Thursday, February 5, 2009


I don't have much to talk about, just going to do a short update on things.

On Monday, Garet surprised me and took me out to dinner. There is a new restaurant that opened right down the street from us, it's called Santa Fe - it's a chain so you may have heard of it. The food was really good!

We [well probably more me than G] have been consumed with thinking about Suzi. I am seriously obsessed with that dog! :) The vet called on Tuesday with her test results, and it is NOT the fungal disease like they thought - so they referred us to a specialist in Birmingham. We have an appointment on Monday. We are hoping it is just some type of bacterial infection that just got out of control - that is treatable. Keep praying for her (and us!!)

I went home for lunch today and she is just a ball of energy! We have tried to keep her mellow so she doesn't start coughing. Well, yesterday the vet gave us some meds to help with her cough, and they must be working! She just wanted to RUN!! It was nice to see that spunk back!

Here at work we are gearing up for The Building, Home and Remodeling Show. If you are in Huntsville, you should definitely put that on your calender! (March 6-8) Especially if you have plans to do anything with your home in the near future. We have a lot of neat companies participating this year.

Garet is still enjoying his job. We haven't talked anymore about a move - yet anyway. He is getting to know everyone out in that area.

Guess that's about it for this week. We really don't have plans for the weekend. I am hoping it is pretty like it was last Sunday!

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