Sunday, April 28, 2013

Addison's room...

I am done with Addison's room!  Just like with Colin's room, there are a few more things I want to do eventually... like the window trim and the window treatment, and the door knobs, but it will just have to wait.  I also wanted to put some shelves up in here, but in our many moves I can't seem to find them.  Oh well.  This mama is done for now!

Before, the walls were a tan and the trim was really dark brown.  This was day one:
And to compare:
In case the computer is making the colors crazy, the walls are now a light gray, although they kind of have a purpley tint in some light.  Here is the other side of the room before:
The double doors are the closet.  It is organized, but not pretty enough to post pictures of =)  The door to the right is to the hallway.  The canister on the dresser is her hairbows.  I found that idea from another blogger and I LOVE it.  Easy to see, easy to throw them in, and she already has tons!

This is the changing table/dresser.  I wish I took a close up picture of the print on the left - I LOVE it!  I have a personalized alphabet in Colin's room and I wanted one for Addison's.  I ended up getting this one!  The letters are light grey, "I love U" is in light pink, and it has her name at the bottom: Addison Elaine Beane.  On the right I put fabric in the frames as the matte and have yet to put pictures... I will just wait till she gets here =)
The chair pillow and crib skirt are the same fabric as the matte... I made them.  Thanks to my friend Amanda, she gave me some pointers for the crib skirt.  It was super easy!  And I love how it turned out.   Sorry no close up!  Maybe I'll remember to take a picture later...  Right now the little pink basket on the floor has toys and books in it.
I love how it turned out.  Very simple and comfortable.  I seriously just wonder around in here sometimes after putting Colin to bed.  It is amazing that we will have a baby in here SO SOON! 


Hunter and his family... said...

Yay! It's finally done! Her room is beautiful. Love the simple-ness. Now all you need is her in there!

L Davis said...

Her room looks beautiful! good job! She's gonna love it, too!