Sunday, April 28, 2013

Addison's room...

I am done with Addison's room!  Just like with Colin's room, there are a few more things I want to do eventually... like the window trim and the window treatment, and the door knobs, but it will just have to wait.  I also wanted to put some shelves up in here, but in our many moves I can't seem to find them.  Oh well.  This mama is done for now!

Before, the walls were a tan and the trim was really dark brown.  This was day one:
And to compare:
In case the computer is making the colors crazy, the walls are now a light gray, although they kind of have a purpley tint in some light.  Here is the other side of the room before:
The double doors are the closet.  It is organized, but not pretty enough to post pictures of =)  The door to the right is to the hallway.  The canister on the dresser is her hairbows.  I found that idea from another blogger and I LOVE it.  Easy to see, easy to throw them in, and she already has tons!

This is the changing table/dresser.  I wish I took a close up picture of the print on the left - I LOVE it!  I have a personalized alphabet in Colin's room and I wanted one for Addison's.  I ended up getting this one!  The letters are light grey, "I love U" is in light pink, and it has her name at the bottom: Addison Elaine Beane.  On the right I put fabric in the frames as the matte and have yet to put pictures... I will just wait till she gets here =)
The chair pillow and crib skirt are the same fabric as the matte... I made them.  Thanks to my friend Amanda, she gave me some pointers for the crib skirt.  It was super easy!  And I love how it turned out.   Sorry no close up!  Maybe I'll remember to take a picture later...  Right now the little pink basket on the floor has toys and books in it.
I love how it turned out.  Very simple and comfortable.  I seriously just wonder around in here sometimes after putting Colin to bed.  It is amazing that we will have a baby in here SO SOON! 

Friday, April 26, 2013


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

The pictures were taken a few days ago.  Garet watched Colin for about 45 minutes while I got some things done around the house.  In less than an hour Colin was soaked completely and was loving playing in his boat pool... with all his clothes on =)  It was too cute. 
Before the water festivities... they were enjoying snack.

- One night when Colin was trying to go to sleep we heard him crying about something... when Garet went in there he was saying, "My booty hurts!"  So Garet asked him if he wanted him to kiss it... Colin said yes.  So Garet kissed Colin's little booty and he went right to sleep. 

- When Colin is riding his bike and going backwards he will say, "back, back, back".  Guess that's what he thinks trucks say when they are backing up (beep, beep, beep)

- Colin likes to play with Garet's ping pong paddles and balls.  He is actually really good at hitting them straight!  But the other day he kept saying, "Mommy I want to play with my pink ball!"  It took me forever to figure out he was talking about a PING pong ball!
Soaked and loving it.  He was splashing like crazy!

- I was playing cars with Colin on the kitchen table.  He handed me a car so I was vrooming it around... then he took it back and said, "Share Mommy."  Ha!  Okey dokey.

- Colin was drinking milk from a cup and got a milk mustache... when I told him he had one, he totally embraced it!  He didn't want me to wipe his face afterwards because of his mustache!

- On the way home from the grocery store I opened a bag of combos (I was starving!) here was the conversation that followed:
Colin: I want one!
Me: Please?
Colin: Please!  I want one please!
Me: Okay (gave him a combo), now say 'Thank you'
Colin: Thank you!  I want another one!
Me: Boy! You are going to learn to say please and thank you...
Colin: I want one please and thank you!
And this went on after he ate each combo.  "Please and thank you" =)
Splash splash!

- We were playing outside and Colin found a bird feather.  He lifted it way over his head then started yelling, "Come here birdies!  You lost this!  Here you go!  Birdies, come here!"  He cracks me up!

- Right before we left for the Children's Museum this past week Colin fell and hit his head.  When we got the the museum, I kissed his head where he now had a red bump and he said, "maybe the Children's Museum will fix it."  awww

- Colin to Garet: "What's your name?"
Garet: "Daddy."
Colin: "No your other name.... Gareg?"
Off with the shirt!  and one shoe apparently.

- I was pouring Colin some milk and dropped the lid, some of the milk splattered on the floor.  Colin said, "I will clean it with my mouth!" and before I could react he was licking the floor. 

