Sunday, August 30, 2009


Saturday morning Garet ran in a 5K race. The race was out in Decatur, so it took us about 45 minutes to get there. He had to be there at 8, so it was an early Saturday morning for us! Here is all the runners lined up ready to go!
There goes Garet - I almost missed him! There was about 300 people running (or at least that's what someone told me).
Here he is all finished. He has a 10K he is running in next month.
We really didn't do too much more this weekend. It was nice :) Sometimes you just need some weekends where you have nothing planned!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just playing...

Well I haven't been on here in awhile. We really haven't had too much going on. Last weekend was awesome! The weather felt like Fall! It was amazing - on Saturday night we were at a friends house and I even had to grab a blanket while we were sitting outside!

Garet has been busy with work - he has to do school nights to recruit kids. They had scooters to let the kids play with to keep them entertained. Garet and I had to try them out first...
Yep, they work great!

We really don't have too much planned this weekend either. I can't wait! So, when Garet has to work late, if I don't have anything else to do I play around on Photoshop. Here is some pictures I have recently "played" with.

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy night...

Garet is working late tonight - so I decided to bake! I made banana bread and it was so good! I love baking - especially on a rainy night like tonight. The house smells sooo good, and while the bread is cookin I can curl up on the couch!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!! I have been battling a cold this week, so the work day has felt like it is dragging on. I have a cough with this cold - and let me just tell you... it really freaks out my dog. As you know, Suzi is a little crazy :) She really gets weird when people cough. I don't know why, and I don't know what started it, but when someone coughs she will run to Garet (or me if Garet isn't around) and sit behind us. Then she will refuse to go near that person. So, when it is me that's coughing she is Garet's shadow! If Garet isn't home (like tonight) she will sit in the furthest part of the house. Right now she is in our bathroom. If I really get worked up coughing, she will come slowly walking up to me and give me a lick then slowly walk away.

Weird I tell ya!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too long...

It's been WAY too long! FIVE years ago today, Garet and I left for a huge adventure! We went to live on St. John, USVI. I cannot believe it has been 5 years ago!!

Just let me reminisce for a moment...

I don't even know what the heck my parents were thinking as they dropped us off at the airport! :) We had about 5 enormous duffel bags (seriously - they looked like body bags!), we ate breakfast and then were on our way to the Caribbean! When we got to the airport, they immediately had you shots, then it was a mad house to try and get all of our duffels together and into a taxi! We got to Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas and had to take a ferry to St. John. This was the ferry:
Oh, did I mention that I had NEVER been to the Caribbean before?? Yep my first time going was to live for a year. Good times... so carefree! Here we are celebrating a month of living on the island:
I swear I could look at these pictures all day! We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to hike Ram's Head and catch the sun coming up... it was so beautiful and peaceful!
One of our favorite beaches - Francis Bay

Here was our Christmas card that year! My favorite part is the snorkelers in the background! We always laughed at tourists!! Note: if you are visiting and you want to go snorkeling, do NOT put your flippers on while you are still on the sand! It will result in the locals laughing at you trying to walk into the ocean with big flippers on your feet! Actually do it - it is very amusing!
Here is one of my favorite pictures! This was taken from our shower... yep our shower. We had an outside shower. It had 3 walls, this is the open side. It had just rained and there was this beautiful rainbow!
It's been too long!! We should go back again!! This is us on our most recent trip back... which was over a year ago!

Why did we move back again???????

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have not opened up about this on this blog - but I feel the need to bring it to attention. I follow a lot of different blogs but one of them posted this yesterday- this topic is very close to mine, and Garet's, heart. We have been dealing with infertility for over a year. Over a month ago we went through a miscarriage. That post, in my opinion, is very eye opening for those that have not gone through infertility. I know most people that have not gone through it really don't know how to talk/deal with someone that is going through it. This blogger wrote a very good post in response. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, and such a great family and friends. While many don't know what to say, just knowing that you are praying means the world! I am not going to go into our situation, I'm just not quite ready for that yet, however, I think that there are a lot of people out there that feel alone with this. I am glad that these bloggers are talking about it.


Today is my birthday! I will be 27 at exactly 9:30 tonight :)

Garet and I pretty much celebrated yesterday (since my bday is on a Monday - blah!) Garet made it really special. We first hung out with some friends at their pool on Saturday, then that night we went to the rodeo!!! I didn't take any pictures, but it was a lot of fun! They even had one of those mechanical bulls that a lot of the kids got on. It was hysterical!

Yesterday I woke up to a breakfast of cinnamon buns and sausage. Garet gave me my presents too. After church we went and saw the movie Julie & Julia. It was really cute! Garet even cooked us dinner! What a treat!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!! My parents gave me a call early this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me! It was great! I am going to get to see them in less than a month now!! I am SOOO excited!! It's been too long :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A cut...

I finally took the plunge and got my hair cut! This was a big deal for me! It still isn't short, but it is short for me! And I got a lot chopped off and I got long layers. Here's me

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alabama Adventure...

On Saturday Garet and I went to Alabama Adventure. Garet's job decided that instead of having a Christmas party this year, they would treat all the employees to a day at this park including lunch. It happened to be one of the hottest days of the year!! Lucky for us there was a waterpark! When we got there and got to the waterpark - it was PACKED! And it was miserably hot! There were long lines to get a locker (to put our bag in) and even longer lines to get tubes. So we decided to just leave our bag next to a tree and get in the water! We had to cool off!! After that we decided to go ride some rides. It was way too crowded for us in the waterpark. Where the rides were - there were no lines! We rode one of the rollar coasters... and boy did it make me feel old!! I got off and had the worst headache! It was so rough! Ha! I saw some kids that wanted to go again, and again... at one point in time that would have been me. But not anymore! This was the ride - don't do it :)
It was a little something different to do. When we got home we made cookies (yes Garet helped!) We took some to our new neighbors (and ate some!)
Tomorrow school starts back here. That means I have to battle school "traffic" in the morning. It's funny to us here to see what everyone considers "traffic". Compared to Charlotte and DC it is nothing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great visit...

We had a wonderful visit from Garet's mom this past weekend! She flew in Saturday morning from Bethesda, MD (right outside of DC). We went on a short hike, went to lunch at a cute little pizza place down the road, hung around the house, and went to a movie! On Sunday, we went to church. We love our church, and love listening to our pastor preach - but everytime we have visitors, our preacher is always out of town. So no one has heard him preach! When my parents were here, finally they got to hear him. Now, Garet's mom has heard him too - he was here this past Sunday.

After church we had lunch with some friends, then went back to the house for a bit. I feel asleep?! (I never take naps!!) Then we went out to Bridgestreet. It is so nice out there! It is like an open mall - and there are people that sing and there is one of those water things that kids play in... there are holes in the ground and water sprouts up, and little kids run all through it! It is very entertaining! We had dinner out there too. It was a perfect day to be outside!
After we got home, we watched Marley & Me... oh man that is a sad movie! I read the book and just KNEW I would cry. I didn't even want to watch the movie because I didn't want to cry. But I did, and I did cry. So sad. It made me want to give Suzi a big ole hug!

Monday, I worked and Garet and his mom hung out. They picked me up from work that night and we went to a banquet for Garet's job. There is a boy scout that saved another boys life, and he was being recognized. How awesome!

Tuesday morning Garet's mom flew back - and things are getting back to normal in the Beane household.

This will be a busy week for us though. Between my late night meetings and G's and then another busy weekend coming up, I don't know when we will rest :)