Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring weekend...

FINALLY it is starting to feel like Spring!!  The weather has been amazing!  We had a really nice weekend.  Saturday Garet had to work some, so Colin and I went to visit him.  I know I posted this picture over on Beane A Day, but I think it is really cute =)
This was right before lunch when the weather got real nice!  They were actually throwing a rock into the little pond.  Colin loves to throw stuff in water!

Saturday night my dad came to stay!  He was going to a car show nearby on Sunday, so he stayed the night here.  And would you believe I have no pictures of that?!  Colin LOVED having Papaw here!  He showed him all around the house.  Then he and Garet took my dad on a bike ride to the lake that we live near. 

Sunday, after church, we had some friends over!  We spent most of our time outside.  It was funny to look over and see that Colin and Abby had on the same color shirt... and Garet and Colin (Abby's dad... yes it can be a bit confusing sometimes!  ha!) had on the same color shirt too!
The kids had fun pulling each other around in the wagon... but then they got smart and both got in to be escorted around!
We also brought out our water table!  Colin and Abby LOVED it!  Abby was soaked within 10 minutes though and had to wear Colin's clothes home =) It is so fun to see these two interacting! 
I am soo excited that it is warm outside!  It is nice to be able to let Colin go outside to play and get energy out... there's only so much you can do inside! 

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Hunter and his family... said...

Thank goodness for outdoors!! We spend every Saturday and Sunday morning outside until Hunter's nap. He loves his water table just like Colin!