Sunday, June 2, 2013

What we've been up to...

Life has definitely gotten even more busy!
I let Colin drive his cars around in some paint.  And it made for a really neat picture =) 
Garet's mom and Rod came by for a couple days, then his sister Adriane came for the weekend.  They all had fun figuring out what was going on with our backyard =)  We had plants everywhere.  I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to flowers, so they were able to simplify everything.  Now we have a plan!  Yay!  It will take more work to get the yard where we want it, but it's nice to have a vision of how it will look.  Thanks Adriane!
Garet loaded up Colin and they headed to our nieces' graduation for the day.  I was all alone all day with this sweet little lady!
On Memorial day we decided to head to the park down the road.  Here is Colin going down the slide backwards...
This is such a nice park... there are a few baseball fields.  Colin enjoyed running all the bases... when he got to home he did a nice big jump!
There is also a rec center where there are a few basketball courts.  Colin has recently gotten really into trying to dribble and shoot.  You go boy!
We have spent LOTS of time outside!   I was telling Garet yesterday that I am so glad we had Addison in the Spring... what do you mamas do with winter second (or third... fourth...) babies?!?  It is sooo nice to have our screened patio, put Addison down in her chair, and then go play with Colin in the yard while she sleeps. 
Or I can just sit and feed her while C is getting energy out with the water. 
Plus, Colin absolutely loves to be outside!  On this day we filled up his boat with water and ran around like crazy people outside.  He also got his basketball and we bounced it back and forth.  When it would roll off the deck, Colin would go get it and bring it back... that is why he has so much dirt on him =)
You can't even see the side of his face... there was a huge dirt mark.  My sweet, dirty little man!
Here he is "dribbling" the basketball.   Oh and do you see how the deck is wet under his feet?  That is because we have to stand in a "puddle" and bounce it back and forth.  Don't worry, I was standing in one too.  See my little girl taking her nap on the patio?  =)
Addison makes tons of faces.  Mostly while she is asleep.  The one she makes the most is her concerned face.  Her little eyebrows get all scrunched up, like she is worried about something.  Then she will give us a big smile!  She especially smiles when I rub her sweet little cheeks.  I got one on camera!
Last year I got these bubbles for Colin that came in this little container that is supposed to not spill.  And go figure, it really doesn't!  Awesome!  Recently I found it, so a couple days ago I gave it to Colin and he had a great time blowing bubbles all around the yard.  Although, he wanted me to follow him around so I could pop them all. 
Suzi photobomb.  Nice. 
I was happy to see that Colin no longer put his entire mouth on the wand to blow the bubbles.  
What a sweet boy!  
And how is Suzi doing?  Great!  She loves to be outside as much as Colin does.   She will sneek drinks from his boat or watertable... if Colin sees her, she may get splashed.  Although, sometimes he will fill up a bucket and let her drink from it =)  Suzi also loves the yard!  I am so glad to see her running around like a puppy!  (she will be 8 in September)  She really is the best!!  Just look at that sweet little face!
(she also gives worried expressions)
 On Friday, Addison was 3 weeks old!  What?!  Sweet little girl.  She is laying on the blanket that Colin gave her =)
And now we are having another awesome weekend =)


Carrie said...

I agree about the Spring 2nd baby thing! I don't know what I would have done if Miles had been born in the winter!!! Glad to see you guys are having fun!

Us Daviss said...

i love all these pictures! I laughed so hard at Suzis photobomb!! hahaha!! Cant wait to see you!

L Davis said...

This is a great post, Kelly! Seeing everyone is the next best thing to being there! Give those lil babes a hug and a kiss from Grandmamama!