Thursday, May 28, 2009


When we got home from Charlotte my hydrangea's were blooming!
I love them!!! I used blue hydrangea's in our wedding, and we had blue hydrangea's at our house in Wilmington - but I am loving the pink!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Today my dad is leaving for Africa! He is going on a mission trip for two weeks. There is a team of about 12 or so going - some will do Medical, some will do Water Purification, and some will do evangelism. Please keep him and his team in your prayers!

The wedding...

Marsha's wedding was wonderful! We had such a great time! It started on Friday with the Bridal luncheon. We had a beautiful lunch on the balcony out at Ballantyne Resort. Here is Marsha and me on the balcony
Also, on Friday Garet rode up to Raleigh to see his new niece! He got to stay the night up there and visit with a couple of his sisters. That night I took my mom with me to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. -Some background info: Marsha is now a vet, Skip (her now husband) is a vet, 3 of the bridesmaids were vets, and 2 of the groomsmen were vets! Half of all of those are large animal vets (including Marsha and Skip). Horses have been part of there lives since they were born... so the grooms cake was very fitting!
Wedding day went very smooth! Marsha was a great bride :) Here we are after getting dressed.
Garet, dad, and my brother
Here is all of us girls!
Garet and I, right after the wedding. We were about to go to the reception.
I don't have too many of the reception, but here we are getting our dance on!

Now, we are about to pack up and head back down south!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outta here...

We are headed to Charlotte tomorrow afternoon! I am so excited! One of my BEST friends is getting married on Saturday!!

I have known Marsha since we were 5 years old! We met in kindergarten. She didn't know how to tie shoes, so every time of of her shoes came untied it was Kelly to the rescue :) We have seriously been through everything together! We were inseparable, until college when we went to separate ones. I love her like she was a sister!!! I am soo happy for her! She also just graduated from N.C. State University as a veterinarian - so now she's Dr. Marsha! You go girl!

I am excited to see my family too! AND I am getting my hair cut! It is in desperate need! Don't expect too much, I am too chicken to chop it off! My brothers girlfriend, Kailey, is going to do it! Awesome!!

Now I just have to pack!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music and movies...

So far we have had a great weekend! On Friday night Garet got free tickets, so we went to see Randy Travis! It was a benefit for the Huntsville Hospital. These pictures aren't too great because it was so dark in there!
During the concert they brought out a random couple and said they had won a contest to meet Randy Travis. Once they were out there the guy proposed! Too cute!
Garet and I don't really know many of his songs - but it was a nice night out. He is pretty entertaining in between songs. He kept telling jokes.
Today, for the most part, was a pretty day! Garet and I bathed Suzi. Then we decided to give her a test drive in the back of the Trail Blazer. We are headed to Charlotte this week - so we wanted to make sure she was okay back there. I think she loved having the extra room :)
I also had time to save a life today!
It was a turtle's life - but still a life! He could have gotten smashed!
This evening we went to the movies. We had a gift card (from my boss) so we went to see Angels and Demons. It was pretty good - I enjoyed the book so I kinda knew what was going to happen. It was a nice date - we even got popcorn!
Now it has started raining (again!!) Good night to curl up on the couch!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, I am getting a promotion at work! It is official now!

I have known for awhile, but just wanted to wait until things were set in place (like my raise!! yay!) before I wrote about it. So this week my boss talked to me about it. The lady that had this position is retiring at the end of June, so I will be taking over. I will be the head financial coordinator (right now I am the assistant). Until then I am in TRAINING mode! Talk about information overload! But I am excited!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The weekend...

This weekend went by too fast!! On Friday I hung out with my neighbor for a bit. And Garet and I went out to dinner. Saturday, guess what? It rained. and rained. and rained. I know I shouldn't complain, because I know last year we were in a drought, but it has rained for like 2 weeks straight!

Garet and I had a pretty lazy morning. Which was wonderful! We eventually got the house straightened, the laundry done, and got groceries. That night we went to dinner and a movie with another couple. We went and saw The Soloist. It was pretty good - I really like watching movies that are based on real life.

Sunday, yesterday, we went to church, and when we came out, guess what? it was raining. I feel like our poor yard has been so neglected because we can't get outside long enough to get anything accomplished! Garet started mowing the grass Saturday morning, he got the front yard (which is what really counts!) and then got halfway through the backyard and it started pouring down rain! So now our backyard has a "high-top fade" as Garet puts it.

