Monday, August 12, 2013

The week alone...

Well, not exactly alone, but without Garet...
Garet was gone for a week.  I was super anxious about it.  Me.  Alone.  With a toddler and an infant.  But when all was said and done, I felt great (aside from the fact that I missed my hubby!) and felt super accomplished that I did it all... (as Colin would say.)

The first couple nights I had visitors!  My best friend came by!  Here is Marsha with Colin at a park:
We had so much fun!  It was great to catch up with her, and Colin loved her.  She would do a funny accent that Colin still talks about!
My cousin Lindsay came by too!  We played in the backyard and Colin told Lindsay to fill up his pool while he "took a rest".  So, she did =)
I loved having these girls come by!  It was nice to catch up with them. 
Before Lindsay left, I got her to take a picture of me with the kids.  Most of them turned out funny, but I really liked this one:
Colin is good about holding up 2 fingers when asked how old he is, but a few weeks ago I taught him that it also meant "peace", so he gets a kick out of saying "peace" with his 2 fingers up now.  That's what we were doing =) 
After they girls left I had such a good time with my kids!  I really enjoyed being with them.  It was amazing to me to see how big Colin seemed!  He is such a helper!  Holding doors for Addison and me, running to Addison when she cried ("it's okay Addison."  "What's wrong Addison?"  "I'm right here Addison."), helping me let Suzi in and out to the bathroom, he is such a great kid!
We got to watch a spider in the window one morning.  It felt like Discovery Channel!  The spider was actually rolling up something that got caught in his web.  Eww.  But interesting.  Colin liked to watch.  Can you see the black blur above his head?
I am trying to give Addison lots of floor time, to stretch out and "play" with her toys.  This always ends up with Colin getting a car for him, and one for me, and us riding the cars around her.  Oh and this time, Addison got a car too.  Can you see Lightening McQueen beside her?  He sure loves her!  I mean, he gave her LIGHTENING, seriously folks, that's love.
Some mornings, Addison let me sleep until 7, when Colin woke up.  But other mornings she woke up at about 5 and looked like this:
Happy and wide awake =)
One afternoon we actually got to meet Garet for lunch and we stopped by a toy store to let Colin play some.
He loved the trains!  but that's no surprise.
I tried to take at least one picture a day to send to Garet.  I almost forgot one day, so I grabbed my phone at bathtime and snapped this of Colin:
I have mentioned that Addison now sucks her thumb... well this day we were playing on the mat and Colin gave her a blanket.  (the one he got her... )  and I snapped this picture of it:
It looked like she was snuggling with it =)  She was probably just trying to get her thumb in her mouth and the blanket was in the way... but whatever.
We really took advantage of the local parks.  I find that if I can get Colin outside each day before lunch, he naps better.  He just needs to get energy out!  And when we are out at a park he runs around like a crazy boy!
Addison just chills while I am watching to make sure Colin doesn't fall off the playground equipment.
I am so so so so happy Garet is home!  But I really did have a great time with the kids!  I even managed to keep the house somewhat in order =) 

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L Davis said...

You survived!!! I'm so glad Marsha and Lindsay were able to come and hang out with yall! Some good girl time! And the rest of the time went by great. You're a great mom!