Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Date Night...

Is it crazy that Garet and I have already had a date night??
When we got pregnant we promised each other that we would make a point to take time for each other.  Once we were home from the hospital, my parents were here so we took advantage and went out!  I am breastfeeding, so we left right after a feeding, and went down the road to a restaurant.  I think we were gone about 1 1/2 hours.  =)  It was really nice though.

It made it easier knowing that Colin was with his grandparents.  I know they enjoyed themselves too!


Missy said...

It's not crazy! You definitely need to make time for yourselves, otherwise you might go nuts! Enjoy!

Andrea said...

I think that promise shows wisdom!!!! The best thing you can do for Colin besides raise him in the admonition of the Lord is to love each other and let him see your dedication to each other!!! Even at such a young age its important to model those kind of things for him! I am just tickled you guys got to go out on a date so early!!! I think my friends here (with children) team up woth other couples with children and "trade off" keeping the kids to get date nights in....not sure if you have friends with children but that may be helpful when the rents leave! ;) If I were there I would soooo watch that little cutie! Also, Christy and I were wondering how in the world you got colin to rest his head on his hands in that one really cute photo of him?????