Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing outside...

It was so pretty outside earlier this week - we had to take advantage of it! We gave Suzi her beloved ball and played in the backyard.

Here is Suzi trying to pop her ball:
It is so funny watching her run around! You can tell she is at full speed right now!
I even managed to get burned! I can't wait until the weather is this nice all the time!!
Garet and I went to a Stars baseball game. The Stars is the minor league baseball team here. We had a really good time! The weather was great! I think when I go to games I people watch more that I actually watch the game. It was fun, but we lost - it was only by 1 point though. I played with my camera to get a panoramic shot.
I am hoping that the weather cooperates this weekend so I can get some flowers planted. I would also like to start growing my own spices/herbs, so hopefully I can do that on Saturday.

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