Sunday, May 2, 2010


I follow The Pioneer Woman's blog - if you don't know who that is, click on the link. She is really funny, has great recipes, and her pictures are AWESOME! Not only that but she lives on a ranch, which I think is really neat!

Anyway, a couple months ago she posted about how to upload actions onto your Photoshop Elements. I was SOO excited to see this post! The problem? I had never upload any actions onto my Photoshop. Well, last night I figured it out!!

Here is the picture I used to "play" with. (of course it's of Suzi!) This is straight from the camera.
There is about 23 or so actions to apply to your pictures. And you can use more than one on the same picture - so there are numerous combinations! I just did a few to see how they'd turn out, and I am loving it! I can't wait to go take more pictures just to play around with them!
(The names of them starting from the top are: Soft Fade, Vintage, Edge Burn, Black & White, Boost, Pioneer Woman's Black & White, Colorized, Sunshine, Heartland, Lovely, and Sepia).

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I know you're having fun with this new feature1 My favorite is: Edge Burn...
xoxo, Mom