Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The birth story...

(this is LONG - and detailed - I didn't want to leave anything out and I wanted to have written down the story of Colin's birth)

Thursday, September 23, 2010
I had my 40 week appointment at 8:30 Thursday morning.  I had decided earlier in the week that I would just go into work after my appointment, and then I would take off Friday.  Garet and I had decided to go ahead and schedule to be induced Sunday night going into Monday.  So I was thinking it would be nice to take a longer weekend.

My parents decided on Wednesday to go ahead and come down on Thursday.  We figured, why not.  That way they will already be here.  The idea was that they would get here when I got off work and we would have all weekend.  Garet had even planned on taking my dad to a fishing rodeo for work on Saturday.

So... Thursday morning I got all ready for work, we took a 40 week belly picture, and I did a blog post right before we left to go to the doctor.  At my appointment I was only 2 cm dilated (and I think she was being generous!) and I was still about 80% effaced.  I asked her if she could do an ultrasound to get a better estimate on how big she thought he was.  She was pretty confident that he was going to be a big boy.

The ultrasound measured him at 8 lbs. 14 oz!  He was head down but face outward.  Then we got talking seriously with the doctor about our options.  The measurements the ultrasound tech takes are usually within a few oz. of being correct, so he was going to be big.  My doctor was concerned that I wouldn't be able to push him out because of my size.  She said that some petite people have no problems at all, but others can't do it.  I told her I was not opposed to a c-section.  Garet and I really wanted him to come on his own, or at least make it to his due date.  We just wanted a healthy baby.  And since it was his due date, I figured let's do it!

After talking we decided that I would go ahead in on Friday (the next day) for a scheduled c-section at 2:30 p.m.  I was so excited to have a plan =)  My main concern was that I didn't want to labor ALL day just to have to have a c-section anyway.  My doctors concern was that I would do some major damage to my "pelvic floor", not only with tearing, but later in life with bladder problems, etc.  Not only that, but if he didn't fit he could have his shoulders stuck and that could cause some nerve damage for him.

Anyway, Garet and I went to Starbucks for a snack before I headed back to work.  While there we talked about our decision and our plan, and I decided not to go to work that day.  Since I would be having a baby the next day I thought I'd take that day to wrap up anything that we had left to do.  My boss, of course, understood.  I think they were surprised I had planned on coming in in the first place!

We got home around 11:00 a.m.  We ate some lunch and then made a short list of things to do.  I talked to my parents and they were already on their way.  They were going to arrive here around 5:00 p.m.  After lunch I started having some contractions.  It was all in my back, and not very strong so I wasn't convinced that it was even contractions I was feeling.  I thought I was just having discomfort from my exam that morning. 

I busied myself by making some chicken salad.  It was about 2:00 p.m. and I was definitely having contractions.  I started writing them down at 2:30, and they were anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes apart.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I was instructed that if my contractions were 5 minutes apart, to go on to the hospital because that meant I was in labor.  I decided to call my doctor to get their opinion.  It was about 3:00 when I called, and I just prayed that they would call me back that day (since it was after 2, sometimes they don't get to it the same day).

We had a short grocery list that we had planned on getting that day.  Garet teased me that maybe he shouldn't go because I might be going into labor!  I joked back, well you better hurry up and go so you can be back to take me to the hospital!  The doctor called back and said that if they consistently were 5-7 minutes apart to head to the hospital, but if not just to lay down and relax and they should ease off.

Garet ran to the store (it was a record time for a shopping trip!) and he insisted that I lay down on the couch for a while.  It was around 3:30, and once I was laying down the contractions got further apart.  They averaged around 20-30 minutes apart.  I had my rice bag heated up on my back.  The contractions were ALL in my back.  They hurt, but were manageable, especially with the heat.

