so we didn't leave there until after midnight! But it was nice hanging out with everyone!

Then Saturday my cousins came to visit!! They were traveling around on a family vacation, and stopped by our house for the night! I was sooo excited to see them! We just chatted Saturday night and caught up with everything that was going on. Then on Sunday, after church, we went to the Space and Rocket center! We didn't go in, just looked at the big rockets outside. Garet took this picture to the left - how crazy is that?! He got all of us plus a rocket in the background! That's talent =) We had great weather, so afterwards we grabbed some subs and ate on Monte Sano Mountain.

So, we had a great time visiting friends and family this weekend! Next weekend, we look forward to having Garet's dad in town! They will be doing some projects around the house! Those will make for some cute pictures!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Caribbean Mon...

Man, that vacation went by too fast! This picture was taken the day we got to St. John. We got our rental car (a Jeep) drove to the condo, threw our luggage inside, changed into our swim suits, and drove straight to the beach! This is Hawksnest Beach at sunset. It was beautiful!

Here we are at Francis Bay - I can honestly say, I've gotten pretty good at propping up the camera and doing a timed picture. This was propped on the ledge of a chair (good thing it didn't fall in the sand!) Francis was one of our favorite beaches here! We had such a great time!
This is us in front of Trunk Bay - this is one of the most popular beaches on island. Garet has gotten really good at holding the camera out in front of us and taking a picture of both of us PLUS the background! To see more of our pictures Click Here! We tried to take as many as we could! It is impossible to capture everything in a photo!
We could have stayed much, much longer - but it is good to be home! And we only have a two day work week! Yay!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're back...

Well, we are back from St. John - we had such a great time!! It flew by, like all vacations do! Our plane landed in St. Thomas, then we had to taxi to the ferry, and take the ferry to St. John (St. John is so small there are no airports, and the only way there is by boat/ferry). Once we got to our place (Garet's mom's condo) we changed and headed straight for the beach! We got to catch the sunset over Hawksnest Beach. It was short but we got to eat at all of our favorite hang outs, and see most of our friends that are still on island! The beaches were WONDERFUL! Besides all the construction -more condos being built- , things were pretty much the same! I promise to post pictures soon! I will have to wait till we get back home. I tried to take lots and lots!

Suzi got to stay with my parents while we were away. She missed us, but she had a good time with my parents, and their dog!

Back to the real world........

Monday, June 9, 2008

Relaxing weekend...

So our weekend was great! We cleaned (not fun - but neccessary) on Saturday morning. Those that know us well know we get up between 6 and 7 just because we can't sleep in. So after that we had plenty of time for Garet to go on a bike ride, and me to walk Suzi. Well about 2 hours later, Garet called me... lost... He had biked through a neighborhood across the street, and somehow ended up pretty much on the highway?!? Who knows how he did it, but I had to drive a good 20 miles to pick him up!

We grilled out with some friends on Saturday night, which was a lot of fun! In fact, it was so much fun that Garet and I decided to grill out again Sunday night =) This is Garet grilling, and Suzi hanging out with her ball...
We had awesome weather! It was almost too hot, but that's the way I like it! So now, it is back to work - but for only 3 more days after today!!!! Yay!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I got the fever...

Garet and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at the beginning of this week. We did dinner, and small gifts, but our BIG gift is that we are going to St. John next week!!!

So... you should know, Garet and I used to live on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It was the BEST place and we LOVED it there! We have been off island now for about 3 years (wow!) and every now and then one of us will say "I've got the fever" meaning "I am missing the islands and want to go back!"

Since we are going next week, I have been remembering all the fun times, and cool people and places we like to go! So I thought I'd go back through some old pictures! The one at the top left was taken from our shower (yes, you heard me right).

This one to the right was taken on a hike we went on to watch the sunrise. We had to wake up super early, but it was well worth it!

We can't wait! I have everything all organized (in my head) as to what I am going to pack! I'm sure I'll have tons more pictures when we get back! =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here I go...

So here we are =)

Okay - I am new at this! I have never "blogged" but I figured I'd give it a try! I wanted an easier way to keep people updated with what we have going on in our lives. Since all of our family and a lot of our friends live so far away - I thought this might be easier than me sending out an email every month!

So stay tuned and I will try my best to keep everything updated!