Sunday, August 25, 2013


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

These pictures were taken from our trip to Blue Skies last week.

While we were playing with Addison...
Me: She's looking at you like you are crazy!
Colin: I AM crazy Addison!

Colin knows his full name... and the other day I must have said, "Addison Beane" to her, then Colin said, "We are ALL Beane's!"  yessir, sure are =)

When Colin went to camp with Garet and my dad this summer, he had a girl that walked with him (to keep up with him really), her name was Mary Ann.  She is probably in middle school.  Colin definitely has a little crush on her!  He talks about her all the time!  And he hasn't seen her since camp.  When I ask him about her he will say, "I like to play football with Mary Ann in the field", "Mary Ann holds my hand" (she had to hold his hand when they would walk around camp since he was the youngest there), he even specifically prays for her... it is really cute how he was taken with her so much!

It amazes me that I can now have a complete conversation with Colin.  And it makes sense.  And he will tell me stories.  They also now make sense!  A few weeks ago he told me a long story...
"When Grandmama and Papaw were here we heard some music, and we didn't know where it was coming from!  We looked everywhere, we looked in Addison's room.  Under her trash can.  And it was dark outside.  And... it was the ice cream truck!  haha"  Yes, he will laugh.  It is so cute.

Colin has a book that has stories from the bible in it... he tucked it under his arm and brought it downstairs last week.  When I saw him reading it the other day I asked him what he was reading.  He said, "My God book"  =)

I put on a pink shirt that I hadn't worn yet this summer.  Colin said, "what are you wearing?!"  I said, "It's a shirt you haven't seen before... do you like it?"  Colin, "No.  I like you in blue."

I don't remember what Colin was doing the other day, I told him, "No." and he said... "Bad idea?"  haha  I think it is hilarious when he repeats things that I have said to him before. 

We were talking about girls and boys... how Mommy is a girl and so is Addison, and Colin is a boy, then Colin said, "Daddy is a big boy!" 

I was nursing Addison and she was finished, so I was getting situated to burp her.  Colin said, "was she playing with her food?"  hahaha, ummmm... I just said "no"  =)  and he moved on.

Colin put two fingers up to his forehead randomly the other day, then told me that this is what they do at camp when they see a flag.  The boy scouts DO do this salute when they say the Pledge of Allegiance.  I was amazed that he remembered this, and that it was the first time I had heard him say it!  (camp was over 2 months ago!)

I don't remember what I was talking to Colin about but he said, "No, silly girl!"  ha! 
He will also call Addison and Suzi "lady" and "mam" which is what I will call them sometimes. 

He was talking on his fake phone to me and then he told me to "hang on" and he hit some buttons then said, "Hey Daddy!"  Like he switched over phone calls!  Amazing he knows how to do this!

I told Addison, "Sit right here your highness."  And Colin said, "I sit on my highness when I eat dinner."  It was so matter of fact.

Love love love my little man!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


 We were able to take a short vacation to the beach! I already recapped my birthday day but here is the rest of the trip:
The aquarium...
 One of Colin's favorite parts was this penny smasher machine... I didn't even put money in it!  He just liked the wheel =)
 The boys had a picnic breakfast on the pier...
 We got to go to Southport and see Garet's grandmother - it was a great visit!
In between the rain, we got to go to the beach!
We brought a wagon for Colin, which was a HUGE hit!  He had so much fun!  I am so glad we got to get back to the beach this year!
Garet and Colin got in the canoe one afternoon and tried to catch fish with their nets =)  They didn't get any, but they had fun trying!
We had blast!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My birthday adventure...

We celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday!  And boy did we make it one to remember =)  I love making memories!
Addison was a good baby and let me sleep for 7 hours... the let me sleep for 4 more after that!  We got up around 8 and had the traditional birthday donuts for breakfast.
Then we went on a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  It was so nice outside that we decided to take a boat ride to Carrot Island, which is in Beaufort right down the road.  On the way there, the clouds started coming... but we figured, let's do it anyway.
 Waiting on the boat...
Obviously, Colin was super pumped about getting on a boat!
Once on the boat, Addison made known that she did not want to be strapped in, so she got a bit of freedom until we landed on shore...
Were dropped off on the island.  Alone.  In fact, the boat captain had to put a ladder (yes, a folding ladder that you use to paint) off the side of the boat for us to climb down onto the beach.  (Imagine me with baby strapped to me climbing down a ladder).  We hiked our way through the island trees enchanted forest (as we told Colin).  We were really hoping to see some wild horses.  We did find tons of horse poop.  Colin thought this was HILARIOUS... I kept telling him not to smash the horse poop. 
Anyway... Garet was super smart and brought this little pop up tent with us... so we found a spot and put it up.  Colin filled the sides with sand so it wouldn't blow away...
Once it was up, I was going to lay Addison down in it to stretch out... I got in and BOOM, downpour.  I am talking buckets people.  So, I nixed the idea of laying Addison down, since now there was a river running through the tent.  She stayed strapped on me, and Garet and Colin squeezed in next to me and we had our lunch.  During this... the tent started leaking.  So our butts were soaked, from the river under us, and now I was trying to use a towel (thankfully I brought) to shield my precious 3 month old from the drips. 
Colin loved it.  He wanted to get out an run in it.  Go for it.  "Why not," we told him...
 Too bad the picture doesn't capture the amount of rain falling from the sky!  Colin got Garet to run around in the rain with him while I nursed Addison.  And then changed her diaper.  On my legs.  Since, as I have mentioned, I was sitting in a huge puddle.  I wasn't quite ready to laugh at the situation yet =)  Here are my boys.  Soaked, and happy!
Then just as fast as it came, the rain stopped.  We packed it up and headed out.  Oh and now the no see um bugs were attacking.  Addison was over it.  I had a towel draped around me and over her.  Colin was soaked and having a blast.  Garet was holding the folded tent, diaper bag, and cooler and leading us through the enchanted forest back to the beach where the boat was going to pick us back up. 
When we got to the beach we saw wild horses!  I had put my phone/camera away at this point, so no pictures.  Colin was seriously having the time of his life!  He was making "tracks" with his shoes and then falling on his [fully clothed] belly on the sand and rolling around. 
The boat got us, and told us we were lucky to have had the tent.  We climbed back up the ladder and quickly made it back to land.  Colin was stripped down to a diaper and we headed back to he house.
We all got showers and then cuddled a bit on the couch before naptime.
 After naps, Colin and Garet made me a yummy birthday dinner and dessert!
Garet found the only candle he could and I was sang "Happy Birthday" for probably the 6th time =)  It just gets better...
We all enjoyed the brownie and ice cream... 
After that big helping of dessert we figured Colin could get some energy out, so we suggested playing outside.  Little did we know, it was pouring down rain again!  Colin put on his "puddle splashing" shoes and headed out...
 ...with Garet...
What a great daddy!
Addison and I stayed in where it was dry. 
Once Colin got some energy out,  it was time for his bath and bed.  While Garet put him down for the night, I enjoyed the quiet... it had stopped raining, and was just beautiful...
Then Garet and I enjoyed playing with Addison before she went to sleep...

It was the perfect birthday!
A wonderful memory.  I just love to see Colin smile, and boy was he smiling!  I had such a great day!  AND Addison slept 9.5 hours that night!  Woo hoo! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

The week alone...

Well, not exactly alone, but without Garet...
Garet was gone for a week.  I was super anxious about it.  Me.  Alone.  With a toddler and an infant.  But when all was said and done, I felt great (aside from the fact that I missed my hubby!) and felt super accomplished that I did it all... (as Colin would say.)

