Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Halloween...

Today is Colin's first Halloween!  He decided to be a frog!
(Someone gave this to us, it is size 0-6 months, so it is a little big!)

Tonight we are going to walk around the neighborhood.  I can't wait to see everyone all dressed up!  As you can see Colin is really excited that it's Halloween!

Obviously Colin is too young to go trick-or-treating... so... we are going to watch everyone else =)

Friday, October 29, 2010

My boy and I...

I am LOVING being a mom!  It is so wonderful being home with Colin and figuring out everything that goes along with motherhood.  I am amazed at how much our little man has changed from birth - just over 1 month ago!  It is crazy to think of how big he will be in just this year's time! 

Colin's pediatrician has instructed us not to take him to crowded places, at least not until he gets his 2 month old shots.  So... him and I have been hanging around the house.  But a few weeks ago I wanted to go get the wrap, and the store is small and I have never seen more than 3 people in there at a time!  So, we loaded up and went.

He doesn't get in complete outfits everyday - since it's just us at home - so it was fun to put him in an outfit! 
And this one was complements of my cousin, Carla!  He was so darn cute in it!  This was the best picture I could get... he was starting to fall over =)

Garet and I are having so much fun with Colin - I can only imagine the fun we'll get into once he starts talking and moving around!  I am trying to take tons of pictures since I know these times will fly by!  We have also been taking videos - which I'll have to figure out how to post one day!  Here we are this past weekend:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First bottle...

Colin had his first bottle yesterday!  I am breastfeeding, so I was very excited about getting Colin to take a bottle (of breastmilk) just in case I wanted to run to the store and didn't get back in time for a feeding.  Plus Garet can feed him!

He did great!  (Both of them)  =)

I actually think he ate more than he normally would.  Drinking from a bottle, the milk comes out a lot faster.  Now I feel better when I run out to do an errand and leave Colin with Garet.  At least if he gets hungry, he will be able to eat!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I got a wrap!  It is a Baby K'tan - and I love it!  I haven't gotten to use it that much yet, but so far I really like it!  It is so nice to get things done while holding Colin!

So, this isn't the best picture of me, but how cute is Colin?!  =)

Yay hands free!  And I'll be able to use this as he grows.  There are many different positions I could put him in. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Month Old...

How did this happen so fast?!

Here is what Colin has been up to:

- Sleeps up to 5 1/2 hours at night... this is a huge blessing!  Although this isn't an every night occurrence... yet.  Either way he sleeps in at least 3 hour increments at night.

- Smiles - and it is priceless!!  I tried to get a picture, but this was as close as I could get.  I'm sure pretty soon it won't be hard to capture!

- LOVES looking up at the fan, it doesn't even have to be on.  In fact, the fan got his first smile! 

- "Talks" a lot when on his back.  He has started hitting his toys that are hanging from the play mat.

- Hums while nursing - it's too cute! 

- Eats pretty much right on schedule - every 3 hours during day.  He must know what a planner/scheduler his mommy is!

- Takes 1-2 hour naps about 5 times a day.  We try to keep him awake so he can sleep better at night.

- Hates tummy time, but holds head up really well while we have him on our shoulder.

- Likes baths, walks and car rides.

Garet and I are so blessed to have this little one!  We are soaking up every moment!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good time...

It was great having Grandma Kay and Rod here this week!  This picture was taken the first night they were here, and it is pretty much how they looked all week =)

We didn't really do a whole lot - since Colin isn't supposed to be in crowded places yet (doctors orders), but we never got tired of watching our little man!  He is obsessed with our ceiling fans!  I doubt he can really even see them, but he sure concentrates on them!  He can be mid cry and stop to stare - it's pretty funny.

I think that's what he was looking at here:

Garet and I took advantage and went on another date night.  Yesterday Garet worked and I was able to get away to the grocery store for a little bit wth Grandma babysitting.  It was nice visiting with them!  I think this might have been the only time Rod held Colin

Garet had to get his mom to the airport early this morning.  We had so much fun and Suzi has definitely enjoyed all the extra walks we've gone on!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We have Garet's mom here for a week!  Grandma Kay!  She came with Rod to meet our sweet Colin!

They got here on Sunday and Rod left today - Grandma Kay leaves on Friday.  It is so great having family come by!!

When we don't have visitors, I am learning to get things done with a newborn!  I recently bought a wrap, which I love, that will allow me to do things with BOTH hands while holding Colin.  He is such a good baby though.  He is very content laying on his mat, or in his swing, where I can do things.  It is amazing to me how mother instints really do just kick in!  Giving baths, changing clothes (and diapers!), nursing, triming nails... I feel like I just know how to do it.  It is really neat.  And to see Garet as a dad - it just melts my heart!

Garet and I have been doing walks almost everyday.  I am proud to say that I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!  They are a little snug - but I fit!  Just in time for Fall =)  I can't wait until the doctor tells me I can start working out again. 

I will do another post about the time we've had with our visitors!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Play time...

I'm in love.

I can't believe Colin was 3 weeks old yesterday!  Time is going to go by too fast...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Almost everyone asks how Suzi and Colin are getting along...

Well, they are good.  Suzi is VERY curious about him.  Garet came home from the hospital one day to shower and he brought with him a blanket that Colin had used - Suzi could have cared less.  She didn't even blink an eye at it. 