At 5:00 p.m. Garet had to leave to go to a few meetings for work.  My parents were going to be arriving at any time, so he felt that since someone would be here with me, he would go ahead and go.  I even told him, "Don't worry honey, I'm not going to be going to the hospital tonight.  Have a good meeting!" 

He left, and my parents arrived shortly afterwards.  While they were bringing in all their luggage I started having contractions pretty regularly again.  I grabbed my rice bag and sat on the couch again.  By 5:30 they hadn't gone away so I started writing them down again.  They were every 5-7 minutes apart.  And they were getting more intense.  ALL in my back!  I got to the point where I couldn't talk easily through them and my mom started writing down when they would start/end.

At 6:30, the contractions weren't letting up, and I was getting nervous!  What do I do?!  I had a plan!  We weren't supposed to go to the hospital until the next day!

I was glad my parents were here, and my mom said - well let's go.  They could send you back home, but so what?

I called Garet (he knew that if I called it meant that something was up).  He answered and I said, "well my contractions are 5 minutes apart."  Then Garet said (to the people in the meeting), "Alright, I'm out of here."  And then I heard the people in the meeting telling him "Bye" and "Good luck"  haha

Luckily Garet and I had our bags in the car already.  We had our last minute bag packed (from earlier that day) so I just grabbed that and my parents and I headed to the hospital.  Dad dropped of my mom and I at the front and then went to park.  Mom and I went to the 2nd floor, Labor and Delivery, and checked in.  They told us to have a seat and they would call us back.  While waiting Garet got there, and my contractions were getting much more intense!

Finally they called us back.  On the way to the room I had to actually stop and hold onto the wall during one of my contractions.  They got us in a room and hooked up to hear Colin's heartbeat and measure my contractions.  They asked a billion questions.  They checked me, and I was still only 2 cm dilated.  They took forever to hook up my IV, and they hooked up the catheter.  Then they left to call my doctor and see what she said.  I told them I was scheduled for a c-section the next day, so if my doctor was ready, so was I!

My parents came back to the room, and I just kept saying "they better not send me home!"  My contractions were getting really bad and I knew I couldn't last at home with them.  I don't remember much during that time except every time I would have a contraction either my dad or Garet would look at the monitor and say, "Wow!  That was a big one!"

It seemed like forever before they came back, but I'm sure it was only a few minutes.  "You're going to have a baby today!"  The nurse (Amy) said when she walked back in!  I remember Garet asking how long before he was here and they said, about 25 minutes after I leave the room!

I was helped into a wheelchair and wheeled down the hall.  They stopped me in front of big double doors while they put on gowns, hair nets, and foot booties.  Garet also got dressed and was told to sit and wait outside the doors while they got me ready.

Once they opened the doors they wheeled me into the operating room.  I saw a handful of people with the masks on and the operating table.  I was helped out of the chair and up onto the table.  I had to bend and the waist while the anesthesiologist gave me the spinal block.  This proved very difficult as I was having contractions while it was going on.  It didn't hurt too bad - it felt like a big bee sting.  They helped me lay down and said I would feel warm and tingly down my butt and legs, and as soon as they said that, I felt it!

Garet then appeared beside me.  We had our little camera so he was able to get some shots!  Here is Garet!

They were poking at me, asking if I felt anything (I didn't, thank goodness!)  Garet held my hand...

... and I kept saying how weird it was!  I could hear what was going on on the other side of the curtain and I could feel a lot of tugging, but no pain!  Then my doctor said, "we are about to get to the uterus"... and then "this is a big boy!"  The anesthesiologist told Garet to stand up to see what was going on and take pictures.  He didn't want to.  He just didn't want to see blood and the actual operation, but I'm so glad he stood up!  We got a lot of pictures (without seeing the cut).  And then we heard the most beautiful sound in the world!

The tears started flowing immediately!  Colin Davis Beane was born at 9:01 p.m. and he cried the entire time!  It was wonderful!  Garet was snapping away at pictures, while I just enjoyed the sound!

