Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cousin fun...

We've had lots of playdates and fun over the past few days! 
On Friday my cousin, Amanda, came by with her two kids.  Colin absolutely loves Sawyer!  He had so much fun showing him around his "new house" (he calls our house this).  And when I asked the boys to take a picture they did so well!
Cute little red heads!

Then, Saturday, Garet's sister Karen came by with her kids!  We were able to hang out all afternoon!  We all had a lot of fun... Sam and Garet really wore out Colin by playing basketball in his playroom =)  We were able to grill out and eat a "picnic" outside (Colin always wants to eat a picnic, which is just us eating on the patio.  He loves it.)  Here is Kathryn (who will be graduating in a few weeks!!), Sam, and Colin:
On Sunday, Kailey and Morgan came!  Garet had a conference this week so they came to stay with me =)  Just in case (I am going to be having a baby in about a week!  Whoa.)  It was fun to have them, and Colin loved hanging out with his cousin!  It isn't often he is the oldest!
We went to the Children's Museum, where Colin ran about 100 mph and left us all in the dust!  I did manage to snap a few pictures with my phone... Can you see Colin driving the firetruck and Morgan hanging out in the back? 
They also did some grocery shopping.  Morgan racked up on fruits and veggies, and in the background Colin grabbed a whole chicken. 
That night Kailey gave Colin a much needed hair cut!  He was in the zone... Curious George, aka "monkeys", was on.

Tuesday we ran to the store to get a few things... we used one of the big 'ole carts!  The kids LOVED it!  Kailey and I had to both push and pull the cart, it was like a boat!  But it was worth it, I mean look at those faces =)
After nap we went to get frozen yogurt!  They loved it, of course what's not to love?! 
 When Colin was finished eating his fruit and yogurt, this is what he did:
When we started dinner that night, Colin was occupied at the table and Morgan was occupied with a toy on the floor and it was nice to get things done.  Kailey and I joked that the peace wouldn't last long... and it didn't.  It lasted about 10 minutes then they were both running allllll over the house!  Then started rolling around the kitchen floor:
My belly kind of got in that picture =)
They really had a great time together though.  It was fun to see them playing.
This morning the girls left and Colin and I finished up some projects around the house.  I have a semi-short to do list of what I want done before Addison gets here.  Here is one last picture of Miss Morgan:
We've had so much fun with family!  Next up:  my parents... next week to be here to watch Colin while we go have our baby girl!

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L Davis said...

What a great week for cousins! Some of these pictures crack me up! Morgan and Colin with those shopping carts, hahaha..they're on a mission for sure! I'm so glad you're able to spend time with everyone.