Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great visit...

We had a wonderful visit from Garet's mom this past weekend! She flew in Saturday morning from Bethesda, MD (right outside of DC). We went on a short hike, went to lunch at a cute little pizza place down the road, hung around the house, and went to a movie! On Sunday, we went to church. We love our church, and love listening to our pastor preach - but everytime we have visitors, our preacher is always out of town. So no one has heard him preach! When my parents were here, finally they got to hear him. Now, Garet's mom has heard him too - he was here this past Sunday.

After church we had lunch with some friends, then went back to the house for a bit. I feel asleep?! (I never take naps!!) Then we went out to Bridgestreet. It is so nice out there! It is like an open mall - and there are people that sing and there is one of those water things that kids play in... there are holes in the ground and water sprouts up, and little kids run all through it! It is very entertaining! We had dinner out there too. It was a perfect day to be outside!
After we got home, we watched Marley & Me... oh man that is a sad movie! I read the book and just KNEW I would cry. I didn't even want to watch the movie because I didn't want to cry. But I did, and I did cry. So sad. It made me want to give Suzi a big ole hug!

Monday, I worked and Garet and his mom hung out. They picked me up from work that night and we went to a banquet for Garet's job. There is a boy scout that saved another boys life, and he was being recognized. How awesome!

Tuesday morning Garet's mom flew back - and things are getting back to normal in the Beane household.

This will be a busy week for us though. Between my late night meetings and G's and then another busy weekend coming up, I don't know when we will rest :)

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