Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot weekend...

We had a really good weekend, although it was HOT!  I'm not complaining - I'd sooo much rather it be hot than cold, but with the temps being around 90 plus humidity - it was really hard to be outside!

On Saturday we went to a friends pool (ahhh relief!), then Garet's work treated all of the district executives and their spouses to dinner at Conners, and a hotel night at the Westin (in Bridgestreet).  It was really nice!  We got to get dressed up and have a fancy meal... then stay at a fancy hotel (well "fancy" to us! - hey we're used to traveling with a dog... "fancy" hotels usually don't accept pets!)

Yesterday we kept nursery at church, which is always entertaining =)  Garet had to work, and I actually got really productive and cleaned the house.  I mean CLEANED!  I even went out and watered the yard!  Being outside was bearable when I had water near me, so Suzi and I hung out outside for awhile.  I will have to take pictures of my hydrangea!  It is sooo pretty! 

Hopefully this week will go by fast - Garet and I are getting out of town next weekend!  Woo hoo!

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