Friday, October 22, 2010

Good time...

It was great having Grandma Kay and Rod here this week!  This picture was taken the first night they were here, and it is pretty much how they looked all week =)

We didn't really do a whole lot - since Colin isn't supposed to be in crowded places yet (doctors orders), but we never got tired of watching our little man!  He is obsessed with our ceiling fans!  I doubt he can really even see them, but he sure concentrates on them!  He can be mid cry and stop to stare - it's pretty funny.

I think that's what he was looking at here:

Garet and I took advantage and went on another date night.  Yesterday Garet worked and I was able to get away to the grocery store for a little bit wth Grandma babysitting.  It was nice visiting with them!  I think this might have been the only time Rod held Colin

Garet had to get his mom to the airport early this morning.  We had so much fun and Suzi has definitely enjoyed all the extra walks we've gone on!


mommadavis508 said...

How sweet!!! Everyone looks happy and content...except maybe Suzi, who's "watching" !!! Glad ya'll had a good visit!
Love you, Mom

Meghan said...

That boy is so stinkin' cute!!!