Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A gift...

Of course we had to buy Suzi a gift from St. John!
It's a collar! How cute is that?! I know she isn't technically an "Island Dog" but the fact that her parents have lived there, and go about once a year, she can be in that category :)

AND we bought our first baby purchase! A onesie! Sorry I haven't taken a picture of it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St. John (part 2)...

The first day we were on the beach, I got burned... on my feet. Both of them. And to make it worse, you could see where I stopped applying sunscreen. So, it looked like I had red socks on. After that, I did pretty well with the sunscreen! I got a little red on my shoulders, but that was it.

We took my parents out to Coral Bay (on the other side of the island) to show them where we used to live. This is us in front of Hurricane Hole (in Coral Bay).
Before we knew it, it was my parents last day! We did some shopping, went to the beach, and went out for a wonderful dinner! The next morning we got up, went to breakfast, then dropped them off at the ferry.
It was sooo much fun showing them around!! I wish it could have lasted longer!
Here is Cruz Bay, right next to the ferry dock. There were sooo many sailboats! I wish I could have just jumped on one of them!
Bye parents! After we left them, we went back to the condo and jumped in the pool. I had decided to take it easy that day (since I was getting red shoulders), so we didn't do too much.
There are so many great hikes on St. John! When we lived there we tried to do as many as we could! Well, I am just starting to get my energy back (yay second trimester!!), so I wasn't sure I was up for a big hike. We decided to hike up to Peace Hill, it isn't too long.
Although, it is pretty steep. I was actually going to suggest that we take a break and then G said, "Oh look, we're at the top." Thank goodness :)
At the top, not only is there beautiful overlooks on both sides, but there is a Sugar Mill ruin. These are all over the island, but this is one that has remained in really good shape!
Usually you can go inside, but as you can see there was already something inside! Here's a closer look...
How CUTE! There were 3 of them. Donkeys are all over the island, so it wasn't a surprise to see them. They were trying to stay cool, and inside out of the sun. I wanted so bad to go up and pet them, but I was a little hesitant that they may freak out, so I didn't risk it. I did get tons of pictures though!
There are a lot of beaches that require a little walking to get too also. Because of this, most of them aren't crowded. We took advantage and walked down to Dennis Bay.
We had SOOO much fun! But once we were home, it really was good to be back.
Not to mention how uncomfortable, and LONG the ferry/taxi/plane/drive home was. I won't even go into it all - I'll just say, we took the 12:00 (noon) ferry and we didn't arrive to our house until 12:45 a.m. But the welcome we got by Suzi made the travel all worth it :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

St. John (part 1)...

(I have lots of pictures - don't worry I won't post them all :) - so I split up my posts into two parts).

We left Huntsville on Friday night, stayed the night in a hotel, then flew out Saturday morning out of Atlanta. When we arrived in the Virgin Islands, we had perfect weather!! We were greeted by a couple of our friends there that treated us to a late lunch, and gave us the car we were driving that week. Then we got settled in the condo... here is a picture from the balcony.

It was sooo wonderful! We checked out everything, and got all situated, then headed to the beach!

My parents came down for a few days too! They have never been to St. John so it was really fun to show them around! They got there on Sunday.

(I loved playing with all the settings on my camera, by the way!)
The weather couldn't have been better for us! It was a little breezy, so we never got too hot laying out. We went to a different beach every day. Here is Garet at Hawksnest.
I am not a fan of snorkeling. I get claustrophobic. But Garet and my dad did a lot! They saw tons of stuff too! Almost as soon as my dad got in he saw a big turtle swim by!
When Garet and I lived here, one of our favorite past times on the beach was to watch snorkelers put their fins on while they were on the beach. Then they would try to walk into the ocean... it was hilarious! (Note: if you ever go snorkeling, either put your fins on in the water, OR walk backwards into the water so no one laughs at you) I didn't tell my dad this...
We got a good laugh :)
At night we had some really good meals! I think we saw most of our friends that were still left on the island. In fact, one of the bartenders got my mom to take a shot!! (actually she took three!) I couldn't believe it!
It seems like the time flew by! and it was so nice to finally show my parents in person what we have been talking about for years :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Island bound...

