Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting big brother...

What an awesome time!  Colin is now officially a big brother!  And so far, an amazing big brother!  My parents came to help look after him while we were in the hospital.  On May 10 (when Addison was born) they came by with Colin around 5 so he (and they) could meet our new addition.  We knew that this visit wouldn't be too long since we had no clue how Colin would do.  When he walked in, he was a bit intimidated.  I think it was weird to seem me laying in bed hooked up to machines.  But soon he walked over to meet Addison.
He had picked out a couple gifts for her a few weeks ago.  He was very excited in the store to have something for Addison.  We made it a really big deal.  So soon after he met her, we let him "help her" open the gift from him.  First it was a blanket... the tag one that has all the tags on it.
Then a blue ball.  Yes, of course, he wanted to give her a ball.  And it had to be blue.  Here he is laying it on her head. 
Then he wanted to show her the tags.  Such a sweetie.
Garet then took Colin on a little walk around so he could get a little energy out and so my parents could hold Addison.  When they got back, Colin had a cup of ice.  This was a huge hit!  Obviously =)
I kept asking Colin if he wanted to come sit with me.  I couldn't get out of bed yet, and I soooo missed snuggling with my little man!  To my surprise, he said he did want to sit with me, and he wanted to hold Addison!  He asked this all on his own.  So we put him next to me, and I let him "hold" her.  It was the sweetest thing!  He was so happy to be holding his little sister!  And he was so interested in her!

It really is true.  Now that we have a baby, my first baby looks so big!  I am so blessed!  And since we've been home, the interest is still there.  Colin will still randomly ask to hold her.  When she isn't in sight, he will ask where she is.  When she cries he will give her a toy.  He is really the sweetest child! 

So... we also had birthday cupcakes for Addison (and my mom, who had a birthday a couple days before).  We had to sing happy birthday to her and have some cupcakes!
The kid loves sweets!  Takes after his daddy =) 
Before Colin and my parents left, we had a gift from Addison to Colin.  I liked that they each had a gift for each other, and I think this was good for Colin.  He was super excited to open it!
It is a firetruck! 
He couldn't wait to open it.  (and why to toy companies feel the need to strap in toys with the thickest plastic?  Craziness)
This truck makes noise... goes forward... and backwards... and to make it more neat, when my dad retired from Charlotte Fire Dept, he retired from station 26 =)
What?  The hospital floor is nasty?  No way!
And when they left, Colin picked up his truck and didn't look back =)
It was perfect!  I didn't have any expectations because I didn't want to force anything to happen.  Colin was great!  He loves his little sister (so far!)  I couldn't be more happy!


Us Daviss said...

this is so perfect! I cant wait to meet her too!!

Lacey said...

Oh he seems like the SWEETEST little boy! Hope he continues to be a great big brother!

KFC said...

As soon as I saw that #26 firetruck, I thought " How perfect was that gift!!"

L Davis said...

So so happy for the Beane family, and so glad we were invited to share this time with you..These memories are priceless!

L Davis said...
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