Monday, March 1, 2010


What a wonderful weekend! My mom and aunt came to visit! They got in Friday morning (luckily I got the day off work!) We drove all around - my mom has been here before, but my aunt hasn't, so I had to show her around! She actually introduced me to consignment shops too! I have to say, I don't think I have ever been in one... but wow they have some awesome kids clothes for really good prices! That will come in handy later :)

Garet had to work a lot this weekend, so he caught up with us when he could. We did enjoy a nice dinner out on Saturday. It was just so great to be able to hang out! We had to drop them off at the airport last night... so sad... but hopefully it won't too long before I see family again!

Sunday after church, Garet and I went out and bought a NICE new camera! I am SO super excited about it! I have been wanting it for a long time now, so we finally took the plunge! Of course, right now Suzi is my main subject :)
I can't wait to learn all the features!
This week is going to be insanely busy at work... we are gearing up for our Building, Home and Remodeling Show. If you are in town come see me this weekend :)

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Amanda said...

What camera did you get??? Did you end up getting an SLR?