Monday, February 22, 2010

Warm weekend...

We FINALLY got to enjoy being outside this weekend! It got up almost to 70* and I LOVED it! I am soo ready for spring and summer and warm, sunny weather!

On Friday night I went with Garet to a banquet he had for work. Then on Saturday we cleaned the house, and by the time lunch rolled around I was exhausted! I'm telling you, that is really my only symptom (trust me I am not complaining!) So I really just laid around the rest of the day!

Yesterday, after church, Garet had to go into work so Suzi and I took advantage of the warm weather! I grabbed by book and hung out on our lounge chair in the backyard. When Suzi is inside she can't wait to get outside, but once she's out, she does this...
... stares at the backdoor to be let back inside. Although, if I open the door she won't go since I am out. Weird I tell ya.

Anyway, it was a wonderful, relaxing, WARM weekend! Too bad they are calling for flurries again on Wednesday! But it looks like next weekend will be nice too... and my mom and aunt are coming to visit! YAY!

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The Melton's said...

I love the baby count down! Each day is one day closer to his/her arrival!!