Sunday, June 29, 2008

Workin' on the weekend...

Well - this weekend Garet's dad is here to visit, and boy did we put him right to work! We are building a fence for our backyard! He flew in yesterday morning, and since he landed I don't think there has been a moments rest!

Yesterday our friends Matt and Angela came over to help. Originally we were just going to do one side of our yard, but since we (by "we" I mean they, and by "they" I mean the boys) started working and realized it wasn't too hard, and it was a lot less expensive, we decided to do the whole thing. We got all of the post holes on one side dug -- with a really cool tool! All of the posts on that side in and cemented. Then it poured down rain! Perfect timing!

This morning we awoke to an overcast, but dry morning. So before church, Garet and his dad decided to dig the post holes for the other side of the yard - I did my best to help =) While we were finishing up, it started raining again! It is now about 3 in the afternoon and we have all of our posts in the ground and cemented. As far as the weather... it has been either hot and sunny, or a big downpour of rain and very humid! So if the weather lets us, we may be able to finish most of it today!

It is so exciting to see the progress! I will post pictures once it is all finished!

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