Well, we are off to the beautiful St. John! I am SOOOO ready to be there! The downfall? I have to leave my sweet, [spoiled], loving, [spoiled], wonderful, [spoiled], cute, [spoiled], not spoiled, [spoiled] pup behind. Until Baby Beane gets here she is my baby! I mean just look at how cute...
She comes a'runnin' when she hears the papertowel roll being switched out! ADORABLE!

So I have recruited some good friends here that are going to watch after her. That definitely eases my mind! I just worry, of course :) Poor little Suzi has no idea that her parents are about to leave her for a week!

"Huh? you're leaving? and you aren't taking ME??"
Oh so sad.

BUT I am so ready for a vacation!!!
I'm sure I'll have tons of pictures when we get back :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

13 weeks...

Okay, okay.... so I am getting requests for a belly picture. There really isn't anything to show yet, but here ya go...
I sure feel like I have grown! After G took the picture and I looked at it I was a little disappointed that it doesn't show how big I feel! haha Everything is going great so far! I am feeling a lot better too! Not so tired anymore, yay!
I can't believe I am in my last week of the first trimester! I know that a lot of our friends and all of our families don't live here, so I'll try to be good about updating with pictures! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

80's night...

What a busy weekend!! On Friday night Garet and I went to an 80's party! Our Sunday school class tries to get together once a month for a social... this month was bringing back the 80's! It was a blast! I only got a couple pics of us before we left. I knew there would be plenty of other cameras while we were there. And yes, I did crimp my hair! It was so much fun to reminisce about the 80's fashions and music!

After church today I went to a baby shower. When I got home, my poor husband was laying on the couch... sick. There has been a horrible stomach bug going around here. My poor hubby!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


(this is going to be random... just a warning)

Well I have been really slack with blogging - but honestly it's because there really haven't been much going on to blog about. I know many people ask if I am taking belly pictures, and yes I am but you can't really see too much right now. I will post some pics of it, I promise - I know that most people that read the blog aren't here and want to see how things are progressing :)

I have been super busy with work. I had to work most of last weekend, so I am getting tomorrow off, which I am SUPER excited about! Garet has been really busy too - we are both ready for a vacation!!

Speaking of vacation... we are leaving in a little over a week to head back to the wonderful St. John! We can't wait!! I am ready to start packing! (I'm not kidding, I really might start this weekend - is that crazy?) It will be so nice to get some time away and relax! Oh - and we are taking my parents! They've never been, so it will be fun to show them around!

Today I am 12 weeks. On one hand it seems like, wow I am already 12 weeks! On the other it seems like, man I am only 12 weeks! I have been feeling good though. Just tired, but hopefully that will get better in the next week or two. I go back for an appointment next week.

The weather was finally nice last weekend! On Sunday we were able to get out on a long walk - it was perfect! And boy did Suzi appreciate it! This week, however, has been raining and gross. I can't wait until Spring!

Well, I better get back to work...

Monday, March 1, 2010


What a wonderful weekend! My mom and aunt came to visit! They got in Friday morning (luckily I got the day off work!) We drove all around - my mom has been here before, but my aunt hasn't, so I had to show her around! She actually introduced me to consignment shops too! I have to say, I don't think I have ever been in one... but wow they have some awesome kids clothes for really good prices! That will come in handy later :)

Garet had to work a lot this weekend, so he caught up with us when he could. We did enjoy a nice dinner out on Saturday. It was just so great to be able to hang out! We had to drop them off at the airport last night... so sad... but hopefully it won't too long before I see family again!

Sunday after church, Garet and I went out and bought a NICE new camera! I am SO super excited about it! I have been wanting it for a long time now, so we finally took the plunge! Of course, right now Suzi is my main subject :)
I can't wait to learn all the features!
This week is going to be insanely busy at work... we are gearing up for our Building, Home and Remodeling Show. If you are in town come see me this weekend :)