Friday, April 26, 2013


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

The pictures were taken a few days ago.  Garet watched Colin for about 45 minutes while I got some things done around the house.  In less than an hour Colin was soaked completely and was loving playing in his boat pool... with all his clothes on =)  It was too cute. 
Before the water festivities... they were enjoying snack.

- One night when Colin was trying to go to sleep we heard him crying about something... when Garet went in there he was saying, "My booty hurts!"  So Garet asked him if he wanted him to kiss it... Colin said yes.  So Garet kissed Colin's little booty and he went right to sleep. 

- When Colin is riding his bike and going backwards he will say, "back, back, back".  Guess that's what he thinks trucks say when they are backing up (beep, beep, beep)

- Colin likes to play with Garet's ping pong paddles and balls.  He is actually really good at hitting them straight!  But the other day he kept saying, "Mommy I want to play with my pink ball!"  It took me forever to figure out he was talking about a PING pong ball!
Soaked and loving it.  He was splashing like crazy!

- I was playing cars with Colin on the kitchen table.  He handed me a car so I was vrooming it around... then he took it back and said, "Share Mommy."  Ha!  Okey dokey.

- Colin was drinking milk from a cup and got a milk mustache... when I told him he had one, he totally embraced it!  He didn't want me to wipe his face afterwards because of his mustache!

- On the way home from the grocery store I opened a bag of combos (I was starving!) here was the conversation that followed:
Colin: I want one!
Me: Please?
Colin: Please!  I want one please!
Me: Okay (gave him a combo), now say 'Thank you'
Colin: Thank you!  I want another one!
Me: Boy! You are going to learn to say please and thank you...
Colin: I want one please and thank you!
And this went on after he ate each combo.  "Please and thank you" =)
Splash splash!

- We were playing outside and Colin found a bird feather.  He lifted it way over his head then started yelling, "Come here birdies!  You lost this!  Here you go!  Birdies, come here!"  He cracks me up!

- Right before we left for the Children's Museum this past week Colin fell and hit his head.  When we got the the museum, I kissed his head where he now had a red bump and he said, "maybe the Children's Museum will fix it."  awww

- Colin to Garet: "What's your name?"
Garet: "Daddy."
Colin: "No your other name.... Gareg?"
Off with the shirt!  and one shoe apparently.

- I was pouring Colin some milk and dropped the lid, some of the milk splattered on the floor.  Colin said, "I will clean it with my mouth!" and before I could react he was licking the floor. 

- Randomly I said, "Thank you God."  and Colin said, "Thank you Jesus."

- When my mom was watching Colin they were waiting on the green light (on his "alarm" clock), my mom said, "I don't think the green light is coming on, Colin."  Colin replied, "Be patient Grandmama."
Toot toot.

Colin continues to crack us up with what he says and surprise us at what he actually interprets!  It is really amazing to see him growing up!  We love him so much! 


Lacey said...

These are always my favorite posts! Colin is so funny! Especially the part about the birdies! So cute!

Hunter and his family... said...

So cute! Love these! I hope Hunter has some of these silly things in him when he starts talking more. Great idea of keeping them altogether on your blog!