Saturday, May 25, 2013

Many firsts...

Yesterday Addison was 2 weeks old!  I have taken so many pictures that it is hard to keep up with them on this blog.  The Beane A Day blog has been up to date, but I figured I would just list a few of her "firsts"...
First time being held by big brother Colin right after we got home from the hospital:
First time holding hands (also with Colin):
First time hanging out outside while Colin played in the pool:
First time sucking her thumb (she doesn't like the pacifier, and this was a one and only time... so far):
First outfit, and first hair bow... also first outing, to the doctor:
First night being the only child at home (daddy and Colin went out for the evening):
First time meeting Suzi:

First bath, and Colin helped wash her back:
First time watching "monkeys" with Colin:

First time playing in the playroom:
First visitor, Aunt Karen:

First babysitter - my mom watched Addison while Garet and I took Colin out for yogurt one night.  It was so fun to treat him... we had a great time!

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Hunter and his family... said...

Awww, Kelly thats so sweet. Addison will have a lot of firsts but that was great that you snapped all those pictures! Addison and Colin are so cute together!