- Randomly I said, "Thank you God."  and Colin said, "Thank you Jesus."

- When my mom was watching Colin they were waiting on the green light (on his "alarm" clock), my mom said, "I don't think the green light is coming on, Colin."  Colin replied, "Be patient Grandmama."
Toot toot.

Colin continues to crack us up with what he says and surprise us at what he actually interprets!  It is really amazing to see him growing up!  We love him so much! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


An update on our girl =)
I am now 37 weeks pregnant... and feeling every bit of it!  Everyone keeps asking, "Are you ready??"  and my answer is, "Physically, yes... emotionally, no."  Ha!  I am feeling pretty good overall.  I am aching and it's hard to breath but the main thing is braxton hicks contractions.  I have them a LOT!  I did with Colin too and the doctor isn't worried, but they are just uncomfortable.  I am having a hard time sleeping, but I guess I need to get used to that again! 

I am trying hard not to imagine what it's going to be like with 2 kids... that tends to overwhelm me!  I am also trying not to think about the fact that Colin won't be our only child anymore - that's what I mean by emotionally NOT ready!  I can cry just thinking about the time I won't be able to devote just to Colin.  So we won't talk about it, mmkay.

Here I am at 36 weeks:
And just to compare, here I was with Colin at 36 weeks:
I have actually gained about 10 pounds LESS this time around at this point.  I attribute that to chasing around a toddler!  =)
We are VERY excited to welcome our daughter.  I have embraced the pink and am looking forward to having a little girl!  I think Colin is going to be an awesome big brother.  He talks about Addison a lot and likes to pat my belly. 
I am almost finished with the nursery and (just like with Colin's room) I love to just hang out in there.  As soon as I figure out where to hang a couple frames I will post pictures.  I also realized that I never posted about the shower I had in Charlotte! 
This is a picture of me with family and my BFF, Marsha, before the shower started:

I really don't have any pictures of the actual shower... but here is Colin sneaking some blueberries =)
Afterwards all the kids went outside to play - the shower was at my parents house.  I love this picture of Colin and Morgan playing in the sand... look at that little tush =)
My mom, me and Kailey!
Addison got lots of great things!  And, as always, it was so nice to see everyone! 
A week ago my girlfriends here took me out to dinner and dessert and had a small shower for me too!
It is a phone picture, but it's all I have right now.  I love hanging out with these girls!  And am so so blessed I have met them here!  It is always so much fun when we go out!
Addison is already so loved.  We are now just waiting to meet her! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Busy weekend...

This weekend we decided to do family things because, well, we are about to have a baby and because Garet didn't work this weekend!  So Garet found that High Point Museum was free admission and they had a blacksmith that was going to be showing how he works... so off we went.
All of these pictures were from my phone, I didn't feel like toting along my big camera.  One of the first things Colin found was the train...
The next thing was a bus!  I mean how much cooler could this be?! 
Colin could make the lights go on and off and he was saying "HONK HONK" since the horn didn't really beep =)
Then we traveled outside, which was a little chilly, to see the blacksmith... Colin really liked his shovel and tried to dig holes right outside the viewing area...
This was the inside... it was pretty neat to see how they worked back then.  
There were also people dressed like they did back then, as well as kids... The kids had fun showing Colin all the games they would have played.  Although the little girl kept pointing out that Colin was doing it wrong =)  They all had fun together though!
When we went back inside, there was this little viewing area of miniture houses and rooms.  It was pretty neat, and Colin quickly found a stool...
... but still needed a boost to see =)

I think Colin's absolute favorite part was this:
The elevator.
The kid loves riding the elevator!  He was waving "bye" to me in the picture.  Garet took him up, then back down.  When he came out he was beaming!  So simple =)

The next day, our friends invited us to the Asheboro Zoo with them!  We had a great time, and Colin LOVED seeing Abby!
They held hands a lot while we were walking around.  It was nice because it slowed Colin down and rushed Abby some, not to mention how cute they were!  Here they are on this wall that turned in a circle:
I realized when going through these pictures that I have none of Stephanie and Erik (their new baby!  He is precious!) or me.  I promise we were there!  But here are the dads with Abby and Colin...
This was a walking stretch, so Colin and Garet would run way ahead and "hide" behind a tree or something, then when Abby came by Colin would jump out and say "TA DA!!"  These next two pictures capture it perfectly!  Please note how big he is yelling =)

