Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The park...

I met my parents in Salisbury to get Colin yesterday!  Garet and I had a nice weekend, but I missed my boy!!!  My mom told me about a park... Dan Nicholas Park, so we met there.  It was awesome!  It had been raining, so it was still pretty wet and overcast when we got there.  We had a picnic first, then went around the park.  Colin saw the train first!
I love how he squats down to look =)
Him and I rode it together and he LOVED it!  He didn't want to get off!  There were [fake] animals on the train ride.  Colin kept pointing saying, "What's that?"
He thought it was awesome!  And I had fun just seeing him having so much fun!
Then we went around to see all the animals.   The bear was actually walking around and scratching his back on everything!  As you can see, Colin was very excited!
We also saw some bobcats... I was surprised that they came up so close to the fence.  (Again Colin had to squat to see them)
We got to the chickens and he kept saying "Cock a doodle doo!" (for the record there was a rooster next to the chickens)  He also thought it was neat that this chicken was in the puddle.  The boy loves water!
Right before we left Colin and my dad took a picture together =)
This was a great halfway point to my parents house (about an hour away) and Colin had a blast!  I think we all had fun =)  There is also a carousel there, but it was closed, and a water play area which was also closed.  We will definitely have to go back there!

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L Davis said...

That park was such a great find! So glad we checked it out, because it'll be fun to go back there!