Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bath time...

Well, today I decided to give the pup a bath...

It was so pretty today! We were "flirting with 70 degrees outside"! (per the weatherguy) Suzi was due for a bath - so I figured today would be a good day. I got everything prepared... soap, towels, water, and... my hairdryer. Suzi LOVES the hairdryer - so after we hand dry her with towels, we use the hairdryer. I have to move my car so that I can use the plug in the garage to dry her.

Things were going well, she was all bathed, and mostly dry. I figured that I'd just put her in the backyard while she finished drying. Then I went to pull my car back into the garage and I hear a crunch... my hairdryer...

Yep, I ran over my hairdryer.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Afternoon hike...

After church this past Sunday, Garet and I went with some friends to hike on Monte Sano Mountain. Here we are on our way :) (notice I was the one taking the picture and not Garet? go me!)
It was such a pretty day! It was just really cold! They brought their dog Ray, he is such a cutie!! People we passed would say "Marley!" Here we are after we made it to the top

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wanna go for a ride...

Usually during work days Suzi is fine at home from the time we leave until the time we get home from work, but if we have to do something after work one of us will swing by on our lunch break to let her outside. Today is one of those days...

So I run home on my lunch break to let the dog out. When she came back inside, she ran and sat by the door to our garage. Strange... I figured, maybe she thinks Garet is out there?? So I open the door to let her see that, in fact, there was no one in our garage. Suzi runs into the garage and proceeds to sit by my car door... I opened the door to see what she would do, and she jumped right in! ...and she would not get out! haha Poor dog is trying to tell me she wants to get out and go for a ride!

Even when I tried to fake her out (by running inside - thinking she would get excited and run after me) she still didn't budge from the backseat! Too funny, I had to snap a picture!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wonderful weather...

Yay, it's the weekend!! Today was beautiful! I thought we were supposed to get rain today, but boy were the weather people wrong! (not that that is unusual)

Garet had to work this morning, then he had a meeting tonight - so it was just us girls for the most part of today. I started the morning off like any other Saturday... cleaning... Does anyone else do this? It seems to be the only day that I actually have time!

Anyway, then I got Suzi's favorite toy back out. Since she has been sick we have been hiding it from her. I figured it had been long enough so I let her play with it for awhile. When I looked out to the backyard, I say this...
(nose smudges courtesy of Suzi, please excuse them!)

So I grabbed my book and my water and headed out. It was sooo nice! A little windy, but when you are sitting in the sun it wasn't too bad. There wasn't a cloud in the sky! See...
I love days like this! I am so ready for spring!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Isn't today supposed to be a holiday????
It seems like for the rest of the world it is. But here I am at work. Just like a normal Monday.

My sweet hubby had the day off. He went on a hike with a friend and he was nice enough to send me this picture from his phone... I don't think he was trying to rub it in =)
Looks so pretty, wish I was there...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day...

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday!

That morning we actually slept in! (well if you consider 7:30 sleeping in) We got some fun stuff out of the way too - like straighting the house and going grocery shopping! Garet and I had talked about it and decided that we didn't want to have to get in the crowd of people that were going out for dinner last night, so we went to a nice lunch instead. There is a little cafe down the street, it was good food and no wait!

After lunch I got a crock pot meal cookin' so that would be ready for us to have last night for dinner. I LOVE my crock pot! Then we went to the movies. We saw Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven't seen it, you should! It was really good!!

Our dinner was all ready when we got home, and boy was it good! Oh and Garet got me a gift card to Terrame Spa! I am soo excited! I'll have to figure out what I am going to go get!

Well we are headed out for a walk!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Suzi's new do...

So... good news for Suzi! Seems she has a sort of bronchitis/asthma. We drove to Birmingham and they did another x-ray, then they did an ultrasound (hence the shaved area on her side). He was going to do another procedure on her, but in the end didn't feel it was necessary. We got some pills and are hoping they start kicking in soon!

Now we are all back home, and are all tired. Back to work tomorrow...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Afternoon hike...

Today was another beautiful day! Garet and I decided to go on a hike at the Land Trust. We've done this hike many times - but every time it is so neat to look down and see our neighborhood. We could even see people walking down the street and cars driving around. It's a nice little hike getting to the top! Here we are at one of the overlooks.

Here is Garet walking to another overlook.

There were a lot of people that had the same idea that we did. We passed a lot of people on the way up, and the way down, but at the top we had some peaceful moments where it was just the two of us.

I am still playing around with my photoshop :)

It was good to get out on a hike! Tonight Garet grilled some chicken for us, and it was delicious! Now we are just relaxing before our big day tomorrow...
Suzi is going to the specialist tomorrow. I have to say I am really anxious. I am trying not to worry, I know that God has a plan - I just want her to be fixed. Keep all of us in your prayers tomorrow. She is obviously sick, so I just hope they find out what is wrong with her, and give us some medicine to fix it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


What a beautiful day it was today! After Garet and I woke up this morning we went on a long walk around the neighborhood. Suzi wasn't able to go with us because she was sick... so sad! She LOVES walks! She loves them so much that we can't even say "walk" around her... we have to say "w".

When we got back we sat out in the backyard with her for awhile. We got out her favorite purple ball, so she kicked that around some.

It was so pretty out! I am definitely ready for some warm weather! I even got a little sunburned! That just goes to show how little of the sun I see! It was around 9 in the morning when we were sitting outside! I thought living in the Islands would give me a perma-tan, boy was I wrong!

Now it's off to the grocery store for me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I don't have much to talk about, just going to do a short update on things.

On Monday, Garet surprised me and took me out to dinner. There is a new restaurant that opened right down the street from us, it's called Santa Fe - it's a chain so you may have heard of it. The food was really good!

We [well probably more me than G] have been consumed with thinking about Suzi. I am seriously obsessed with that dog! :) The vet called on Tuesday with her test results, and it is NOT the fungal disease like they thought - so they referred us to a specialist in Birmingham. We have an appointment on Monday. We are hoping it is just some type of bacterial infection that just got out of control - that is treatable. Keep praying for her (and us!!)

I went home for lunch today and she is just a ball of energy! We have tried to keep her mellow so she doesn't start coughing. Well, yesterday the vet gave us some meds to help with her cough, and they must be working! She just wanted to RUN!! It was nice to see that spunk back!

Here at work we are gearing up for The Building, Home and Remodeling Show. If you are in Huntsville, you should definitely put that on your calender! (March 6-8) Especially if you have plans to do anything with your home in the near future. We have a lot of neat companies participating this year.

Garet is still enjoying his job. We haven't talked anymore about a move - yet anyway. He is getting to know everyone out in that area.

Guess that's about it for this week. We really don't have plans for the weekend. I am hoping it is pretty like it was last Sunday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The weekend...

What a great weekend we had! On Saturday night we went to a banquet here in Huntsville. It was for the district that Garet used to work for. It was so nice! There were probably about 200 people there - everyone got to say "Bye" to Garet. They even recognized Garet and the guy he worked with. It is really touching to see how much they appreciated Garet with the short amount of time he was there. Here is a picture of Garet at the front of the room:

Sunday was beautiful!! The high was about 60 - bright and sunny! It got me ready for spring :) Garet got his bike out and even got to wear shorts!

While Garet was out on his bike, Suzi and I hung out in the backyard. She is still sick. When she gets really excited she starts coughing - so I tried to get her outside and in the fresh air without having her running around. It is harder than it sounds! We couldn't just sit inside on such a beautiful day!
Sunday night we watched the Superbowl of course! What a great game! I really didn't have a favorite team, I just wanted to see a good game.

Today was the start of another crazy week.