Finally they brought him into my line of vision to weigh him.  He was 8 lbs. 7.6 oz.  So the ultrasound tech was really close with the weight!

Garet was able to go with Colin and the nurses to the nursery to give Coin a bath and get cleaned up.  Right before they left I got to say hey to my precious boy!
And yes, I have been kissing those cheeks ever since!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Colin Davis Beane...

I spoke too soon on the last post!  Colin arrived at 9:01 p.m on 9/23/10, 8 lbs 7oz, 20 1/2 inches long.  He is perfect!  I will update later with the birth story.  We are home and doing well!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little lesson...

So... Tuesday on my way home from work I called Garet.  He was at a little restaurant in a tiny town here in Alabama.  He got was about to eat his BLT sandwich and said he'd call me back.

A little while later he called and, with panic in his voice, said "They don't take credit cards!"  -Now let me mention that Garet doesn't carry cash, and I thought he had a couple checks, but apparently he didn't that day.  Yes, he is one of those people (actually I am too sometimes...) that puts $1.00 on their debit card to buy a pack of gum-  He said that he was doing dishes in the back since he couldn't pay for his dinner!!  Aaannd then he said he was kidding.  Lucky for him this little place trusted him enough to let him go out and get some cash then come back and pay!

So, he called me again about 5 minutes later and said, "There isn't an ATM in this town!!"  I was racking my brain - "what the heck are you going to do??"  He said, "I see another bank..."

About 5 minutes later he called again "The tellers were open but they don't have an ATM!"  "Where in the world are you?? The twilight zone??"  I asked.  I told him to try to get together change from his armrest (how change accumulates there I'll never know...)  He said he wasn't that desperate yet...

He sent me a text a few minutes later informing me that he had found a Walmart, so he got cash back, went back to pay the little restaurant, then made it to his meeting on time!

Lesson learned. 
Always have some cash on you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My plan...

Have you ever heard the quote, "God laughs when you make plans" ???
I love that quote!  I am such a planner, so this just puts me right in my place!  If you were to have asked me 10 years ago where I would be, what I would be doing, etc. I would never in a million years have thought I would be here in Alabama about to give birth to my first child!  At 18, I thought I would have already had a child... I think I planned that around 25 I would start having kids.  I would have never dreamed I would have lived on an island!  I would have laughed out loud if I were told I would pack up (husband and dog in tow) and just move to a small town in Alabama with no jobs, friends, or family. 

So... now that I am planning on Colin making his appearance soon (like now?!), I am sure I can hear God laughing!  I feel so blessed that God has allowed Garet and I to be parents, and I really hate to complain, so I won't... I'll just say that I am getting a wee bit uncomfortable.  Just a wee bit... 

I went to the doctor this morning and there really isn't much change.  She wants to induce me because she thinks our little man is going to get too big.  I really didn't want to induce... so this was a little discouraging.  Definitely not "my plan"  =) 
I know God has a wonderful plan to bring Colin into this world.  I am trying not to stress about it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A poem...

I found this in the archives of my email inbox, it was neat to rediscover it now...

I have longed and waited.
I have cried and prayed.
I have endured and planned over and over again.
Like most things in life, the people who truly have appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams.
I will notice everything about my child.
I will take time to watch my child sleep, explore and discover.
I will marvel at this miracle every day for the rest of my life.
I will be happy when I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of my child, knowing that I can comfort, hold and feed him and that I am not waking to take another temperature, pop another pill, take another shot or cry tears of a broken dream.
My dream will be crying for me.
I count myself lucky in this sense that God has given me this insight, this special vision with which I will look upon my child that my friends will not see.
Whether I parent a child I actually give birth to or a child that God leads me to, I will not be careless with my love.
I will be a better mother for all that I have endured.
I am a better wife, a better aunt, a better daughter, neighbor, friend and sister because I have known pain.
I know disillusionment as I have been betrayed by my own body.
I have been tried by fire and hell many never face, yet given time, I stood tall.
I have prevailed. I have succeeded. I have won.
So now, when others hurt around me, I do not run from their pain in order to save myself discomfort.
I see it, mourn it, and join them in theirs. I listen. And even though I cannot make it better, I can make it less lonely.
I have learned the immense power of another hand holding tight to mine, of other eyes that moisten as they learn to accept the harsh truth and when life is beyond hard.
I have learned a compassion that only comes with walking in those shoes.
I have learned to appreciate life.Yes, I will be a wonderful mother!

