Saturday, April 11, 2009

The parents visit...

Finally, I found time to write about my parents visit! We had such a great time having them here! They got here Friday night and we enjoyed my cake :)

On Saturday we took them out to Bridgestreet to hang out. It was a beautiful day! Here we are on the bridge:Here is just the two of us
Then we went out to Athens - part of Garet's district for work. They were having some kind of festival and were giving out free hotdogs, drinks, and ice cream! There was also music and singing and they had all these old fancy cars out for everyone to see. It was really cute - and the boys enjoyed looking at the cars.
We didn't really have plans while they were here - we were able to just hang out and catch up. It was so nice having my parents here!!! I am excited that it will only be a month until I see them again! Here we all are in our backyard (of course Garet had to do his famous shot!)

I got to use my mixer today - so now I am just relaxing waiting for my bread to rise :)

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