The first couple nights I had visitors!  My best friend came by!  Here is Marsha with Colin at a park:
We had so much fun!  It was great to catch up with her, and Colin loved her.  She would do a funny accent that Colin still talks about!
My cousin Lindsay came by too!  We played in the backyard and Colin told Lindsay to fill up his pool while he "took a rest".  So, she did =)
I loved having these girls come by!  It was nice to catch up with them. 
Before Lindsay left, I got her to take a picture of me with the kids.  Most of them turned out funny, but I really liked this one:
Colin is good about holding up 2 fingers when asked how old he is, but a few weeks ago I taught him that it also meant "peace", so he gets a kick out of saying "peace" with his 2 fingers up now.  That's what we were doing =) 
After they girls left I had such a good time with my kids!  I really enjoyed being with them.  It was amazing to me to see how big Colin seemed!  He is such a helper!  Holding doors for Addison and me, running to Addison when she cried ("it's okay Addison."  "What's wrong Addison?"  "I'm right here Addison."), helping me let Suzi in and out to the bathroom, he is such a great kid!
We got to watch a spider in the window one morning.  It felt like Discovery Channel!  The spider was actually rolling up something that got caught in his web.  Eww.  But interesting.  Colin liked to watch.  Can you see the black blur above his head?
I am trying to give Addison lots of floor time, to stretch out and "play" with her toys.  This always ends up with Colin getting a car for him, and one for me, and us riding the cars around her.  Oh and this time, Addison got a car too.  Can you see Lightening McQueen beside her?  He sure loves her!  I mean, he gave her LIGHTENING, seriously folks, that's love.
Some mornings, Addison let me sleep until 7, when Colin woke up.  But other mornings she woke up at about 5 and looked like this:
Happy and wide awake =)
One afternoon we actually got to meet Garet for lunch and we stopped by a toy store to let Colin play some.
He loved the trains!  but that's no surprise.
I tried to take at least one picture a day to send to Garet.  I almost forgot one day, so I grabbed my phone at bathtime and snapped this of Colin:
I have mentioned that Addison now sucks her thumb... well this day we were playing on the mat and Colin gave her a blanket.  (the one he got her... )  and I snapped this picture of it:
It looked like she was snuggling with it =)  She was probably just trying to get her thumb in her mouth and the blanket was in the way... but whatever.
We really took advantage of the local parks.  I find that if I can get Colin outside each day before lunch, he naps better.  He just needs to get energy out!  And when we are out at a park he runs around like a crazy boy!
Addison just chills while I am watching to make sure Colin doesn't fall off the playground equipment.
I am so so so so happy Garet is home!  But I really did have a great time with the kids!  I even managed to keep the house somewhat in order =) 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three months...

I am keeping track of all the updates on Addison at the top of the blog... it is an easy way for me to click and look back on what was going on.

Guess who was three months old yesterday?!
Addison is:

- taking about 4 naps a day... one of which is usually about 3 hours.  And it's during Colin's nap, which is awesome!

- sleeping at night up to 9 hours straight.  Most nights it is about 6, but she spoils me every now and then with the longer hour stretches.
 - purring.  She has been cooing a bit, but I would call most of the noises purrs.  It is under her breath and is so so sweet!

- laughing.  Adorable! 

- found her hands and her tongue.  She sticks her tongue out all the time!  And he has started sucking her thumb.  It's nice because it sooths her to sleep most of the time.
 - looking at all the toys.  She hasn't started grabbing at them yet, but when she (accidently) hits them with her hands or feet Colin will yell, "she hit it!  She hit it!" 

- still not taking a paci... or bottle.  I will admit, I haven't been the greatest at pursuing the bottle.  Pumping is not fun.  And neither is pouring perfectly good milk down the drain.  (when she doesn't drink it out of the bottle).  I haven't given up... so we shall see.
- such a good baby.  She is a trooper!  She goes all over the place with us.  We really haven't not done things because of her... she just fits right in =)

- has been diagnosed with reflux.  Boo.  But I'm not completely convinced she has it... she was arching her back at night and was crying real big and I would have to nurse her to sleep.  But it seemed like gas to me.  Or just a demanding baby.  Either way, she seems to be better.
Wonder what she is looking at in the bottom pictures??  Here it is:
Silly boys. 
We are so in love with our little girl!