Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Busy weekend...

This weekend we decided to do family things because, well, we are about to have a baby and because Garet didn't work this weekend!  So Garet found that High Point Museum was free admission and they had a blacksmith that was going to be showing how he works... so off we went.
All of these pictures were from my phone, I didn't feel like toting along my big camera.  One of the first things Colin found was the train...
The next thing was a bus!  I mean how much cooler could this be?! 
Colin could make the lights go on and off and he was saying "HONK HONK" since the horn didn't really beep =)
Then we traveled outside, which was a little chilly, to see the blacksmith... Colin really liked his shovel and tried to dig holes right outside the viewing area...
This was the inside... it was pretty neat to see how they worked back then.  
There were also people dressed like they did back then, as well as kids... The kids had fun showing Colin all the games they would have played.  Although the little girl kept pointing out that Colin was doing it wrong =)  They all had fun together though!
When we went back inside, there was this little viewing area of miniture houses and rooms.  It was pretty neat, and Colin quickly found a stool...
... but still needed a boost to see =)

I think Colin's absolute favorite part was this:
The elevator.
The kid loves riding the elevator!  He was waving "bye" to me in the picture.  Garet took him up, then back down.  When he came out he was beaming!  So simple =)

The next day, our friends invited us to the Asheboro Zoo with them!  We had a great time, and Colin LOVED seeing Abby!
They held hands a lot while we were walking around.  It was nice because it slowed Colin down and rushed Abby some, not to mention how cute they were!  Here they are on this wall that turned in a circle:
I realized when going through these pictures that I have none of Stephanie and Erik (their new baby!  He is precious!) or me.  I promise we were there!  But here are the dads with Abby and Colin...
This was a walking stretch, so Colin and Garet would run way ahead and "hide" behind a tree or something, then when Abby came by Colin would jump out and say "TA DA!!"  These next two pictures capture it perfectly!  Please note how big he is yelling =)

Too funny.
We saw lots of animals... here are the black bears:
We all had so much fun!  I think it is so funny to see Colin and Abby together, they are too cute!
Garet and Colin posed with a buffalo...
Last but not least was the dinosaurs!  This was a special exhibit that the kids LOVED!
Here Garet and Colin were taking a quick break... they were "sleeping"
There were dinosaurs set up all over the place.  They moved and roared.
This looks like a face off =)  but really this dinosaur spit water out.  Colin is still talking about it
The last thing we did was sit in the jeep.  Can you tell Colin was having a blast "driving" it?!
That night we went out to eat at Firehouse Subs, Colin got his own fireman hat!
And we topped it off with some frozen yogurt.  We had such a fun time!  Definitely a great weekend!

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L Davis said...

What a busy day! I wonder who slept the best that night. I love all these pictures. glad everyone had such a good time.