Too funny.
We saw lots of animals... here are the black bears:
We all had so much fun!  I think it is so funny to see Colin and Abby together, they are too cute!
Garet and Colin posed with a buffalo...
Last but not least was the dinosaurs!  This was a special exhibit that the kids LOVED!
Here Garet and Colin were taking a quick break... they were "sleeping"
There were dinosaurs set up all over the place.  They moved and roared.
This looks like a face off =)  but really this dinosaur spit water out.  Colin is still talking about it
The last thing we did was sit in the jeep.  Can you tell Colin was having a blast "driving" it?!
That night we went out to eat at Firehouse Subs, Colin got his own fireman hat!
And we topped it off with some frozen yogurt.  We had such a fun time!  Definitely a great weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A boat and a fence...

Our neighbors gave us a boat and a slide that their kids have outgrown... they are PERFECT for Colin!  We didn't waste any time using it! 
Colin thought it was so neat that the horn actually beeped, and there is a little bell that rings on top.  He had a blast stomping and splashing all the water!

Then he started asking, "jump in?" and I said "sure go for it!"  So he tried to jump in head first =)
Here is the side view!
HA!  He really didn't go in head first... and he was actually very slow doing this, even though the picture looks like he was flying!  Hilarious.  He did start bending over and putting the front of his head in the water... on this next picture you can tell that only the front of his hair is wet!
 It is awesome to see how much fun he has!
This past week we were also in the process of getting a new fence!  Our poor Suzi hasn't had a decent fenced yard in almost a year!  At our last rental there wasn't any grass in our backyard so we didn't play out there... now she can run her little heart out!  And once the fence was finished, a few days ago, that is exactly what she did! (Hence the blurry pic!)
It is funny to see her and Colin playing together!  Especially now that they have room to run!  What a sweet girl!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun in the sun...

We have been taking advantage of the awesome weather!  I have always loved smoothies, and now Colin loves them too!  We try to make them often... I mean what better way to get some healthy food in my boy (and me!)  We've also been having "smoothie picnics" outside =)
Colin has also really enjoyed his water table.  He actually doesn't get too wet either (usually)... well his shoes get soaked, but the rest of him not so much.  I was trying to get him to smile at the camera and I kept telling him to say random things so that he would look up at me and smile.  Obviously it didn't work.  I caught him mid sentence, but there is a hint of a smile there!
He really likes to make "puddles" all over the deck.  So his main goal is to take all the water out of the water table and splash it around everywhere else.
We have played with chalk.  There are tons of little Colin's on our driveway.  He liked to lay down and us outline him. 
The glasses?  Those are because the chalk is 3-D... and yes it really works.  Pretty neat.  Here is Colin trying to put the glasses on...
Garet has started trying to get rid of some of our weeds in the yard.  We have this nice area next to the porch stairs that the previous owners planted veggies in... don't know if I will get to it this season, but I would love to do that eventually!  But in the meantime, we are getting up weeds.  Colin has liked to help us dig =)   In fact, I think in this picture he was looking for worms...
We have started getting a [much needed] fence for our backyard, yay!, so we haven't been able to play back there.  Yesterday I walked out the front door with Colin and looked around and thought, what are we going to do out here??  So I had the bright idea to get a big tote and some tupperware and fill it up with water.  Fun, right?  Colin can splash and pour water out... it will be just like his water table...
Well it took approximately 3 minutes for Colin to put his whole foot: shoes, socks, and jeans into the water... So, I thought well whatever, he will just get a little wet, so I took off his shoes and socks and rolled his jeans... 
Well that quickly lead to this:
And apparently the bottom of a tote is really slippery because once this happened it took less than a minute for him to slip and completely sit down in the water!  He LOVED it!  His smile and laugh made me smile and laugh... so after a few more pictures I took his pants off too and he had a blast getting wet!