~Author Unknown

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Girl...

Suzi turned 5 today!  I can't believe she is already 5 years old!  She started this morning outside playing with her ball.  (Can you believe she still has this toy?!  Surprisingly she hasn't destroyed it.... yet!)

Garet and I had a few errands to run, so we got her some fun goodies while we were out (yes I know we are really last minute with getting her a present!)  =)  We got her a few cheap squeak toys.  She loves toys that make noise!!  And we figured she would tear these up pretty fast, so we got backup!  So far, she has had the pink one and it is still in one piece!

She also got a chewy bone thing... and I am pretty sure she wore herself out!

What a sweet dog! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall is in the air...

What a great weekend!!  The weather has been wonderful!  The high was in the mid 80's Saturday, and there was a breeze, it is just perfect!  So how did we spend our weekend??

Well, on Saturday we started off with a walk and I actually wished I had brought a jacket!  Then, Garet rented a power washer and washed the fence and patio!  He wants to stain the fence, but figured he should clean it first... and wow it was dirty!  I had no clue! 

It took pretty much all day but I am so impressed with the before and after!
Guess you really can't tell as well in the pictures... and the before was taken that morning, where the after was taken late afternoon, so you'll just have to trust me that there is a BIG difference!

What was I doing while Garet was working his booty off?  I went with a friend to get a (much needed!) pedicure.  =)  It was wonderful!  Oh and we got ice cream.  When I got home I was welcomed by a very dirty husband!

Don't feel too bad for him... on Sunday, after church, he went mountain biking.  And me?  grocery shopping.  not fun.

It was SO nice having a 3 day weekend!  Even though I spent the majority of the day today cleaning, it was nice to have it off!  Tonight we celebrated a friends 30th birthday by grilling out.  It was a lot of fun! 
At least we have a short work week!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I think the nursery is done!  There are still a few things I may want to do, but may or may not get done...
I took a lot of pictures!

This is from the door:

The changing dresser.  I put up pictures from our maternity session until I get pictures of Colin to put in the room, although if you look real hard you can see a picture from his ultrasound in there!

Garet wanted to pick the lamp... so we got whichever one he picked.  He wanted a sports one:

The rocker and the bookcase (the bookcase was made by Garet's dad):

I really wanted to get an alphabet print and I found one that was personalized and I love it!!

Instead of a mobile I decided to do lanterns.  I just wanted something different... especially since I didn't really have a theme in the room:

More pictures that will end up being of Colin =)

The other dresser:

On one of the shelves is a firetruck that Garet made with his grandfather when he was really young.  The funny thing is that my dad is a retired fireman.  So, it fits right in!

We can't wait to have our little man in the room!  Then it will definitely be complete =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Full Term...

I am 37 weeks today!  Officially full term!  Holy cow

(this picture was from 36 weeks... but really I look the same - BIG)
I had my appointment this morning and am 1 cm dilated.  She said his head was "down and engaged", which means there is little chance of him flipping around.  So that's good!

We've about finished the nursery... I still have a couple more things to do before I take pictures, but I promise I will get them up as soon as I'm done!  My bags are.... not packed.  Not even close.  I mean I have a couple things laid out, but they aren't in the bag.  So, guess I need to do that.

We are getting really excited!  I don't think it's really hit me yet that Colin could be here any day now!  It is definitely exciting that there is some progress going on though!