Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a great Easter weekend!  Garet had off all week, thank goodness because he was able to get soooo much done around the house!  Or take Colin for a bit so I could get stuff done.  Since we just moved, I didn't get to do much planning for Easter.  We didn't dye any eggs, no fun desserts or themed food, no plans for a big egg hunt... but I did get some eggs and on Saturday we did an egg hunt in the backyard!  It was a beautiful day!   
Colin LOVED finding the eggs!  He was so funny just running around getting them!
I had a spare basket (his was already being prepped =) ) and he started off using it, but then ditched it and I had to carry it around the yard. 
I didn't put anything in these eggs, but Colin opened every.single.egg he picked up.  I have no idea what prompted him to do that, but afterwards I wished I had put something in some of them!  haha  He didn't seemed bothered by it, he just liked to open them.
Once he found all of them, I asked him if he wanted me to re-hide them... but no he wanted to put them in his wagon and pull them all around.  Can you see the excitement on that sweet face?!
Easter morning Colin got to see the basket the Easter bunny left him!  We didn't talk too much about the bunny so I don't know if he even understood what it was about.  But he sure liked the goodies =)  He was showing Suzi a dinosaur he got:
And here he was saying "Race car!!!!"  ... pardon the crazy hair.  It was early =)
We had an amazing serice at church!  How blessed are we to have such an awesome God?!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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L Davis said...

Finding eggs are so much fun! Sure did miss you all, but soo glad you were able to spend Easter in your new home! I love the family picture!