Sunday, August 25, 2013


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

These pictures were taken from our trip to Blue Skies last week.

While we were playing with Addison...
Me: She's looking at you like you are crazy!
Colin: I AM crazy Addison!

Colin knows his full name... and the other day I must have said, "Addison Beane" to her, then Colin said, "We are ALL Beane's!"  yessir, sure are =)

When Colin went to camp with Garet and my dad this summer, he had a girl that walked with him (to keep up with him really), her name was Mary Ann.  She is probably in middle school.  Colin definitely has a little crush on her!  He talks about her all the time!  And he hasn't seen her since camp.  When I ask him about her he will say, "I like to play football with Mary Ann in the field", "Mary Ann holds my hand" (she had to hold his hand when they would walk around camp since he was the youngest there), he even specifically prays for her... it is really cute how he was taken with her so much!

It amazes me that I can now have a complete conversation with Colin.  And it makes sense.  And he will tell me stories.  They also now make sense!  A few weeks ago he told me a long story...
"When Grandmama and Papaw were here we heard some music, and we didn't know where it was coming from!  We looked everywhere, we looked in Addison's room.  Under her trash can.  And it was dark outside.  And... it was the ice cream truck!  haha"  Yes, he will laugh.  It is so cute.

Colin has a book that has stories from the bible in it... he tucked it under his arm and brought it downstairs last week.  When I saw him reading it the other day I asked him what he was reading.  He said, "My God book"  =)

I put on a pink shirt that I hadn't worn yet this summer.  Colin said, "what are you wearing?!"  I said, "It's a shirt you haven't seen before... do you like it?"  Colin, "No.  I like you in blue."

I don't remember what Colin was doing the other day, I told him, "No." and he said... "Bad idea?"  haha  I think it is hilarious when he repeats things that I have said to him before. 

We were talking about girls and boys... how Mommy is a girl and so is Addison, and Colin is a boy, then Colin said, "Daddy is a big boy!" 

I was nursing Addison and she was finished, so I was getting situated to burp her.  Colin said, "was she playing with her food?"  hahaha, ummmm... I just said "no"  =)  and he moved on.

Colin put two fingers up to his forehead randomly the other day, then told me that this is what they do at camp when they see a flag.  The boy scouts DO do this salute when they say the Pledge of Allegiance.  I was amazed that he remembered this, and that it was the first time I had heard him say it!  (camp was over 2 months ago!)

I don't remember what I was talking to Colin about but he said, "No, silly girl!"  ha! 
He will also call Addison and Suzi "lady" and "mam" which is what I will call them sometimes. 

He was talking on his fake phone to me and then he told me to "hang on" and he hit some buttons then said, "Hey Daddy!"  Like he switched over phone calls!  Amazing he knows how to do this!

I told Addison, "Sit right here your highness."  And Colin said, "I sit on my highness when I eat dinner."  It was so matter of fact.

Love love love my little man!

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Rob Yingling said...

Hi, I am Rob Yingling, Marianne's Dad. Marianne is so pleased that Colin still thinks of her and she is looking forward to the the next time she will be able to play football and hold his hand again, probably at the next cub scout day camp. Please tell Colin Marianne says hello and is thinking about and praying for him too. She just started middle school and it is going very well.