Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Garet's sister, Karen, came to visit us on Saturday!  We went out to dinner that night, downtown... which let me just say that it will take a lot to get used to "small town" living.  Every place here has such crazy hours - like downtown was empty!  Most places closed early... places have random hours and random days they are open... I don't think I will ever memorize what is open when!

Anyway... on Easter Sunday we woke up and discovered that Colin has his first tooth!  It is on the bottom, and before you ask... I will try to get a picture.  Every time I look at it he sticks his tongue out!  Here we are before church...

Speaking of church - it is going to be hard to find one here that will measure up to our last one!! 

After lunch we drove down to visit with Garet's grandmother!  It is only an hour away now!  Yay! 
She is just the cutest!  Here we are:
It was so nice to see her!  And Colin just loved his Great Grandma Beane!  He really liked sucking on her necklace!  We had such a beautiful that day - and we were so close, that we drove to the beach to let Colin dip his feet! 

And being a mom - I was prepared with a bib in my pocket =)

So... we were so excited to let Colin see the water!  He LOVES his bathtime... I'll let you see for yourself how he felt about it...

What a great weekend!  It is hard to belive it was our first one here!

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Granny Kay said...

Kim was just like that. Noise? Sand instead of grass? She just hated it!!