When we got home with Colin, Garet and I came in first because Suzi gets REAL excited whenever we get home, and then we introduced them.  Colin got a few licks but I think Suzi was more interested in the fact that I was home.  She licked me to death!  I left here on a Thursday not really knowing that I wouldn't be back until Sunday.

Once Suzi got over the fact that we were home, she stayed interested in Colin.  Now it has gotten better - she'll actually leave his side!  But if he makes any noise she will run over to see if he is okay.  It is really cute.  She knows not to get too close, but every once in a while she'll get a lick in.

When Colin is on the floor, Suzi likes to know see what is going on...

--Side note-- The doctor said it was okay to use a pacifier, and boy am I glad he did!  Colin is a good baby, but gets fussy sometimes before he drifts off to sleep, so it is wonderful to give him the pacifier and he calms down immediately!  So... I had been saying - "Colin's paci", Garet didn't like that, so it is now called "Colin's Fire"  ... as in paciFIRE.
Now you know, when I say his "fire".

I really wasn't worried about bringing Colin home with Suzi.  I knew she would be interested, and she is, but I was sure she wouldn't be jealous or mean towards him.  Most of the time when we go to change him in his room, Suzi comes too =)  She is a good big sister!

Although, she seems tired from all the action...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Friends...

Colin got to meet a couple other babies recently!  Charlotte is our friends Kenny and Christine's little girl.  She was due a week after Colin but arrived a week before he did.  She is about 6 lbs now (Colin is a little over 8 lbs), she is so tiny! 

Here is me and Christine... Charlotte was getting hungry, and Colin slept through the whole thing!

A few nights ago some of our other friends, Carrie and Kevin brought us dinner (THANK YOU!) and Colin got to meet their son, Carter.  Carter is almost 3 months old.

Can you believe the size difference?!  I can't believe that in a couple months Colin will be that size!  So sad how fast they grow up!
Here are the proud dads:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Date Night...

Is it crazy that Garet and I have already had a date night??
When we got pregnant we promised each other that we would make a point to take time for each other.  Once we were home from the hospital, my parents were here so we took advantage and went out!  I am breastfeeding, so we left right after a feeding, and went down the road to a restaurant.  I think we were gone about 1 1/2 hours.  =)  It was really nice though.

It made it easier knowing that Colin was with his grandparents.  I know they enjoyed themselves too!

Out and About...

We have been told by our pediatrician not to take Colin out in public places... he told us not to go anywhere really crowded, or even church.  So, we've been doing a lot of walks to get out of the house.  (Or we will both go somewhere and one of us will wait in the car with Colin.)

When my parents were here we went down the street to Hays Nature Preserve for a nice long walk and a picnic.  Colin is all ready to go!

I am enjoying all of our walks!  And I love that the weather is cooler!

I have to remind myself to keep taking pictures!  I don't want to miss a single moment!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We got 1 week pictures taken of Colin.  Brooke Busby did them, and she did an awesome job!!  She was so patient!  So here is our little man at 1 week old!  (By the way, today he is 2 weeks old!  Where is the time going?!)

The blanket he is laying on was made by Garet's mom!

Monday, October 4, 2010

What's up...

It's hard to believe that our little man is 11 days old today!  Here is what we've been up to...

- Colin's first glamour shot:

- While we were in the hospital we had some bonding time.  Here are my boys:

- My parents came every day while we were in the hospital.  Colin is their first grandchild.  They are completely wrapped around his finger!  (as are Garet and I!)

- While pregnant, they say don't eat deli meat without heating it up to steaming in the microwave.  Well I LIVED off of turkey sandwiches, so this was really hard for me to give up.  I didn't eat any deli meat the whole pregnancy.  Why risk it, ya know?  (by the way, I am SO sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!)  So, I told Garet for my first meal after delivery I wanted a turkey sandwich from Subway.  So, here I am with one of the best lunches I had in a long time!

- We were able to leave the hospital on Sunday (the 26th).  We were all dressed and ready to go!

- Once home we tried out some of our toys:
Colin loves his swing!  He isn't so sure about his activity mat, but it is great for tummy time!

- I think I could spend every waking minute just staring at him!  Here he is in his swing... he hangs out here a lot!

- I had spinal headaches (from the spinal block they did in the hospital)... this was the worst pain!!  I could hardly see straight... it lasted a few days after I got home, but I was up for giving Colin his first bath!  He HATED it!  =)  I think he cried the entire time, but calmed down when I got the towel on!

- We have tons of clothes, but we really didn't get that many 0-3 month old stuff.  And some of the 0-3 month old outfits are too big right now, so my mom and dad brought a few cute outfits for him to wear.  I just love the ones with a cute booty!

-  We have been doing really well with adapting to having a baby in the house.  A lot of it is thanks to my parents for being here!  It has been such a blessing having them!  They have helped with cooking, cleaning, laundry, everything!  It will be interesting to see how we do when they leave (this week!)  We have been able to take some cute pictures of Colin!

- A few days ago Garet, Colin, Suzi and I went on our first family walk around the neighborhood.  It was nice to get out and about!

- We love being parents to Colin!  He is such a blessing and such a good baby!  I will try to keep up with the blog better - I know that family back home really wants to see him!  This is as close as it gets until we come home for the holidays.