Monday, April 15, 2013

Colin's room...

Garet and I had the weekend alone!  Thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of Colin while Garet and I tried to finalize some of our our house projects!  One of the things on my list was finishing Colin's room!

There is just a couple more things I want to do, but this is the final room for now, and I love it!  When we bought the house, the room was a gray color with brown trim and doors.  I am not a fan of the window treatment, but it sure does make it dark and I am not tackling that right now.  It works for now =)  Here is the before and after:
And here is the other side of the room... the door on the left goes into the hallway and the door on the right is his closet:

Next to the window on the wall is this dresser and shelves... there isn't a good picture of it in the above pics.  One thing I want to update is the dresser pulls - but I don't know if I will get to it before Addison gets here!  (3 weeks...)
And here is his bed.  This bed was Garet's as a child!  And I love the quilt!  (Pottery Barn) 
Love his big boy room!  And so does he!  Not to mention he has plenty of space! 


Carrie said...

It looks great! Does he sleep without rails?

Lacey said...

The room looks great! But, THREE WEEKS! Holy moly that seems like it went by fast! From an outsider's perspective at least! :)

L Davis said...

I love everything about his room! He's gonna love it too. I really like how you posted before and after pictures..what a big difference! Good job!

The Beane's said...

Carrie - he does have bed rails... they are just down in this picture =)
Lacey - it has actually flown by for me too! Although now it is really hitting me that I am about to have TWO kids! I have been pretty emotional!

Hunter and his family... said...

OMG, sniff sniff!! Does he feel like a big boy? Great job..he has lots of space in that room! Now lets see Addison's room! Can't believe she is almost here!