Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My brother...

My brother (Eric) and his wife (Kailey) came to visit this past weekend!  It was SOO nice to have them here!  Neither of them had ever been to Huntsville so we got to show them around.  On Friday night we took them downtown.  We had a nice walk around and then had dinner. 

Saturday morning Eric and I took Suzi for a walk around the neighborhood.  Then I took him and Kailey around just to show them the area.  I had to go to Monte Sano Park and show them where we used to live!
We didn't do any hiking there because 1. it was super hot and humid!  and 2. I don't think I would have been able to hang for too long! 
After going around town, we met Garet for lunch (he had to work some), then went home for a bit.

That night we went out to Bridgestreet.  It is so nice out there!  I could just sit and people watch!  There is always stuff going on.  We went to a movie - and sat VIP.  It was really nice. 

Sunday we showed them our church. After lunch, Eric and Garet moved some of our furniture.  We are making our guest room the nursery and the office our guest room/office.  The guest bed is a PAIN to move around, so Garet was very thankful for the help!  They moved our desks and dressers - so now the room is beginning to look like a nursery!  Yay!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we bought a new computer.  Well... we told Eric that he could have our old laptop if he wanted to get it fixed... so the boys decided to take it apart and try to figure out what was wrong with it.
I think they actually figured it out - but they needed more tools.  Eric ended up taking it since my dad has them at home. 

And, of course, we had to introduce them to the Wii.  Can you believe they've never played before?!  It is so hilarious watching people on that thing!  Especially when they've never done it before!
We bowled (which by the way - I completely kicked butt in!) and we played the Wii Fit Plus.  I think I had the most fun watching Eric hula hoop!  We were laughing so hard!
I am SO happy they got to come visit!

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