Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick of the weather...

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written on here!

We haven't really done anything lately. The weather has been cold - rainy - sleeting - snowy - just no fun! I can't wait till Spring! My work let out early a couple weeks ago because of the ice - I think Garet and I spent that day by the fire :)

Today it was sleeting on my way to work this morning, then turned to snow, and then the sun came out and everything melted. ugh.

We have really been just hanging low the past few weeks. We've met up with a few friends for dinners, we've watched a few movies, we've done some shopping, and some playing...
Suzi is OBSESSED with the paper towel roll! She can hear when we switch out the empty one and replace it, and she waits patiently for us to throw it to her. She is getting talented and started running with two toys :)

Speaking of obsessed... Garet has discovered how to buy old school games on Wii. And he has learned how to play Mario Kart against his nieces and nephews (them at their house and us at ours). It actually is pretty neat. I tried to play the other day, but I'm horrible! I just enjoy seeing him having so much fun trying to beat the kids!

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