Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dinner and Derby...

So last night was Garet's big fundraiser dinner for his work. Senetor Jeff Sessions spoke and there were quite a few people there! I know it was a big stress for Garet - just getting it all organized and people invited. It turned out GREAT! I drove out there (to Decatur... likle 45 minutes away) and it was POURING down rain! We were having a huge thunderstorm. I really could hardly see in front of me! I was praying the whole time! I'm not even kidding! So, despite the bad weather there was a great turnout. Today Garet is relaxing, now that the dinner is over :) I know he is glad. They even made the front paper in Decatur!

This afternoon the Kentucky Derby is on!! I love horses, and I really enjoy watching the races! Garet and I went to the Preakness a few years ago. It is amazing how many people go! We had a lot of fun! I am going to a baby shower, but hopefully I'll make it back so I can see who wins! I got to figure out which horse I am going to pull for!!

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