Friday, April 3, 2009

The weekend's here...

I took this picture a few days ago on my way home - I know there has got to be something fun in Photoshop I can do to it! I just love how the sun is coming through the clouds!

So, yay it's the weekend! My parents are on their way here! Yay! They will probably get here soon after I get off work, so that's perfect timing! I made a fun cake last night, I'll have to share some pictures later. And I have a crockpot meal going - I just LOVE meals in the crockpot! Actually Garet turned it to "low" before he left the house, so according to him, he made dinner for tonight. :)
Last night we were in a tornado warning - some places near here got hit pretty hard. Garet, Suzi, and I got in our closet for about 15 minutes until our area was all clear. I hope the bad weather is past us! Looks like tomorrow is supposed to be nice! It'll be a great weekend, AND I have Monday off!

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