Saturday, April 20, 2013

A boat and a fence...

Our neighbors gave us a boat and a slide that their kids have outgrown... they are PERFECT for Colin!  We didn't waste any time using it! 
Colin thought it was so neat that the horn actually beeped, and there is a little bell that rings on top.  He had a blast stomping and splashing all the water!

Then he started asking, "jump in?" and I said "sure go for it!"  So he tried to jump in head first =)
Here is the side view!
HA!  He really didn't go in head first... and he was actually very slow doing this, even though the picture looks like he was flying!  Hilarious.  He did start bending over and putting the front of his head in the water... on this next picture you can tell that only the front of his hair is wet!
 It is awesome to see how much fun he has!
This past week we were also in the process of getting a new fence!  Our poor Suzi hasn't had a decent fenced yard in almost a year!  At our last rental there wasn't any grass in our backyard so we didn't play out there... now she can run her little heart out!  And once the fence was finished, a few days ago, that is exactly what she did! (Hence the blurry pic!)
It is funny to see her and Colin playing together!  Especially now that they have room to run!  What a sweet girl!

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L Davis said...

"Toot-toot", "ding-ding", "splish-splash"...what a great gift! And look at Colin's face! And Suzi's!