Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy day...

We had quite a busy day today!  Garet got his work done early, so we had most of the day to do what we wanted!  We decided to head to the beach!  It is so different being so close - we are less than an hour from the beach - so we packed up and headed out! 

The weather was perfect!  It's amazing because yesterday we were huddled in the house because of a tornado warning/watch!  It was hot and there was a breeze - so nice!

Colin, once again, hated the water!  I don't know if it is just intimidating because it is so big, or if it is just so loud with the waves.  I'm sure he'll learn to love it =)

We walked around the town, then we headed to Barefoot Landing.  There are tons of stores here around a lake.  It's a really nice place to walk around (and shop, if you like that sort of thing!)  There is a really long bridge across the bridge.  I had to get a picture of the guys.

The sign says "Warning Alligators & Wildlife May Bite".  Great.  Thanks for that warning.

And Colin kept his shades on!  And got many comments! 

After that we headed back home and had dinner at a local restaurant.  Turns out it is kind of a fancy place at night.  During the day: sandwiches, at night: steak.  We definitely weren't dressed the part - but, being a small town and all, there were only a couple other tables in there... so we stayed.
(wow those walls look bright!)

And now, I am sitting on the couch relaxing.  Garet is in the recliner... Suzi is asleep on the rug... Colin is asleep in his crib...
I am so thankful today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Garet's sister, Karen, came to visit us on Saturday!  We went out to dinner that night, downtown... which let me just say that it will take a lot to get used to "small town" living.  Every place here has such crazy hours - like downtown was empty!  Most places closed early... places have random hours and random days they are open... I don't think I will ever memorize what is open when!

Anyway... on Easter Sunday we woke up and discovered that Colin has his first tooth!  It is on the bottom, and before you ask... I will try to get a picture.  Every time I look at it he sticks his tongue out!  Here we are before church...

Speaking of church - it is going to be hard to find one here that will measure up to our last one!! 

After lunch we drove down to visit with Garet's grandmother!  It is only an hour away now!  Yay! 
She is just the cutest!  Here we are:
It was so nice to see her!  And Colin just loved his Great Grandma Beane!  He really liked sucking on her necklace!  We had such a beautiful that day - and we were so close, that we drove to the beach to let Colin dip his feet! 

And being a mom - I was prepared with a bib in my pocket =)

So... we were so excited to let Colin see the water!  He LOVES his bathtime... I'll let you see for yourself how he felt about it...

What a great weekend!  It is hard to belive it was our first one here!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's up...

Wow, I am so behind on here I don't even know where to start!  I have had this update in cue for so long - and so much has happened... this might jump around a lot!  Here goes:

We LOVED our church in Huntsville!  They had their baby dedication the week we left... so we had to get Colin dedicated before we left!  In the midst of all our craziness, we had my parents and Garet's mom here to celebrate this occasion!  The night before, we grilled out and celebrated Colin.  Then the next day we got all dressed and ready for church.  Here is the crew:

Colin was so perfect!  He just looked all around when we were standing at the front - he didn't make a peep!  What a sweet boy!

We had so much fun hanging out with the grandparents one last time in Huntsville! 

Colin has started to get really interested in faces... With my dad he kept trying to grab his beard, and if you have glasses he wants to see those too!  I love this picture:

Then it was time to move...
we had a few last dinners with friends, and then we had movers come and box our house up.  It was so crazy how fast everything happened - you can read the posts below for that summary. 

The house we rented is so cute, and the neighborhood is so nice!  We did get in and paint the master bedroom...
That's my dad - and we took down the curtains, and painted over the lovely yellow.

After staying with my parents for about a week, Colin Suzi and I are now making our home here in Whiteville with Garet.  While in Charlotte with my parents we met and saw lots and lots of people!  We squeezed in everything we could in those few days!

Since being here (less than one week!) we have almost got the house unpacked, switched our cell phones and numbers, got a big ole rug for our living room, got a new mattress, and are now trying to figure out where to hang frames!  Oh and we had our first visitors this morning!  My cousin was on her way to the beach and her car broke down - at our exit!  So we had her over until that got settled. 

We are now awaiting the arrival of Garet's sister - our first overnight visitor!  And Colin turned seven months today! 

Oh and tomorrow is Easter! 

I think I am caught up now =)  I will try to stay on top of this better! 
I slacked on A Beane A Day also, but I did get caught up with that as well!  Yay!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another quick update:

So this has just happened so fast and so [knock on wood] smooth!  We had our house in Huntsville up for sale and for rent to see which happened the fastest.  Someone decided they wanted to rent it.  Then they said they needed to move in the following Monday (a week after they said they wanted to rent it!!) for job purposes.  Garet and I had movers come out on a Thursday, pack up our entire house... then we moved us, Colin, Suzi and a few other things of ours to North Carolina on Friday.  On Saturday we drove to Whiteville, NC and found a house for us to rent for a year!
It is a cute 3 bed, 2.5 bath house with a big fenced backyard for Suzi! 

Colin, Suzi and I drove back to Charlotte to stay with my parents.  On Monday, Garet started his new job and the tentents moved into our house in Huntsville.  Tuesday Garet signed the papers to make this our home.  On Wednesday my parents and my crew drove down to paint and clean up the inside.  Friday Garet got the cable/internet installed and had the carpet cleaned.  Saturday the movers brought all of our stuff from Huntsville.  Everything is all moved in!  Today Colin, Suzi and I are officially moving.

After today I can take a deep breath... and then start organizing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick update...

I am getting slack on this!
And we have so much going on!  I'll have to update more later, but the short version is:

We've rented our house in Huntsville. 
We had movers come in Thursday and pack up our whole house.
We loaded up our cars with all that was remaining and drove to Charlotte yesterday.
We went to Whiteville, NC today, and are in the process of renting a house there.

Now Colin, Suzi and I are at my parents, and Garet is in Whiteville.  He starts his new job on Monday!

What a whirlwind this has all been!  And I am tired! 

More later!