Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St. John (part 2)...

The first day we were on the beach, I got burned... on my feet. Both of them. And to make it worse, you could see where I stopped applying sunscreen. So, it looked like I had red socks on. After that, I did pretty well with the sunscreen! I got a little red on my shoulders, but that was it.

We took my parents out to Coral Bay (on the other side of the island) to show them where we used to live. This is us in front of Hurricane Hole (in Coral Bay).
Before we knew it, it was my parents last day! We did some shopping, went to the beach, and went out for a wonderful dinner! The next morning we got up, went to breakfast, then dropped them off at the ferry.
It was sooo much fun showing them around!! I wish it could have lasted longer!
Here is Cruz Bay, right next to the ferry dock. There were sooo many sailboats! I wish I could have just jumped on one of them!
Bye parents! After we left them, we went back to the condo and jumped in the pool. I had decided to take it easy that day (since I was getting red shoulders), so we didn't do too much.
There are so many great hikes on St. John! When we lived there we tried to do as many as we could! Well, I am just starting to get my energy back (yay second trimester!!), so I wasn't sure I was up for a big hike. We decided to hike up to Peace Hill, it isn't too long.
Although, it is pretty steep. I was actually going to suggest that we take a break and then G said, "Oh look, we're at the top." Thank goodness :)
At the top, not only is there beautiful overlooks on both sides, but there is a Sugar Mill ruin. These are all over the island, but this is one that has remained in really good shape!
Usually you can go inside, but as you can see there was already something inside! Here's a closer look...
How CUTE! There were 3 of them. Donkeys are all over the island, so it wasn't a surprise to see them. They were trying to stay cool, and inside out of the sun. I wanted so bad to go up and pet them, but I was a little hesitant that they may freak out, so I didn't risk it. I did get tons of pictures though!
There are a lot of beaches that require a little walking to get too also. Because of this, most of them aren't crowded. We took advantage and walked down to Dennis Bay.
We had SOOO much fun! But once we were home, it really was good to be back.
Not to mention how uncomfortable, and LONG the ferry/taxi/plane/drive home was. I won't even go into it all - I'll just say, we took the 12:00 (noon) ferry and we didn't arrive to our house until 12:45 a.m. But the welcome we got by Suzi made the travel all worth it :)

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