So, we were sitting around after lunch on Sunday and Garet suggested that we go look at cars. We've talked about upgrading to a SUV of somesort in the future. Mainly for when we have kids - can you imagine a child and Suzi in the backseat of a car?! No thank you. We set off to "look". Well, we we found something we liked and they just wouldn't let us leave without it... so look what we got:
It is a 2004 Trailblazer. We are so excited about it! We got rid of our little Saturn! yay! They just made us an offer we couldn't refuse! We won't know what to do on our road trips with all this room! We'll see how that feels soon, next week we leave for Charlotte for a few days! I can't wait!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Katrina Rose!
She was born this past Thursday around 5:00 p.m., 7 lbs 1 oz. She was born on her due date! Including Katrina, Garet and I now have 12 nieces and nephews! We really should move closer so we can see them all more!!! :) Congratulations Merideth and Clay! Hopefully we can meet her soon!

Friday, May 8, 2009



This picture was taken at Christmas - we were in my dad and Garet's new hats!

Today is my mom's birthday! Wish I could be there - but at least I'll be in town in a couple weeks! We'll have to re- celebrate :) I love you mom!!! Hope you have a great birthday!!

On another note, my sister in law had a baby girl yesterday afternoon!

Monday, May 4, 2009


On Saturday I actually did get home in time to see the Kentucky Derby! After I got out of the closet (once we were out of the tornado watch)! It was an AWESOME race! I don't know how many of you like watching horse races, but seriously it was a good one! Mine That Bird won - he was in LAST place and came back to win by a long shot! It was the second biggest upset in Derby history! He was 50-1 odds - which is crazy!! When they bought him, he only cost $9,500.00!!! No telling how much he is worth now, although he is a gelding so he won't be making any babies... so maybe he won't be worth so much...

Okay, obviously I was really excited about this race :) I just love listening to all the stories behind the horses and their owners. So many of these owners and trainers are just regular people who just happened to get this great horse in the Derby. You can't help but get excited when the announcer starts rambling all the names of the horses as they are going around the track!

Hopefully we'll have a Triple Crown winner this year!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy weekend...

What a pretty weekend we've had...
KIDDING! It has been raining NON STOP! I am soo sick of it! Yesterday I went to a baby shower, right before everyone left, the skies opened and it started pouring again. I made it home and as soon as I walked in the door Garet called me. He was at Walmart doing some shopping. He said that Walmart had just made an announcement for everyone to get to the middle of the store because we are in a tornado warning!! hahaha So poor Garet was stuck with a bunch of random people in the women's stocking aisle in Walmart for about 30 minutes! Suzi and I took cover in the closet.

Also yesterday I made some cinnamon bread! It turned out really good - the only problem is that my bread doesn't rise as much as I think it should. What makes it rise? I know I left it sitting long enough...

Today, after we got home from church, I saw this guy...
He was just hanging out on our patio table outside. Garet and I are going a little stir crazy being inside. We took a trip to Target a little bit ago - mainly just to get out of the house. There was a break in the rain when we left. We walked around the whole store and by the time we left, it was pouring down rain again! We just ran to the car - and got soaked in the process. Well it's time for dinner... hopefully the rain will stop soon!!!

Here is a picture I took of Suzi. Can't you just hear her saying, "Mom stop taking pictures of me!" :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dinner and Derby...

So last night was Garet's big fundraiser dinner for his work. Senetor Jeff Sessions spoke and there were quite a few people there! I know it was a big stress for Garet - just getting it all organized and people invited. It turned out GREAT! I drove out there (to Decatur... likle 45 minutes away) and it was POURING down rain! We were having a huge thunderstorm. I really could hardly see in front of me! I was praying the whole time! I'm not even kidding! So, despite the bad weather there was a great turnout. Today Garet is relaxing, now that the dinner is over :) I know he is glad. They even made the front paper in Decatur!

This afternoon the Kentucky Derby is on!! I love horses, and I really enjoy watching the races! Garet and I went to the Preakness a few years ago. It is amazing how many people go! We had a lot of fun! I am going to a baby shower, but hopefully I'll make it back so I can see who wins! I got to figure out which horse I am going to pull for!!

Four years ago...

Four years ago yesterday (May 1) Garet and I arrived back to the states after living in paradise. I cannot believe it has been FOUR whole years since St. John!!! Sometimes it feels like yesterday, others it feels like it never happened. We took a cruise back - it ended up being cheaper! Go figure! So technically we left the island around April 24ish.

Oh how I miss that place!
The palms...
The views...
The hikes...
The donkeys...
The people...
The weather, the beaches, the laid-backness, the atmosphere...
Okay I had to reminisce....
Now I'm done :)