Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A toy and another visitor...

We got Suzi a toy this weekend... she LOVED it!  Pretty much any new toy she gets is the best thing ever!  This was no different!  We try to find toys that we thing she can't destroy... we'll see how long this one lasts.  I love this picture - she's running towards the ball and you can see her ears flopping :)

If you say "Drop it", she will.  This is her after she's dropped it and Garet is walking towards her.  Her little face is just begging him not to take her toy!

The faceoff!

On Sunday after church, Garet's mom saw a raccoon outside in our backyard!  I was able to grab my camera before he saw us in the window.

He was a pretty good size!  I hate that they hang around though!  Now everytime I let Suzi in the backyard I have to make sure there isn't any wildlife! 

I banged on the door to scare him out of our yard and all he did was run to the back fence, and then look at us.  Not scared at all.  I just hope he doesn't come back!

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